The Evil Enchantress

The Evil Enchantress

The one and only and the original

There is no duplicating The Evil Enchantress as My followers have know Me for almost 10 years.  No doubt, many have tried over the years to be like Me, even going as far as changing their name to Evil Enchantress or stealing My material to pose as Me.  They haven’t fooled anyone, for there can be no other Enchantress like Myself.

It’s easy to duplicate the name but not the power nor style that are explicitly My own.  I am the original Evil Enchantress that created a Queendom with My web trademark and those who have been My pets for years, know that the web is not just symbolic.  The web is what I create and spin around you, My prey, as I capture and enchant you.

The reason I’m making a post about this is the new Niteflirt account that I had to create.  Yes, I’m still taking calls on Queen of The Night and yes, you still belong to the right Evil Enchantress if you’ve clicked on the goodie button and wondered about that.  I had run out of disk space on the Queen of The Night and unfortunately it will take Me forever to delete all of the old files (5 at the time, that’s NF for you) to make room for more.  Since I don’t have all the time or patience in the world to tinker with it, I decided to utilize an account I opened a while ago but never did anything with.

It was no surprise to find out that the name “Evil Enchantress” was already taken.  Imagine that! *Amused snicker*  Well, after playing around with “Black Widow” so on and on I decided to just add “The” to “Evil Enchantress” and keep it at that.  After all, I am The Evil Enchantress and Black Widow is one of the byproducts of Me being one. *EvilGrin*

Now when I send out My newest goodies, they will be coming from that account.  At least for the time being.  Or until that account runs out of disk space lol.

But back to your lovely Queen being The Evil Enchantress…  It’s time to worship and serve, My pet.  Call, listen to My recordings, watch My videos and become enchanted by the wicked web I weave around your mind…

The Original One and Only Evil Enchantress Queen Luna
The Original One and Only Evil Enchantress Queen Luna

Dashing through

Dashing through

The snow, the month, the year, the holidays… oh My…

Whichever one applies to you at the moment, pick one!  It’s the season to be dashing through whatever is on your list.  Which is exactly what I am doing right now with a quick post while I’m taking a breather from all of My dashing around.

Ha, I wish I could say that the holidays have snuck up on Me but I would be lying since not only have I been aware this whole time but I’ve actually been actively preparing for them.  Yet, since nobody has figured out yet how to fit extra 10 hours into a 24 hour day and how to clone yourself to get things done faster, here I am dashing through My list of things-to-do before the clock runs out.

This year I have the pleasure of family gathering at MY house for the holidays and while initially I was thrilled, now I’m wondering if I have completely lost My mind.  Even My adorable mutt has been wondering the same thing as she follows Me around the house and looks at Me weird when I stop in the middle of filming to grab the duster because I suddenly saw a spot from a whole new angle that needed dusting.  All the while I’m wearing lingerie and heels and the camera is rolling.  Haha, nope, you won’t be seeing that footage.

I have managed, though, to come up with several hypnotic videos and mindfucking recordings that will making you puppets pause in your own dashing through whatever you have on your own lists and take a much needed break from reality.  Yes, I know, I always think of My puppets and their well-being since you boys constantly forget to do it yourself and what could be better than simply shutting off your mind for Me and do what you’ve been trained to do: worship your Queen.  That past-time alone is rewarding in the fact that you get to please Me, something you live for, and in the way you get to de-stress, which will prolong your lifespan in turn and will enable you to continue pleasing your Queen for many more years.  No matter which way you look at it, taking the time to slip into that subspace you love so much is quite beneficial.

Which is why I’m dashing through here in between editing, decorating, recording, searching for any piece of lint out of place and etc etc to remind you to stop your own dashing and enjoy the state of blankness or the hypnotic pull while you worship your Queen.  And, if you haven’t yet, show your appreciation with a nice xmas gift from My Amazon wishlist.

Meanwhile I’m leaving you with a taste of sheer wickedness and a preview sample from one of My newest masterpieces that you will certainly need to add to your collection as soon as I send it out.

