The Evil Enchantress

The Evil Enchantress

The one and only and the original

There is no duplicating The Evil Enchantress as My followers have know Me for almost 10 years.  No doubt, many have tried over the years to be like Me, even going as far as changing their name to Evil Enchantress or stealing My material to pose as Me.  They haven’t fooled anyone, for there can be no other Enchantress like Myself.

It’s easy to duplicate the name but not the power nor style that are explicitly My own.  I am the original Evil Enchantress that created a Queendom with My web trademark and those who have been My pets for years, know that the web is not just symbolic.  The web is what I create and spin around you, My prey, as I capture and enchant you.

The reason I’m making a post about this is the new Niteflirt account that I had to create.  Yes, I’m still taking calls on Queen of The Night and yes, you still belong to the right Evil Enchantress if you’ve clicked on the goodie button and wondered about that.  I had run out of disk space on the Queen of The Night and unfortunately it will take Me forever to delete all of the old files (5 at the time, that’s NF for you) to make room for more.  Since I don’t have all the time or patience in the world to tinker with it, I decided to utilize an account I opened a while ago but never did anything with.

It was no surprise to find out that the name “Evil Enchantress” was already taken.  Imagine that! *Amused snicker*  Well, after playing around with “Black Widow” so on and on I decided to just add “The” to “Evil Enchantress” and keep it at that.  After all, I am The Evil Enchantress and Black Widow is one of the byproducts of Me being one. *EvilGrin*

Now when I send out My newest goodies, they will be coming from that account.  At least for the time being.  Or until that account runs out of disk space lol.

But back to your lovely Queen being The Evil Enchantress…  It’s time to worship and serve, My pet.  Call, listen to My recordings, watch My videos and become enchanted by the wicked web I weave around your mind…

The Original One and Only Evil Enchantress Queen Luna
The Original One and Only Evil Enchantress Queen Luna

Dashing through

Dashing through

The snow, the month, the year, the holidays… oh My…

Whichever one applies to you at the moment, pick one!  It’s the season to be dashing through whatever is on your list.  Which is exactly what I am doing right now with a quick post while I’m taking a breather from all of My dashing around.

Ha, I wish I could say that the holidays have snuck up on Me but I would be lying since not only have I been aware this whole time but I’ve actually been actively preparing for them.  Yet, since nobody has figured out yet how to fit extra 10 hours into a 24 hour day and how to clone yourself to get things done faster, here I am dashing through My list of things-to-do before the clock runs out.

This year I have the pleasure of family gathering at MY house for the holidays and while initially I was thrilled, now I’m wondering if I have completely lost My mind.  Even My adorable mutt has been wondering the same thing as she follows Me around the house and looks at Me weird when I stop in the middle of filming to grab the duster because I suddenly saw a spot from a whole new angle that needed dusting.  All the while I’m wearing lingerie and heels and the camera is rolling.  Haha, nope, you won’t be seeing that footage.

I have managed, though, to come up with several hypnotic videos and mindfucking recordings that will making you puppets pause in your own dashing through whatever you have on your own lists and take a much needed break from reality.  Yes, I know, I always think of My puppets and their well-being since you boys constantly forget to do it yourself and what could be better than simply shutting off your mind for Me and do what you’ve been trained to do: worship your Queen.  That past-time alone is rewarding in the fact that you get to please Me, something you live for, and in the way you get to de-stress, which will prolong your lifespan in turn and will enable you to continue pleasing your Queen for many more years.  No matter which way you look at it, taking the time to slip into that subspace you love so much is quite beneficial.

Which is why I’m dashing through here in between editing, decorating, recording, searching for any piece of lint out of place and etc etc to remind you to stop your own dashing and enjoy the state of blankness or the hypnotic pull while you worship your Queen.  And, if you haven’t yet, show your appreciation with a nice xmas gift from My Amazon wishlist.

Meanwhile I’m leaving you with a taste of sheer wickedness and a preview sample from one of My newest masterpieces that you will certainly need to add to your collection as soon as I send it out.

Dashing through to wish you Happy Holidays from Queen Luna!
Happy Holidays from Queen Luna!

Ringing the Devil’s doorbell

Ringing the Devil’s doorbell

That’s what you do when you masturbate according to Fappy The Humper

Ok, this was waaaay too good to pass up and I though since it’s Monday (why does everyone fear Mondays so much???) everybody could use a good laugh and relieve some tension until you can get away, find some privacy, grab your lube and REALLY relieve the tension by ringing the Devil’s doorbell with your next sinful masturbation session.

