Slave Training

Slave Training

and your blissful existence

Slave training is something most of you, My puppets, are now very familiar with as I have been brainwashing you senseless.  It does give you a sense of purpose, knowing that your life is in My wicked hands and I can mold and shape you in any which way I desire.

As a slave or a puppet, you learn the valuable lessons on how to be useful to Me, how to properly serve Me, how to please your Queen, and even how to become a better person.  Slave training is not just a sexual thing but a character building tool as well as a therapeutic one to help you cope with your life and release stress.

For years you’ve heard Me talk about giving in to your desires and enjoying that secret part of yourself that you keep hidden from the rest of the world.  There is nothing wrong with you embracing your inner slave and deriving all of the benefits of being a submissive.  No matter of fact, it’s one of the healthiest things you can do for your mental well-being.  Acting upon your needs even by fantasizing about it, without of course harming anyone, is natural and detrimental.  Besides, who’d want to live their life as a dried up prune always wondering and denying themselves something that is a very important part of them?

Evil Enchantress High Priestess Queen of The Night
Serve at Queen Luna’s Royal Feet

Being a slave to a beautiful, powerful and confident woman is what makes you… you!  Which is why once again I have released few slave training videos.  They are not only to indulge your ever present need for submission but to teach you how to properly please Me, your Queen.  As every Goddess might have different expectations, it is something you must learn: the specific ways you can be of service to the One you are currently serving or wish to serve.


These 3 videos can be enjoyed as a continuation of one another or individually.

As your Owner comes home Video $13.69

As My live-in slave, by now you know the routine and await eagerly for your Owner to come home so that you can exactly what you have been trained for: serve and take care of your Owner Queen.  Kneeling, with your head bowed in submission, you wait for that blissful moment when I sit down and allow you to caress My Royal feet.  After a long day in My leather heels, they’re tired, damp and achy and it’s your job to soothe them.
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Slave’s Devotion Video $13.69

Awaiting for your Owner’s return, you fantasize about that moment when My high heels come off and you’re allowed to show your devotion by taking care of My perfect Royal feet.  Trained to please your Queen, you’re a slave to My whims and desires but there is nothing better than feeling so useful and grateful when you’ve been bestowed such a privilege of worshiping My sexy feet at the end of the day.
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Slave’s Reward $20.00

Pleasing your Owner has become your most important task.  And of course, My slave is being such a good boy, he gets rewarded with a chance to worship My silky smooth panties.  I know you’ve been trying so hard to please your Queen, My sweet, no matter how emasculating or demanding some of the tasks given to you have been.  None of that matters anymore, as you are a completely submissive puppet now and only your Owner’s commands fulfill your life.
This video is a continuation of “Serving your Owner” and “Slave’s Devotion” but can be enjoyed independently as well.
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Yes, I am Unique!

Yes, I am Unique!

Hard science confirms it.

It has been empirically shown that your Evil Enchantress, Queen of The Night, The Black Widow and Dark Puppeteer is indeed The Original and, although many have tried to copy, absolutely impossible to duplicate.  Yes, I am Unique!  There is no doubt of it, according to recently confirmed scientific results, that I am as authentic as they come.  All you have to do is take a look and see that for yourself.

But for those who have oh little faith, the science now shreds all the ambiguity with the researches scratching their heads in a scramble to find the answers in their immense databases of the mutated gene that belongs to only yours truly.  *Evil Laugh* and they thought they had difficulty explaining Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Now they have a Mutant Black Widow Spider on their hands.  Or is it Mutant Ninja Black Widow because I sneak up on you, My unfortunate prey, in the darkness of the night and steal away your power and control?  Muah-haha I like the sound of that.

I know, most of you are right now wondering what the hell have I been smoking and could I please pass it to the rest before you get as confused as like when you are when you’re trying to think on your own.  I suppose I can clear up that mystery for you, as well as the one about Me being once again absent more than being present and available since they both actually tie into one another.

Most of My pets are unaware that I haven’t been in the best of healths lately and have been spending a lot of My precious time feeding the Vampires.  Oh not those blood suckers that come to you in the middle of the night to feed off you, you feeble minded Vamp lovers, so don’t get too excited!  The ones that take your blood and then play with it in all their strange machines on the orders of different kind of Financial Dommes, the Doctors.  Some of those even dared to get as bold as drill a hole in My back!  Not the most comfortable experience for those who’ve had a biopsy while awake but I didn’t want to stick around waiting hours in that dreary place for anesthetic to wear off so I can drive home.  Who knows what other atrocities they would have committed with their Area 51 probing devices and for their “scientific purposes”.  Evil, I tell you.  Sheer evil.  I’m the only one who’s allowed to be evil here.

Long story short, one of the doctors have found an abnormality in My blood test results that, given with My family history of cancer, made him quiet concerned that I may have some type of leukemia.

Haha, I can hear the loud sigh of disappointment from you dark smoking fetish boys.  Wouldn’t you just be tickled pink if you heard I had lung cancer and was dooming you to the same fate.  Well, I don’t have it nor going to have it .  Of course, you on the other hand just might as I keep making you fuck your lungs, so light up a double while you’re reading the rest of My story.

Don’t mind those smoke slaves, darlings, they always get excited at the slightest mentioning of how much harm comes from smoking.

As it turned out, a friend knew one of the best hematologists in the country and was able to get Me in to see him.  Of course that meant I had to drive to Timbuktu and spend more time away from My favorite past-time of conditioning My puppets on top of seeing other specialists and trying to keep up with My classes.  Yep, not much time for conditioning left there.