Dashing through to wish you Happy Holidays from Queen Luna!
Happy Holidays from Queen Luna!

Ringing the Devil’s doorbell

Ringing the Devil’s doorbell

That’s what you do when you masturbate according to Fappy The Humper

Ok, this was waaaay too good to pass up and I though since it’s Monday (why does everyone fear Mondays so much???) everybody could use a good laugh and relieve some tension until you can get away, find some privacy, grab your lube and REALLY relieve the tension by ringing the Devil’s doorbell with your next sinful masturbation session.

This morning I had a revelation.  Satan paid Me a visit and gave His blessings to start My own government funded organization “Start Masturbating Now!”  Nope, I didn’t lose My ever loving mind somewhere, it was a natural response to reading through one of the most ridiculous religious group’s website that screams “Stop Masturbation Now!”  First I had to mop up My morning tea from My keyboard, of course, before I could pay attention to that Devil on My shoulder urging Me to “do it! Start your own organization!  You already have a huge following!  You can be Satan’s Spokesperson and guarantee Yourself fame and riches.  And the BEST spot in Hell where you can be the Queen of Masturbation Encouragement for Eternity!!!”

Don’t you just love when you get these kind of revelations first thing Monday morning while you’re innocently minding your business, trying to wake up and lazily scroll through your Facebook feed to see if anything even remotely interesting has popped up over night besides pictures of food plates that people for some reason have to share with the entire world wide web as you indulge in every meal of the day (what’s with that anyway?) or disgrunted memes about government not doing its job (they ALL must have lost gray matter due to masturbation!) and other garden variety of BS?  And here I thought this would be one of those ordinary Mondays for Me until…  A headline caught My attention:

Christian Anti-Masturbation’s Mascot “Fappy” Arrested For Public Masturbation While Swimming Naked With The Dolphins At Sea World In San Diego

I made such a sticky mess on My desk reading this article!  All that milky colored creamy liquid spilled over My keyboard.  Ugh, I should have known better than to try and sip My scolding and so delicious morning tea reading it.  But, as I am a Sinner (yes I confess to being one) and I never pass up ringing the Devil’s doorbell when I get a chance Myself (yup, I just confessed again, Queen Luna masturbates!) I kept reading on.  Oh I went even further, after I picked Myself up from the floor because I was laughing hysterically, and checked out the website of this anti-masturbation movement.

This is where Satan started whispering in My ear, btw, that sly Devil always up to no good and pounces when you’re distracted reading in a daze some of the biggest bullshit hogwash I’ve ever encountered.  And I was raised in Soviet Union and read their Atheist’s Bible!!!  That’s quite a lot of bullshit, if you ask Me, and not everyday you can honestly say you’ve seen matching or more bullshit than that.

The Unholy message that I received was that I too can be a Savior just like that Lonnie person who has taken on the mission of spreading the Gob’s word (no I didn’t mean God) and promises to save your soul by praying for you, or against you if you’re a masturbator (yup, go look at the comments on their website, they have praying hands “for” and “against”) and preaching of the horrific consequences of masturbation such as:

Masturbation is a gateway drug to rape. It also leads to sexual dysfunction, erodes family values, and is a top ten cause of disease.

– Lonnie Childs

Also, if you are a follower of this Lonnie person, you won’t turn into a zombie, will save chickens, create more soldiers for Jesus instead of wasting your seed, you will lose weight, will be able to see a red dot on a purple meme, won’t be dumped by your partner, will become an Alpha, your brain won’t deteriorate, you won’t turn into a serial killer like Jeffery Dahmer, will know the natural order of the household (I think they borrowed that one from the 50’s), you won’t turn gay, get the approval of Mr. T, won’t be denied birthday presents, oh and your penis won’t fall off if you stop masturbating right away!  Oh and according to Fappy, the spokesperson/mascot, who has as turns out 3 previous arrests for public masturbation, you, the masturbators, are playing in Devil’s playground and ringing the Devil’s doorbell.