This morning I had a revelation.  Satan paid Me a visit and gave His blessings to start My own government funded organization “Start Masturbating Now!”  Nope, I didn’t lose My ever loving mind somewhere, it was a natural response to reading through one of the most ridiculous religious group’s website that screams “Stop Masturbation Now!”  First I had to mop up My morning tea from My keyboard, of course, before I could pay attention to that Devil on My shoulder urging Me to “do it! Start your own organization!  You already have a huge following!  You can be Satan’s Spokesperson and guarantee Yourself fame and riches.  And the BEST spot in Hell where you can be the Queen of Masturbation Encouragement for Eternity!!!”

Don’t you just love when you get these kind of revelations first thing Monday morning while you’re innocently minding your business, trying to wake up and lazily scroll through your Facebook feed to see if anything even remotely interesting has popped up over night besides pictures of food plates that people for some reason have to share with the entire world wide web as you indulge in every meal of the day (what’s with that anyway?) or disgrunted memes about government not doing its job (they ALL must have lost gray matter due to masturbation!) and other garden variety of BS?  And here I thought this would be one of those ordinary Mondays for Me until…  A headline caught My attention:

Christian Anti-Masturbation’s Mascot “Fappy” Arrested For Public Masturbation While Swimming Naked With The Dolphins At Sea World In San Diego

I made such a sticky mess on My desk reading this article!  All that milky colored creamy liquid spilled over My keyboard.  Ugh, I should have known better than to try and sip My scolding and so delicious morning tea reading it.  But, as I am a Sinner (yes I confess to being one) and I never pass up ringing the Devil’s doorbell when I get a chance Myself (yup, I just confessed again, Queen Luna masturbates!) I kept reading on.  Oh I went even further, after I picked Myself up from the floor because I was laughing hysterically, and checked out the website of this anti-masturbation movement.

This is where Satan started whispering in My ear, btw, that sly Devil always up to no good and pounces when you’re distracted reading in a daze some of the biggest bullshit hogwash I’ve ever encountered.  And I was raised in Soviet Union and read their Atheist’s Bible!!!  That’s quite a lot of bullshit, if you ask Me, and not everyday you can honestly say you’ve seen matching or more bullshit than that.

The Unholy message that I received was that I too can be a Savior just like that Lonnie person who has taken on the mission of spreading the Gob’s word (no I didn’t mean God) and promises to save your soul by praying for you, or against you if you’re a masturbator (yup, go look at the comments on their website, they have praying hands “for” and “against”) and preaching of the horrific consequences of masturbation such as:

Masturbation is a gateway drug to rape. It also leads to sexual dysfunction, erodes family values, and is a top ten cause of disease.

– Lonnie Childs

Also, if you are a follower of this Lonnie person, you won’t turn into a zombie, will save chickens, create more soldiers for Jesus instead of wasting your seed, you will lose weight, will be able to see a red dot on a purple meme, won’t be dumped by your partner, will become an Alpha, your brain won’t deteriorate, you won’t turn into a serial killer like Jeffery Dahmer, will know the natural order of the household (I think they borrowed that one from the 50’s), you won’t turn gay, get the approval of Mr. T, won’t be denied birthday presents, oh and your penis won’t fall off if you stop masturbating right away!  Oh and according to Fappy, the spokesperson/mascot, who has as turns out 3 previous arrests for public masturbation, you, the masturbators, are playing in Devil’s playground and ringing the Devil’s doorbell.

So naturally, Satan was offended and came to Me this morning with a message that I should start My own movement and encourage people to masturbate more because masturbation is good for your immunity system, prevents colon cancer, helps you sleep, relieves Restless Legs Syndrome, prevents Erectile Dysfunction, makes for better sex,  releases tension and stress, fights depression, manages rapid or delayed ejaculation, and while it might not help your penis get bigger, it surely won’t make it fall off, but you will definitely enhance your sex life, will have a better and deeper knowledge of yourself and your body, will experience pleasure which has been clinically proven to contribute to your mental and physical health improvement.

Oh, wait.  I’m already a Spokesperson for Masturbation!  Silly Satan, where has He been these past 8 years???  I do have a huge Empire already with My masturbating puppets playing in the Devil’s playground all over the world!  And My videos are much better than Fappy’s too and bring valuable insight, inspiration and joy to My followers.  So what if I won’t get the government to fund My important work, I will be forever immortalized as the Queen of Masturbation Encouragement for Eternity and the glory will be all MINE!