Yesterday was My follow up, a trip taken across Florida to hear that yes, I am Unique and no, I don’t have cancer, all of which has taken about 5 minutes.  Haha isn’t it how it always turns out?  What they did discover though was that I have a mutated gene that’s not found in any database, unfortunately for that gene, it is located in the segment where mutations may become cancer which made My blood tests show a high amount of white cells.  It is a medical mystery whether My mutated gene is indeed the evil culprit to My lately unstable health.  I just think it’s simply a gene of My Evilness and has absolutely no correlation with My health.  And I’m going to stick to that because we’re all entitled to our opinion.

So there you have it, science confirms that My Evilness is coded in My DNA, in case you have wondered if I come by it naturally.  And it is impossible to imitate, as I am The Original Dark Puppeteer that was around long before the other “Queen/witches/puppet makers” saturated Niteflirt with their attempts to duplicate My evil web.  It’s even more amusing now to see the imitations of spiders and “bewitching” spells when even the science is still baffled by what that “evil gene” is responsible for besides the physiological effect on one’s body.

And yes, I am Unique, not only physiologically but in the way My wicked mind works and what effect it has on puppets that get captured in My web.  All you have to do is look…  and there is no going back for you…





A touch of wicked

A touch of wicked

Break from vacation

Now who could have thought that I would need a break from a break?  Who could have thought that I would need the wicked more than a vacation.  Well, I suppose when you are an Evil Enchantress, the Dark Puppeteer, your perception of entertaining and pleasurable is completely in a different zip code of the rest of the population.

And I don’t see the logic in coming from Florida up to Pennsylvania to get tanned and swim in the ocean.

Seriously, who does that?  I have a beach literally 10 minutes away from My house if I ever get an overwhelming urge to peruse all it has to offer.  I don’t.  Not only it is boring for someone like Me but I also enjoy My creamy light complexion too much.  Why would I want to walk around looking like burned toast anyway?

Yet, everybody up here has been trying to convince Me that I want to see their beach (which is 2 hours away) and lay on the chase twiddling My thumbs for the other 6 hours sizzling in the sun.

So here I am, taking a break from My vacation because I need a touch of wicked.  And more than that, you, puppets, need a touch of wicked.

And what is wicked in the Realm of Evil and Decadent?  Oh just that tiny little thing called “Puppetry”.  And Me being so wicked as to mesmerize you into becoming My helpless puppet.  Notice, darlings, I didn’t say “hypnotize you”.  While I am hypnotic and I may use some subliminal triggers on you once I’ve captured you in My web, I do not practice hypnosis.  I do mesmerize and put you into a comfortable trance where you’re aware of everything around you and you begin to drift to where I desire to the sound of My voice.  Kind of like an enchantment, more than a trance even.

A touch of wicked behind that sweet soothing voice.  Just a touch at first.  A mere hint.  A whisper of exciting and dark as it brushes up against you.  Caressing in the sinful pleasure that you are unable to resist.  Darkness is so full of pleasures, My sweet…  That’s when you start to reach for your ultimate bliss in your own depravity and downfall; for only when you are stripped of it all, your dignity, your will, your ability to reason and think, is when you find the purpose and direction.  And within, you find the pleasure you’ve never dreamed of existing.

Some of you have with My guidance reached that place.  My puppy Robbie and Jack have been basking in knowledge of how to delve deeper and to give of themselves fuller.  Even My smoke slut faggot is finally realizing that it isn’t all about him or his pleasure and there is so much more, the wicked more, as he follows his dreams I have granted to him.

While there are promising new puppets that have answered My summons and “found” themselves suddenly upon My website drawn by the touch of wicked, some of My other pets have been making more progress as well. Glenn (you remember him, don’t you, darlings, yes, he has came back as I said he would) has been a naughty boy, coming up with all kinds of perverted ways to masturbate while he’s waiting for his girlfriend’s little visit to come to an end.  Nothing is too kinky for this perverted soul and I’ll be updating soon on that too.

Of course I don’t want to leave out My Satanic Puppet who has been quite a disciple that makes My evil pleasure rise and ignite.  So much potential there with adultery and blaspheme and spreading of sin.  Mmm and I’m pleased with My new pretty camera he fetched for Me for better pictures and videos to seduce him, and all of you of course, even deeper into the Darkness and Sin.

And there are those who need to step up to the plate.

Patrick, the whore robot, oh what a feeble and depraved little soul he is.  Yes, darling, it’s time for your new directives, you need something to clear up the fog and confusion in your silly head.  All that fog and confusion stems from trying to think by yourself and that’s a lesson to all of you puppets as well.

My favorite pervert has been slacking as well.  Oh the hours and hours of masturbation and wickedness as I encourage his perversions and make him addicted to them more.  Yes, Craig, it’s time to wank to that nice MP3 I sent you that I recorded when I was having a conversation with one of your friends.

Now, My smoke slaves, who have been a disappointment to Me as of lately, have to really catch up in order to get back into My graces.  Trying to purify your lungs is not going to change the fact that you’re an addict.  So light up, call Me and stop fighting what is inevitable: you smoking constantly, you smoking packs and packs a day, you accepting your fate as a smoke slave.  Face it, you love the arousing effect of self-harm and that is never going to stop.

Well, darlings, I am going to get back to My “vacation”.  But I expect some wicked results when I get back in a few days!  Be wicked, be perverted, be mindless, go forth and sin for Me.