So naturally, Satan was offended and came to Me this morning with a message that I should start My own movement and encourage people to masturbate more because masturbation is good for your immunity system, prevents colon cancer, helps you sleep, relieves Restless Legs Syndrome, prevents Erectile Dysfunction, makes for better sex,  releases tension and stress, fights depression, manages rapid or delayed ejaculation, and while it might not help your penis get bigger, it surely won’t make it fall off, but you will definitely enhance your sex life, will have a better and deeper knowledge of yourself and your body, will experience pleasure which has been clinically proven to contribute to your mental and physical health improvement.

Oh, wait.  I’m already a Spokesperson for Masturbation!  Silly Satan, where has He been these past 8 years???  I do have a huge Empire already with My masturbating puppets playing in the Devil’s playground all over the world!  And My videos are much better than Fappy’s too and bring valuable insight, inspiration and joy to My followers.  So what if I won’t get the government to fund My important work, I will be forever immortalized as the Queen of Masturbation Encouragement for Eternity and the glory will be all MINE!

What are you waiting for, puppets?  Follow your Queen into the battle and slay those masturbation haters with your stiff swords and cries of victorious pleasure!!!  Let the masturbation live and masturbators be loud as they are ringing the Devil’s doorbell with each satisfied orgasm!

P.S. you may find Me on Niteflirt under the names of Queen of The Night and Sinfully Twisted.  All of My videos, photos and mp3’s are created for your health benefits and better masturbation experience and are for entertaining purposes only.

P.P.S.  I would like to recommend a similar glove design as found on that ridiculous website for My pain sluts.  Spikes can make it spicy!



Yes, I am Unique!

Yes, I am Unique!

Hard science confirms it.

It has been empirically shown that your Evil Enchantress, Queen of The Night, The Black Widow and Dark Puppeteer is indeed The Original and, although many have tried to copy, absolutely impossible to duplicate.  Yes, I am Unique!  There is no doubt of it, according to recently confirmed scientific results, that I am as authentic as they come.  All you have to do is take a look and see that for yourself.

But for those who have oh little faith, the science now shreds all the ambiguity with the researches scratching their heads in a scramble to find the answers in their immense databases of the mutated gene that belongs to only yours truly.  *Evil Laugh* and they thought they had difficulty explaining Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Now they have a Mutant Black Widow Spider on their hands.  Or is it Mutant Ninja Black Widow because I sneak up on you, My unfortunate prey, in the darkness of the night and steal away your power and control?  Muah-haha I like the sound of that.

I know, most of you are right now wondering what the hell have I been smoking and could I please pass it to the rest before you get as confused as like when you are when you’re trying to think on your own.  I suppose I can clear up that mystery for you, as well as the one about Me being once again absent more than being present and available since they both actually tie into one another.

Most of My pets are unaware that I haven’t been in the best of healths lately and have been spending a lot of My precious time feeding the Vampires.  Oh not those blood suckers that come to you in the middle of the night to feed off you, you feeble minded Vamp lovers, so don’t get too excited!  The ones that take your blood and then play with it in all their strange machines on the orders of different kind of Financial Dommes, the Doctors.  Some of those even dared to get as bold as drill a hole in My back!  Not the most comfortable experience for those who’ve had a biopsy while awake but I didn’t want to stick around waiting hours in that dreary place for anesthetic to wear off so I can drive home.  Who knows what other atrocities they would have committed with their Area 51 probing devices and for their “scientific purposes”.  Evil, I tell you.  Sheer evil.  I’m the only one who’s allowed to be evil here.

Long story short, one of the doctors have found an abnormality in My blood test results that, given with My family history of cancer, made him quiet concerned that I may have some type of leukemia.

Haha, I can hear the loud sigh of disappointment from you dark smoking fetish boys.  Wouldn’t you just be tickled pink if you heard I had lung cancer and was dooming you to the same fate.  Well, I don’t have it nor going to have it .  Of course, you on the other hand just might as I keep making you fuck your lungs, so light up a double while you’re reading the rest of My story.

Don’t mind those smoke slaves, darlings, they always get excited at the slightest mentioning of how much harm comes from smoking.

