Evil Enchantment

Evil Enchantment

completely under the spell

Oh the Evil Enchantment that you have fallen prey to… how it has noticeably changed your entire life.  The effects of it have turned your perfectly mundane life into an existence of someone resembling a drug addict.

What does it mean to be so completely under the spell of the Evil Enchantment?  Is it purely pleasure and bliss?  Is it torment and suffering?  Or is it something in between or a mixture of both?

What kind of a wicked formula have I concocted that I slip into My potions that you, My dear prey, have been consuming upon My encouragement?

My Evil Enchantment seduces you from the beginning into surrendering to your deepest fantasies and infuses you with such feeling of blissful ecstasy that you feel its effects days, weeks, months and even years after first encountering Me and My spell-binding potions.

Already you have found out that there is no escape once you’ve fallen under My spell and now you feel the irresistible pull that grows into a strong urge to give yourself over to wave after wave of delicious pleasure.  Only by submitting yourself to the call of the Siren you may feel that pleasantly drifting sensation that disconnects you from the worrisome or mundane world that you live in and let yourself plunge into a mindless existence where nothing matters but the swirling colors of pleasure surrounding you and coloring your world that otherwise is so dull and grey.

This Evil Enchantment is your escape and thus it was created with that special ingredient that I slip into My potions knowing exactly what’s lacking in your life.  Oh don’t get Me wrong, My pet, you may be quite happy in your everyday life and I am by no means implying that you’re not content or unsuccessful in your endeavours but you have to admit, there are times when you want to escape that perfectly orderly and complacent life of yours.

Isn’t that why you browse page after page, searching for something you’re not even able to give a name to, darling?  Isn’t it just that longing for something you realize is buried deep inside that brought you right here and gave you the courage to see the colorful hues shimmering just on the edges of My enchanting web?

Now be a brave boy and embrace what this Evil Enchantment can uncover for you: the magnitude of the emotions and pleasures, the escape and surrender, the ultimate bliss.

Help yourself to My new mesmerizing recordings to experience better all those things you’ve been searching for or have denied yourself, darling, and succumb to the pull of the Evil Enchanting Web of Queen Luna.

The Evil Enchantment MP3 $16.69


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Let the wanking begin!

Let the wanking begin!

Mmm can you feel the sizzle in the air that’s travelling right down to your cock?  It’s all the heat and intensity of upcoming wanking that I forsee in your future, darling!

Yep, if you haven’t read it yet in My blog, I have a great news for you.  I’m brringing back My Annual Jackathon since May is the National Masturbation Month and you, My puppets, are all being summoned for some very hot wanking.

Rules of the Jackathon:

Puppets jerk off, puppets wank, puppets stroke, puppets rub-a-dub, puppets… well you get the idea.  The point is, you do all your stroking upon My command and there will be a LOT of command and demand on MY side to have you wank/jack/stroke. 

Now that in itself is such a hot perogative, isn’t it, My darling chronic masturbators?  But wait, there is more!!!  We can’t have the Jackathon without some kind of competitions!!!  Mmm and there will be plenty of Challenges for you throughout this entire month.

Oh and of course there will be prizes although this year I’m not keeping a score (yes, you still will get a mention on My blog if you’re the Last Wanker Standing) but instead I’m going to do something like a… Treasure Hunt!  All throughout the month I will be sending out some hot, sexy, seductive, manipulative, brainwashing wanking material and I will be choosing the random ptvs/goodies to include specific codes that you have until May 31 to turn in for your freebies.

Yes, I said freebies!  Here is how it works.  I might add a code on a picture attached, or simply write inside the PTV “here is your code”, or caption a video with a code (closer to credits, don’t worry).  Once you’ve located the code, you can write to Me and get your freebie. These will include: 2 letter codes are 2 free minutes, 3 letter code is a hot picture, 4 letter code is a 5 min mp3 (personilized or choose from My existing that you don’t have yet), 5 letter code is a 3 minute video (same as mp3).  And there is no limit on how many of these you can collect throughout the month.

Ok, enough reading and let the wanking begin!  Ready for your first Challenge?
This 7 Day Masturbation Challenge is not for the faint hearted and involves lots of lube and even more stroking! Each mp3 will guide you through countless moments of JOI.

Day 1 $8

For the rest who are not up for a challenge, check out My newest videos

Impotent Loser Therapy $25

Sissy Pantyhose Assignment $24.99


Round Robin

Round Robin

so much JOI

What is “Round Robin” and, for those not familiar with this abbreviation, “JOI” you might be asking after receiving My Newsletter on Niteflirt today and maybe even few other Flirts as well.

Round Robin is a game of passing around a boytoy between participating Dominant Females.  Or at least that’s what this is in your case.  If you have read the Newsletters, saw the goodies, followed retweets and so on, then you might have noticed this phenomena of several Women getting together and creating something that will send you spinning around for Our amusement.  Giving you some jerk off instructions, or JOI, from each one of Us individually recorded or written is one of the ways We amuse Ourselves with you boytoys, slaves, puppets, strokers, wankers, and *insert your label here*.

We are quite aware that a good majority of you are just, plainly said, whores.  There is NO surprise there!  And contrarily to popular belief, a group of Women can get together, get along and share the said “whores” without bickering amongst each other or taking it out on you boys.  Unfortunately, there are those who are weak and insecure who would make their customers think twice about mentioning they even so much as glance at other Flirts, call them or buy their products.  I’m happy to say that the group of Dominant and Sexy Women that came up with this wicked and exciting game of Round Robin is made up of strong and confident Ladies who know how to have fun and work together on common goals.

One of these Women you have already met, My lovely Evil Twin and Sister of My Soul Goddess Bella Donna and have been a part of Our amusing games that We’ve played together with you as Our toy.  I will be introducing the newcomers later on, as for now I wanted to expand on the meaning of these recent events.

Some might ask why I would do such a thing, send My puppets to somebody else.  Oh I have some of My loyal boys who will never stray and are eternally devoted to Me and Me only.  Even they will tell you that once in a while I suggest material for them from other Mistresses, if I think that material is appropriate and vital to their training.  The rest are more like passerbys, some more regular than others and variety IS a spice of life.  Sooner or later they all circle around and I chuckle at their “adventures”, counsel them on their “break-ups”, give out pats on the head indulgently, and add My own brand of corruption that I know will have them spinning in their wheels on the next round trip.

I do have quite an immense Queendom and while all the subjects, transient or permanent, are in My care, I do of course spend most of My attention on those who are loyal and serve Me daily, since they’ve deserved the privilege and worked hard to show Me that.  With that being said, the transient ones are no less important on a large scale as they are part of My Realm while they’re here.  The general population, if you will, still gets a fair amount of attention in form of mind-bending recordings, videos and such, just less personalized and individual.

But back to those JOI games.  If you have missed My Newsletter with introduction of the Ladies participating in this fun game, you may read it below as well have an access to your chance of stroking round the clock for all of Us.


Knowing what a stroking addict you are, I and several of My friends decided to give you some JOI with some very hot recordings.  Click each link and masturbate to your cock’s desire and Our pleasure!


Stroke to be a good boy JOI Part 1 – Queen of The Night (7 parts JOI)

My sexy friends Round Robin Masturbation JOI


Stroke for Me Round Robbin – Goddess Bella Donna MP3

Ms. Inara Stark Cocktails_with_Mistress_short_version.mp3 mp3

Mistress Shayna MP3

Gypsy Goddess MP3

EmmaLouise MP3