What are you waiting for, puppets?  Follow your Queen into the battle and slay those masturbation haters with your stiff swords and cries of victorious pleasure!!!  Let the masturbation live and masturbators be loud as they are ringing the Devil’s doorbell with each satisfied orgasm!

P.S. you may find Me on Niteflirt under the names of Queen of The Night and Sinfully Twisted.  All of My videos, photos and mp3’s are created for your health benefits and better masturbation experience and are for entertaining purposes only.

P.P.S.  I would like to recommend a similar glove design as found on that ridiculous website for My pain sluts.  Spikes can make it spicy!



Royal Birthday coming up!

Royal Birthday coming up!


Mmm yes, My birthday is just around the corner and as always I’m quite excited about it because it means couple of things: I get to take another trip (ohh the traveler I am) and I get presents.  Not that I don’t get either of those two all year round with My driving up and down the East Coast and My darling pets constantly spoiling (such a privilege for you boys) but there is something magical about those things because they happen due to One’s Royal Birthday.

I have already received several presents from some of My pets: puppy has been extra good this year with many packages being sent to My door, filled with dresses, skirts and such, as well as sending in a tribute when I told him I found a piano on craigslist and was expecting it for My birthday.  I wasn’t disappointed as usual. 🙂  Sinner puppet’s gifts of sexy latex are currently on the way, but I did get in time a new red dress that you saw in My newest “Lust Spell” video and a latex cat suit dress from My crossdressing puppet (not sissy Moye) that I’ve enjoyed quite a bit.  Jack and foot slave also were ones of the first puppets to send Me lovely gifts of lingerie and a sexy red top.

Of course it’s still not to late for the rest of you to check out My wishlist below or send a tribute to wish your Queen a Happy Birthday.  And I just might be online and taking calls later in the evening on 29th for those of you who do call in every year to celebrate with Me.

Since I will be gone for the entire next week, I won’t be spending that much time most days online or taking calls as I will be spending time with My family.  I will still be able to answer an occasional email or two and send out the newest sizzling videos and photo sets so keep an eye on your Niteflirt inbox!  My darling puppets always need their Queen’s presence and even while I’m away, remember that I’m always here.

Now be good boys and start wishing your Queen a Happy Royal Birthday while I tend to last details and packing for My exciting trip.






The beauty of addiction

The beauty of addiction

and the irresistible draw


By nature, we’re all susceptible to addictions, some more than others, simply because addiction bring us pleasure in some kind of form.  It’s the beauty of human nature to seek the pleasure, to be irresistibly drawn to it.  What is life without pleasure, I ask you?  A dull existence.  Who in the right mind would want that?

Think about it, your life not free of some kind of addiction.  Every morning you get your coffee, iced latte, or skinny mocha on the way to work.  During the day you light a cigarette or when you get home at night you grab a beer out of the fridge.  Every day you constantly check your social media updates, play games on your phone or computer or search through porn sites.  Book worms get their high from the newest bestseller and feed their addiction by scouting the book stores and yard sales for those little gems of literature.  Same for collectors.  All those hobbies from collecting baseball cards to post stamps and butterflies.  That’s nothing less than an addiction.

Of course this doesn’t mean that just because everybody is prone to some kind of an addiction that their lives will get ruined.  Unless they take it to the extremes but that would fall under abnormal behavior and we’re not talking about that here.  But you get the point I’m trying to get to here.

All of you My darlings are normal.

Ok, most of you.

Oh alright, you’re all addicts because you can’t live without being mindfucked one way or another.

Now that’s the sheer truth.  But wait, what was that about the beauty of addiction?  Well, why don’t you take a look below for a second.

ADDICTIONHow many different addictions does this one image feed?

Eyes back on the words, darling, you can look at the picture again in few moments.  For right now think about what kind of addictions can this one image evokes and which cravings it appeases.  Latex and leather.  Stockings.  Legs. High heels.  Big breasts.  Superior Woman.  Authority figure.

Ok, look at it again.  Yes, I know while you’re scanning the words, your eyes are really up on the image.  Because it’s so addictive!  To keep looking.  To keep fantasizing.  To keep craving more.

Now if you can tear yourself away again for few more minutes.  What’s so beautiful about all of this?  Mmm easy: your loss of control.  Only by letting yourself go completely, becoming submerged in the pleasure factor, can you enjoy your addiction.  Let yourself fall, don’t bother hanging onto the edges of reason or you can never fully appreciate the beauty of submission or take all that your addiction offers.  How many of you actually wait for their coffee to cool off before indulging in that pure pleasure the first sip of coffee brings you?  Ha, you know you don’t wait, you just burn your tongue and go for it because you know how good it’s going to feel.  Surrendering to your addiction to pleasure, no matter what that pleasure is, your only way of fully experiencing the beauty of addiction.