As it turned out, a friend knew one of the best hematologists in the country and was able to get Me in to see him.  Of course that meant I had to drive to Timbuktu and spend more time away from My favorite past-time of conditioning My puppets on top of seeing other specialists and trying to keep up with My classes.  Yep, not much time for conditioning left there.

Yesterday was My follow up, a trip taken across Florida to hear that yes, I am Unique and no, I don’t have cancer, all of which has taken about 5 minutes.  Haha isn’t it how it always turns out?  What they did discover though was that I have a mutated gene that’s not found in any database, unfortunately for that gene, it is located in the segment where mutations may become cancer which made My blood tests show a high amount of white cells.  It is a medical mystery whether My mutated gene is indeed the evil culprit to My lately unstable health.  I just think it’s simply a gene of My Evilness and has absolutely no correlation with My health.  And I’m going to stick to that because we’re all entitled to our opinion.

So there you have it, science confirms that My Evilness is coded in My DNA, in case you have wondered if I come by it naturally.  And it is impossible to imitate, as I am The Original Dark Puppeteer that was around long before the other “Queen/witches/puppet makers” saturated Niteflirt with their attempts to duplicate My evil web.  It’s even more amusing now to see the imitations of spiders and “bewitching” spells when even the science is still baffled by what that “evil gene” is responsible for besides the physiological effect on one’s body.

And yes, I am Unique, not only physiologically but in the way My wicked mind works and what effect it has on puppets that get captured in My web.  All you have to do is look…  and there is no going back for you…





Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday to Me

Alright, almost Happy Birthday

As My actual birthday is not until next week on 29th.  But seeing as I might not get to update My blog before then again (yes, I am traveling up north, again) I thought I would bring it to your attention if you’re not aware this is My Birthday Month.

SAM_0116    Many of you My faithful puppets already do and have been busy trying to decide  what to get Me for My very special day.  Yes, every day is special when you get to serve and dance on My strings, but there is nothing more SPECIAL than an actual Birthday.  Normally, I would sign in and allow My puppets to wish Me a Happy Birthday on that very special day.  Last year and this one, however, I have been making a new tradition and going up North to celebrate it with My family.  While I do enjoy all the fuss and pump of the ceremony and gatherings on such occasions, I am happy to celebrate it at home.  My mother’s failing health though made Me realize there might not be that many more years for her to fuss over Me as she likes to (she fusses over My birthday more than her own) and it makes the visits even more special to her.  So it’s back on the road for Me this weekend.

I know, I know!  My poor puppets!!!  That is 2 weeks this month that you’re deprived of My attention.  Oh how devastating and confusing that time is for you, when you’re unable to hear My mesmerizing voice guiding you over the phone or My wicked images corrupting you into sinful actions through back-to-back personalized emails.  And all you can do to quench that desperate need, to get your fix, is to open up the daily mass emails with some hot videos or mp3s, well daily when I can, to tie you over until I’m back online full time.  And then you may amuse Me to all of your heart’s, ahem, content.

Back to celebrating and wishing Me a Happy Birthday.  Of course I will be sending out a special email with all the tribute buttons (and new hot images in them) to My entire customer list.  I have attempted to separate those who are on both Queen of The Night and Sinfully Twisted but I probably missed a few here and there, so you might get the emails from both accounts.  No, that doesn’t mean you have to wish Me a Happy Birthday twice or send a tribute to both accounts, although if you do, that of course will please Me immensely.

I will be also including My Amazon wishlist link, which I’m including here now as well in case you want to jump start on My presents, if you haven’t yet.  I’ve been adding a variety of things there over the last few weeks and as much as I do love all the sexy heels and clothes, there are some items that are purely for My enjoyments like a much needed new laptop, books, gadgets, nail polish that you normally wouldn’t find in stores, household decor, or paint by numbers.  And I do love My paint by numbers.  I prefer to decorate My walls with something that holds more meaning to Me than a picture in a frame I would buy at the store.  Hours and hours of relaxation and ambiance spent lost in the colors and gentle brush strokes.  As talented as I am in many things, unfortunately free hand painting has eluded Me so far, but someone, who deserves a medal for it by the way, has thought of a convenient way to compensate for lack of that talent for someone like Me.

And of course, you can never go wrong with something sexy that will end up seducing you into My web even more.  I do find it quite perverse that you are supplying and ensuring your own doom and downfall *EvilGrin* and yes, that does please Me quite a lot as well.  Of course that does make you crave My Power over you even more, darlings.  Mmm My self-addicting puppets following in a nice big circle of Lust, Addiction, Corruption, Craving, Dangling, Dancing and back to Lust for all those things all over again.

Yes, of course, I made a new video about you craving that Power of Mine and you may get it right here.

Now, I know you’re all eager to start showing your appreciation and wishing Me a Happy Birthday so I will let you do that.  Besides, I still have all those wicked new videos and mp3’s to edit!  All to mindfuck you better, My dears. 😉

A touch of wicked

A touch of wicked

Break from vacation

Now who could have thought that I would need a break from a break?  Who could have thought that I would need the wicked more than a vacation.  Well, I suppose when you are an Evil Enchantress, the Dark Puppeteer, your perception of entertaining and pleasurable is completely in a different zip code of the rest of the population.

And I don’t see the logic in coming from Florida up to Pennsylvania to get tanned and swim in the ocean.

Seriously, who does that?  I have a beach literally 10 minutes away from My house if I ever get an overwhelming urge to peruse all it has to offer.  I don’t.  Not only it is boring for someone like Me but I also enjoy My creamy light complexion too much.  Why would I want to walk around looking like burned toast anyway?

Yet, everybody up here has been trying to convince Me that I want to see their beach (which is 2 hours away) and lay on the chase twiddling My thumbs for the other 6 hours sizzling in the sun.

So here I am, taking a break from My vacation because I need a touch of wicked.  And more than that, you, puppets, need a touch of wicked.

And what is wicked in the Realm of Evil and Decadent?  Oh just that tiny little thing called “Puppetry”.  And Me being so wicked as to mesmerize you into becoming My helpless puppet.  Notice, darlings, I didn’t say “hypnotize you”.  While I am hypnotic and I may use some subliminal triggers on you once I’ve captured you in My web, I do not practice hypnosis.  I do mesmerize and put you into a comfortable trance where you’re aware of everything around you and you begin to drift to where I desire to the sound of My voice.  Kind of like an enchantment, more than a trance even.

A touch of wicked behind that sweet soothing voice.  Just a touch at first.  A mere hint.  A whisper of exciting and dark as it brushes up against you.  Caressing in the sinful pleasure that you are unable to resist.  Darkness is so full of pleasures, My sweet…  That’s when you start to reach for your ultimate bliss in your own depravity and downfall; for only when you are stripped of it all, your dignity, your will, your ability to reason and think, is when you find the purpose and direction.  And within, you find the pleasure you’ve never dreamed of existing.

Some of you have with My guidance reached that place.  My puppy Robbie and Jack have been basking in knowledge of how to delve deeper and to give of themselves fuller.  Even My smoke slut faggot is finally realizing that it isn’t all about him or his pleasure and there is so much more, the wicked more, as he follows his dreams I have granted to him.

While there are promising new puppets that have answered My summons and “found” themselves suddenly upon My website drawn by the touch of wicked, some of My other pets have been making more progress as well. Glenn (you remember him, don’t you, darlings, yes, he has came back as I said he would) has been a naughty boy, coming up with all kinds of perverted ways to masturbate while he’s waiting for his girlfriend’s little visit to come to an end.  Nothing is too kinky for this perverted soul and I’ll be updating soon on that too.

Of course I don’t want to leave out My Satanic Puppet who has been quite a disciple that makes My evil pleasure rise and ignite.  So much potential there with adultery and blaspheme and spreading of sin.  Mmm and I’m pleased with My new pretty camera he fetched for Me for better pictures and videos to seduce him, and all of you of course, even deeper into the Darkness and Sin.

And there are those who need to step up to the plate.