Yep, go ahead, surrender and look again.  Ahhh yes… that felt so good!   Mmm such an addict. *EvilGrin*



Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday to Me

Alright, almost Happy Birthday

As My actual birthday is not until next week on 29th.  But seeing as I might not get to update My blog before then again (yes, I am traveling up north, again) I thought I would bring it to your attention if you’re not aware this is My Birthday Month.

SAM_0116    Many of you My faithful puppets already do and have been busy trying to decide  what to get Me for My very special day.  Yes, every day is special when you get to serve and dance on My strings, but there is nothing more SPECIAL than an actual Birthday.  Normally, I would sign in and allow My puppets to wish Me a Happy Birthday on that very special day.  Last year and this one, however, I have been making a new tradition and going up North to celebrate it with My family.  While I do enjoy all the fuss and pump of the ceremony and gatherings on such occasions, I am happy to celebrate it at home.  My mother’s failing health though made Me realize there might not be that many more years for her to fuss over Me as she likes to (she fusses over My birthday more than her own) and it makes the visits even more special to her.  So it’s back on the road for Me this weekend.

I know, I know!  My poor puppets!!!  That is 2 weeks this month that you’re deprived of My attention.  Oh how devastating and confusing that time is for you, when you’re unable to hear My mesmerizing voice guiding you over the phone or My wicked images corrupting you into sinful actions through back-to-back personalized emails.  And all you can do to quench that desperate need, to get your fix, is to open up the daily mass emails with some hot videos or mp3s, well daily when I can, to tie you over until I’m back online full time.  And then you may amuse Me to all of your heart’s, ahem, content.

Back to celebrating and wishing Me a Happy Birthday.  Of course I will be sending out a special email with all the tribute buttons (and new hot images in them) to My entire customer list.  I have attempted to separate those who are on both Queen of The Night and Sinfully Twisted but I probably missed a few here and there, so you might get the emails from both accounts.  No, that doesn’t mean you have to wish Me a Happy Birthday twice or send a tribute to both accounts, although if you do, that of course will please Me immensely.

I will be also including My Amazon wishlist link, which I’m including here now as well in case you want to jump start on My presents, if you haven’t yet.  I’ve been adding a variety of things there over the last few weeks and as much as I do love all the sexy heels and clothes, there are some items that are purely for My enjoyments like a much needed new laptop, books, gadgets, nail polish that you normally wouldn’t find in stores, household decor, or paint by numbers.  And I do love My paint by numbers.  I prefer to decorate My walls with something that holds more meaning to Me than a picture in a frame I would buy at the store.  Hours and hours of relaxation and ambiance spent lost in the colors and gentle brush strokes.  As talented as I am in many things, unfortunately free hand painting has eluded Me so far, but someone, who deserves a medal for it by the way, has thought of a convenient way to compensate for lack of that talent for someone like Me.

And of course, you can never go wrong with something sexy that will end up seducing you into My web even more.  I do find it quite perverse that you are supplying and ensuring your own doom and downfall *EvilGrin* and yes, that does please Me quite a lot as well.  Of course that does make you crave My Power over you even more, darlings.  Mmm My self-addicting puppets following in a nice big circle of Lust, Addiction, Corruption, Craving, Dangling, Dancing and back to Lust for all those things all over again.

Yes, of course, I made a new video about you craving that Power of Mine and you may get it right here.

Now, I know you’re all eager to start showing your appreciation and wishing Me a Happy Birthday so I will let you do that.  Besides, I still have all those wicked new videos and mp3’s to edit!  All to mindfuck you better, My dears. 😉

What an amazing week

This has been, considering this is My last week before the start of Fall classes. Of course I’ve spent it shopping, going out and having fun, besides applying some extra deviance with few of My chosen puppets. The wicked mind control and conditioning sessions have left Me feeling amazing and energized. What could be better than that, you’d ask? Oh only a couple of new sexy hot pairs of heels that one of My foot sluts has contributed to My ever-growing collection and a brand new $400 cell phone that My puppy Robbie was so thoughtful to pay for so I wouldn’t have to. Yes, I’ll be posting pictures of Me enjoying the shoes and the cell phone in My next post.
Meanwhile, My darling Jack has been back trying to make up for the lost time and for missing My wanking contest. I had a wonderful 2 days long PTV session with My favorite pervert, and Davey has been back as well, with a new hot addiction too! My Royal faggots are coming along in their training and all is as it should be in My Queendom of Evilness *EvilGrin*.
Now darlings, there is a new video for you to add to your list of daily worship, for all those addicts who crave to be mesmerized by My long mouth-watering legs in sexy patterned stockings and mindfucked further while you’re busy losing your mind looking at them. Another Lust Therapy Session you don’t want to miss!