Patrick, the whore robot, oh what a feeble and depraved little soul he is.  Yes, darling, it’s time for your new directives, you need something to clear up the fog and confusion in your silly head.  All that fog and confusion stems from trying to think by yourself and that’s a lesson to all of you puppets as well.

My favorite pervert has been slacking as well.  Oh the hours and hours of masturbation and wickedness as I encourage his perversions and make him addicted to them more.  Yes, Craig, it’s time to wank to that nice MP3 I sent you that I recorded when I was having a conversation with one of your friends.

Now, My smoke slaves, who have been a disappointment to Me as of lately, have to really catch up in order to get back into My graces.  Trying to purify your lungs is not going to change the fact that you’re an addict.  So light up, call Me and stop fighting what is inevitable: you smoking constantly, you smoking packs and packs a day, you accepting your fate as a smoke slave.  Face it, you love the arousing effect of self-harm and that is never going to stop.

Well, darlings, I am going to get back to My “vacation”.  But I expect some wicked results when I get back in a few days!  Be wicked, be perverted, be mindless, go forth and sin for Me.

Newest additions (if you missed My Niteflirt email)

Sinful Saturday Greetings, My puppets, puppies, sinners, perverts and all other playthings!

I have been having some wicked fun lately experimenting with all the different suggestions and reinforcements of My Royal orders in various videos and mp3’s.  Since I enjoy watching you squirm in compliance while all your weaknesses are exposed and capitalized on, I’ve decided to have even more fun with it.  These newest additions are a must for your collection of evil mindfucking, something I know you’re unable to resist anyway…


Delicious images of Me… To ignite and prime that weakness in you.

Black Diamond Pantyhose Pic Set $6.50 – lust inducing images of My beautiful legs that leave you thinking of nothing but you being My pantyhose slave.

Suntan Pantyhose Devotion Pic Sets $6.50 each – if you’re not an addict yet to My mouth-watering long legs, these images will inspire your addiction and set you on the course of complete Devotion and Submission as My slave.

Bask in My Smoke Pic Set $8.00 – My smoke slaves and addicts would appreciate this special set of highly intoxicating images of Me smoking.

My mesmerizing videos… to take you into a trance-like suggestible state of conditioning.

your Need to Obey Video $16.66 – From seductive and sensual to commanding to sensual again, it is such a mindfuck that you will watch it over and over again.

Obey My Legs (Black Pantyhose Mindfuck) $13.66 – More obedience is being conditioned into your already suggestible mind, this time with My gorgeous commanding legs.

Orders to Satanic Faggots Video $13.66 – The instructions and orders My Satanic Fags on deliverance of mens souls and seed to the Altar as a sacrifice and an offering.

Always a Smoke Slave Video $23.66 – A treat for My smoking addicts of being mesmerized by My sensual smoke while I remind them how Evil I am.

And there is a special treat for you darlings!  An incredibly intense recording from Satans Queens (Satanic Goddess and Myself) that will spin you into the world of puppetry, induce you into a mindless trance and condition you into become Our slave.

Surreal intense puppet conditioning MP3 Sample $2.00

Surreal intense puppet conditioning MP3 Full Version $16.99

Surrender… Submit… Obey.

Don’t forget to leave a great feedback as always, My pets, and keep checking My goodies store for more additions of wickedness and corruption.





The best kept secrets

Secrets are a way of leading a double life. Everyone keeps back some kind of things intentionally and unintentionally. Some are good and you embrace them, others are harmful, and then some that are simply wicked. I like the wicked ones. Those are the best kept secrets and, Me being a manipulative evil Queen of sin and mindfucking, I create, encourage, and enforce those secrets to be kept by you. There are countless benefits that stem from this. Of course those advantages are for Me to enjoy more than you but in the end isn’t it actually all about My pleasure anyway? That’s what drives you, keeps you going day to day, allows you the ability to function and receive joy out of your existence. My pleasure. And your secrets.