Well, it has been

A while since I’ve updated My blog. Of course, you puppets have been diligently checking it daily for updates. Mmm eager to get your much needed fix, aren’t you? 😉 I have been busy, first with My mid terms, then with My vacation, but don’t you worry your poor addicted minds, I haven’t forgotten you and have many wicked treats in store for My darlings.
I have already sent out My two latest videos, if you missed the emails you can find those videos below, and there are more as well as some amazing new pictures. Who knows, I just might turn them into a new game or a slide show with a new hypnotic mp3.
Speaking of hypnotic, I have been toying around with some new hypno and trance-like recordings as well as planting some pretty wicked triggers in My latest videos. Those who have spoken to Me or heard My recordings, know that My ways of conditioning are not your typical hypnosis and I don’t do the traditional induction. Never-less, the power of My mesmerizing exotic voice paired with My deviance leaves you craving more those very binding strands of My well-spun web that keep weaving all around your mind long after you’re done listening to Me.
More to come soon, for now don’t forget to click these buttons and fall deeper under the spell of your Dark Queen.
I’m in your head Video $9.99
Hypnotic Panty Trap Video $13.00


Are a part of addiction, part of the web that I weave where I draw you in with My sensual curves, My hypnotic voice and deviant mind that constantly plants suggestions into yours.
It starts out so harmless at first, sweet seduction, My melodic laughter, such addicting images and constant encouragement of your deepest darkest needs. No one understands them the way I do, darling… No one knows how much you should be submitting to them like I do… See, puppet, it is so thrilling to let them consume you… For Me…
Mmm I’ve had so many puppets over the years cave in and become obsessed with Me, My conditioning, My Evilness and addiction. It becomes your lifestyle, your existence. Nourishment in the darkest and most despicable ways but you no longer can function without Sin… without your addiction to Me…
Some of My puppets I’ve mentioned over the years, others never made it into My blogs or twitter. One of them is walter, who’s been serving Me for the past 4 years, and what a good puppet he has been for Me lately! His life, as he’s becoming to suddenly realize, has become a series of intoxication, for Me, nipple torture,for Me, addiction, to Me, obsession, with Me, serving My Satanic Church, for Me, and now spending even more money, on Me. Like so many of you, poor puppet has been trying to deny it but no matter how hard he tries not to, he always ends up giving in and submitting, to Me, simply because he can no longer resist.
Don’t fight it, My darlings, and you know who I am talking about, I see you, My pets, watching, hanging on to every word, every picture I send out, craving and feeling so confused, so torn apart. It is so much better for you to let go, just like walter, and submit to your Fate, being a good boy… for Me…
Just pick up the phone… Just click… Just… get your fix…
My addicts…


a little bit of this

A little bit of that…  Some updates for you My puppets!

The “Cock sucker Contest” is going so well!  I love making you faggots compete against each other for My attention with such degrading things as who’s going to get nastier an more pervy for Me.  It makes Me laugh at how far some of you would actually go!

While I have yet more fags joining in, pussyboi has been a total cock junkie and has now become a bottom to a bottom.  That white bitch boi cunt loser fag is also beefing up his bubble butt and chest so he can be nothing but “tits and ass to black cocks”.  So ambitious this fag is too, trying to get up to 40 cocks this weekend for Me.

My dirty fag whore is just as eager to please Me with forced intox, wallet draining and 44 cocks this weekend.  Such a dirty pantyhose slut he is!

In other news, I have a new loser ashtray fag and several ass slaves as well now serving on regular basis.  All of them so amusing that I’ve decided to make another T&D Video.  Gorgeous teasing black lace and My irresistible ass… Mmm you can buy it by clicking the button below.

For the rest of you, of course I’ve made more absolutely divine worship videos I know you must see, with My hypnotic voice planting triggers into your feeble minds and My luscious curves seducing you into submission. No, My pet, you can’t resist these…

Click, stroke, submit and fall…

P.S. Yes, I know you’re missing Me darling even though you try so hard… 😉