Let’s talk about them, the little things that come along with leading a double life and what is it that I find so fascinated about it that makes Me lead you on that path. I’m not talking about pure fantasy, although it is a covert yearning of its own, yet of those forbidden, sinful, even perverted acts that you commit. Those could be potentially harmful, depending on the situation and severity of the offense, but as I’ve been reminding you quite often: Bad is Good.
I’ll start with an example of closet smoke slaves.

There are those closet smoke slaves that attempt to obscure the addiction altogether and would go to great lengths to have their wives or girlfriends and friends from finding out. They steal away for a quick fix, a nice heady jolt of nicotine, mostly hours before those who oppose their smoking would possibly discover them. They get the rush of sheer excitement because, as such the case with My personally trained and addicted smoke slaves, I have brainwashed them into accepting that forbidden is so good for them. Knowing what consequences are of them being discovered, they sneak out to have a cigarette and relish that feeling of doing it behind someone’s back. More importantly, the thought that’s often entertained at that moment is that they’re doing it for Me. Guilt and shame come along later for keeping such a secret, a deliciously wicked secret I keep encouraging to maintain, since, let’s put it gently, they are guided by their little heads, which in turn is guided by My sinister manipulation of the blood depraved head on their shoulders. Mmm that guilt and shame… We’ll come back to that.
Then there are the closet smoke slaves that admit that they are smoking but downplay their addiction by pretending to be just casual smokers. Their elements of thrill include the same as the rest of those who lead the double lives: the one of keeping such a dirty secret as well that one, specific to the dark fetish of smoking, of causing themselves so much harm. The self-inflicted damage is an arcane elevation that leads eventually to, you guessed it, guilt and shame over shortening their own life.

Another prime example would include My faggot whores and sissies. Not the ones that let the entire world see them as pathetic little cock suckers but the ones that on the surface lead the lives of straight heterosexuals with deep ties in the community where they’re seen as well-established, respective gentlemen; the exemplars so to speak. Yet, upon My whim the make up transforms the face, hot slinky little dress and heels, or a pair of pantyhose and a slip reveal the hidden sissified slut. Or a glory hole trip and advertisement answered on some website to fornicate with strangers, to be used by them as fucktoys are elements of their double lives. Sensational elation of stepping into such a secret world where they give in to something very much forbidden. And here I’ll note that out of all the rest, the faggots and sissies are the most to lose themselves in this deliciously wicked charade with passion and full abandonment of reasonable thinking, with My encouragement, or skillful conditioning, and even, ummm a sort of push, a kind of emotional blackmail and demand rolled into one. Of course it’s followed by the pangs of shame and guilt over pretending to be such an upstanding ‘pillar of community’.

And then there are the blasphemers. Oh to play with crucifix, the bible, to defile holy objects and to use the lord’s name in such an evil way! Now that’s electrifying, that sudden rush of darkness, the feeling of being possessed and thriving on being in servitude to Satan. Give up your soul? In a heartbeat, when lust ignites the fire and thirst you can never seem to quench. Those sinners, oh what devious things they would say and do for an orgasm, and then go back to church and pray for the forgiveness and strength to resist temptations like these. That’s right, we’re back to shame and guilt.

Of course, there are the instances where shame and guilt are of excitement and amusement sorts for Me. I love those puppets that shed the tears or struggle constantly, being tormented by those inner demons I arouse within them. That’s not a secret, I love the torment I inflict on puppets, emotional wars they wage while I sit back and watch in satisfaction. Mmm My evil deeds, they do come with a price to some in more than monetary ways. However, the best kept secrets, in My opinion, and not only the ones used in examples here, are the ones enjoyed the fullest by accepting what you are and finding the pleasure each time you show the world that ‘normal’ side of you in a disguised thrill racing through you of all the devious things you have been made to do. Because, well simply,darling, bad is so good.

Oh puppies, puppies…

My amusement never abates at how much I have messed up your silly little heads. I watch on daily basis each one of you and the depths of debasement you’re willing to sink to. Because I took away whatever feeble control you had over your life. Because I gave you a purpose, such, as you’ve never even anticipated. Because I pushed your buttons, pulled your strings and there you are, dancing for Me, wagging your tail, begging Me. And the list goes on and on.

My darling jack sent Me this email today after the suffering he’s gone through of not being able to call Me and not even getting crumbs of My precious attention on yahoo. Needless to say, I am sharing this one:

Dearest Evil Queen of the Night,

I can’t believe what You have done to me. I have become such a hopeless addict. And i suffer all the mood swings of the addict. i go from those rare moments of clarity when i hate what You have made me – a helpless puppet, a depraved minion, pathetic loser and whimpering puppy. Then my mood swings often to a feeling of deep contentment; knowing that i am under Your complete control and that You will take such good care of me – decadent as it may be. Sometimes i’m almost completely out of control bouncing around like a ball in a pinball machine – driven wild with the need to see You, feel Your control and to hear Your voice. But the best mood of all is on those occasions when i actually get to talk to YOU and let me experience moments of such total bliss and unbelievable ecstasy. My evil Goddess – i live for the sweet sinful poison that drips from Your honeyed lips.

YOUR slave forever,


Isn’t he just adorable with his whimpering? *EvilGrin* And that’s what jack has been reduced to: a whimpering puppy. Whimpering from the torment I inflict upon him. Whimpering from the bliss of serving Me I so generously allow him to experience. Simply whimpering because I would tell him to whimper.

And he’s not the only one. Only there is no whimpering but oinking involved. Sigh…yes, I know, oinking is not as graceful as whimpering. It’s even somewhere close to distasteful. Amusing nevertheless though. This piggy of course would never grace so much as even the Royal Stables, he belongs in some dingy, damp, dark dungeon below; polishing My leather boots and emptying out the ashtrays. Still amusing to make him wiggle that curly piggy tail and get dizzy from smoking and oinking his little mind to no end.

Then there is one of My newest puppets. Oh what an addict in the making this little queer is. And a popper whore too! This one caught on really fast on the fact that begging only intensifies the cravings and the faster he relinquishes control, the better off he’ll be. Mmm and his faggotness appeals in the way he figured out that he’s here to feed My power and My energy by giving up his. It will be very amusing to see how his trasnformation is going to turn out as My panty wearing, cock sucking, robotic sissy fag.

Speaking of transforming. Next blog update I’ll be uploading pictures of this new sissy in the making who’s been following My every Transformation Assignment on Sinfully Twisted. Those of you in need of guidance to become feminized, you may click the first 3 assignment buttons bellow to begin your journey.

IMG_0148I’ll leave off tonight with another hot image for you puppies to succumb to. Clicking on it will take you to My newest video “Stroke to Please Me puppy”, another exploitative clip of your weakness for My hypnotic cleavage.

Smoke slave

Mmm it’s been a while since I’ve talked to My original smoke slave. For a moment there, I thought he actually quit smoking altogether, My dear closet smoker, it was so difficult for him to start keeping up with all the dark and deviant aspects of his addiction. Oh but what a surprise to have seen him buy some of My newest smoking videos on c4s (see My tweets for links to those) in the past month. Of course he’s been reading My blog as well. Yes, My smoke slave, I still keep an eye on My Evil Kingdom and know what every one of My puppets and slaves are doing.

The last time we spoke, My smoke slave was about to embark on a very sinful journey of smokey adultery. Mmm I wonder if that particular dark desire of his has been satisfied and properly explored… Well, now that international calls are back on Niteflirt, maybe he’ll give Me a call so we can catch up and have a cigarette or two together, or have him fuck his lungs for Me while he’s there *EvilGrin*.

I know you’ll be reading this eventually, My pet, so you should keep an eye on those smokey mindfuck videos. Mmm there are some triggers you might recognize…as well as new ones that will help you become more addicted to such deliciously dark and harmful things.

For the rest of you, smoke slaves and puppets, those of you I have corrupted and turned into smokers, those, whose addiction I’ve taken to a new level, there is a favorite saying of Mine: once an addict, always an addict. 😉 So, puppets. light up a cigarette and call Me to submit to your Eternal Smokey existence at My feet.