The Evil Enchantress

The Evil Enchantress

The one and only and the original

There is no duplicating The Evil Enchantress as My followers have know Me for almost 10 years.  No doubt, many have tried over the years to be like Me, even going as far as changing their name to Evil Enchantress or stealing My material to pose as Me.  They haven’t fooled anyone, for there can be no other Enchantress like Myself.

It’s easy to duplicate the name but not the power nor style that are explicitly My own.  I am the original Evil Enchantress that created a Queendom with My web trademark and those who have been My pets for years, know that the web is not just symbolic.  The web is what I create and spin around you, My prey, as I capture and enchant you.

The reason I’m making a post about this is the new Niteflirt account that I had to create.  Yes, I’m still taking calls on Queen of The Night and yes, you still belong to the right Evil Enchantress if you’ve clicked on the goodie button and wondered about that.  I had run out of disk space on the Queen of The Night and unfortunately it will take Me forever to delete all of the old files (5 at the time, that’s NF for you) to make room for more.  Since I don’t have all the time or patience in the world to tinker with it, I decided to utilize an account I opened a while ago but never did anything with.

It was no surprise to find out that the name “Evil Enchantress” was already taken.  Imagine that! *Amused snicker*  Well, after playing around with “Black Widow” so on and on I decided to just add “The” to “Evil Enchantress” and keep it at that.  After all, I am The Evil Enchantress and Black Widow is one of the byproducts of Me being one. *EvilGrin*

Now when I send out My newest goodies, they will be coming from that account.  At least for the time being.  Or until that account runs out of disk space lol.

But back to your lovely Queen being The Evil Enchantress…  It’s time to worship and serve, My pet.  Call, listen to My recordings, watch My videos and become enchanted by the wicked web I weave around your mind…

The Original One and Only Evil Enchantress Queen Luna
The Original One and Only Evil Enchantress Queen Luna

Ringing the Devil’s doorbell

Ringing the Devil’s doorbell

That’s what you do when you masturbate according to Fappy The Humper

Ok, this was waaaay too good to pass up and I though since it’s Monday (why does everyone fear Mondays so much???) everybody could use a good laugh and relieve some tension until you can get away, find some privacy, grab your lube and REALLY relieve the tension by ringing the Devil’s doorbell with your next sinful masturbation session.

This morning I had a revelation.  Satan paid Me a visit and gave His blessings to start My own government funded organization “Start Masturbating Now!”  Nope, I didn’t lose My ever loving mind somewhere, it was a natural response to reading through one of the most ridiculous religious group’s website that screams “Stop Masturbation Now!”  First I had to mop up My morning tea from My keyboard, of course, before I could pay attention to that Devil on My shoulder urging Me to “do it! Start your own organization!  You already have a huge following!  You can be Satan’s Spokesperson and guarantee Yourself fame and riches.  And the BEST spot in Hell where you can be the Queen of Masturbation Encouragement for Eternity!!!”

Don’t you just love when you get these kind of revelations first thing Monday morning while you’re innocently minding your business, trying to wake up and lazily scroll through your Facebook feed to see if anything even remotely interesting has popped up over night besides pictures of food plates that people for some reason have to share with the entire world wide web as you indulge in every meal of the day (what’s with that anyway?) or disgrunted memes about government not doing its job (they ALL must have lost gray matter due to masturbation!) and other garden variety of BS?  And here I thought this would be one of those ordinary Mondays for Me until…  A headline caught My attention:

Christian Anti-Masturbation’s Mascot “Fappy” Arrested For Public Masturbation While Swimming Naked With The Dolphins At Sea World In San Diego

I made such a sticky mess on My desk reading this article!  All that milky colored creamy liquid spilled over My keyboard.  Ugh, I should have known better than to try and sip My scolding and so delicious morning tea reading it.  But, as I am a Sinner (yes I confess to being one) and I never pass up ringing the Devil’s doorbell when I get a chance Myself (yup, I just confessed again, Queen Luna masturbates!) I kept reading on.  Oh I went even further, after I picked Myself up from the floor because I was laughing hysterically, and checked out the website of this anti-masturbation movement.

This is where Satan started whispering in My ear, btw, that sly Devil always up to no good and pounces when you’re distracted reading in a daze some of the biggest bullshit hogwash I’ve ever encountered.  And I was raised in Soviet Union and read their Atheist’s Bible!!!  That’s quite a lot of bullshit, if you ask Me, and not everyday you can honestly say you’ve seen matching or more bullshit than that.

The Unholy message that I received was that I too can be a Savior just like that Lonnie person who has taken on the mission of spreading the Gob’s word (no I didn’t mean God) and promises to save your soul by praying for you, or against you if you’re a masturbator (yup, go look at the comments on their website, they have praying hands “for” and “against”) and preaching of the horrific consequences of masturbation such as:

Masturbation is a gateway drug to rape. It also leads to sexual dysfunction, erodes family values, and is a top ten cause of disease.

– Lonnie Childs

Also, if you are a follower of this Lonnie person, you won’t turn into a zombie, will save chickens, create more soldiers for Jesus instead of wasting your seed, you will lose weight, will be able to see a red dot on a purple meme, won’t be dumped by your partner, will become an Alpha, your brain won’t deteriorate, you won’t turn into a serial killer like Jeffery Dahmer, will know the natural order of the household (I think they borrowed that one from the 50’s), you won’t turn gay, get the approval of Mr. T, won’t be denied birthday presents, oh and your penis won’t fall off if you stop masturbating right away!  Oh and according to Fappy, the spokesperson/mascot, who has as turns out 3 previous arrests for public masturbation, you, the masturbators, are playing in Devil’s playground and ringing the Devil’s doorbell.

So naturally, Satan was offended and came to Me this morning with a message that I should start My own movement and encourage people to masturbate more because masturbation is good for your immunity system, prevents colon cancer, helps you sleep, relieves Restless Legs Syndrome, prevents Erectile Dysfunction, makes for better sex,  releases tension and stress, fights depression, manages rapid or delayed ejaculation, and while it might not help your penis get bigger, it surely won’t make it fall off, but you will definitely enhance your sex life, will have a better and deeper knowledge of yourself and your body, will experience pleasure which has been clinically proven to contribute to your mental and physical health improvement.

Oh, wait.  I’m already a Spokesperson for Masturbation!  Silly Satan, where has He been these past 8 years???  I do have a huge Empire already with My masturbating puppets playing in the Devil’s playground all over the world!  And My videos are much better than Fappy’s too and bring valuable insight, inspiration and joy to My followers.  So what if I won’t get the government to fund My important work, I will be forever immortalized as the Queen of Masturbation Encouragement for Eternity and the glory will be all MINE!

What are you waiting for, puppets?  Follow your Queen into the battle and slay those masturbation haters with your stiff swords and cries of victorious pleasure!!!  Let the masturbation live and masturbators be loud as they are ringing the Devil’s doorbell with each satisfied orgasm!

P.S. you may find Me on Niteflirt under the names of Queen of The Night and Sinfully Twisted.  All of My videos, photos and mp3’s are created for your health benefits and better masturbation experience and are for entertaining purposes only.

P.P.S.  I would like to recommend a similar glove design as found on that ridiculous website for My pain sluts.  Spikes can make it spicy!



It’s a two-way street

It’s a two-way street

yup, we’re back to the long-term relationships again

What makes a relationship?  Which components are necessary in order to have a real, meaningful and long-term relationship?  How much should each person involved put in, or invest if you will, into a relationship?  And why am I not working for a degree to become a therapist with all this talk about relationships instead of setting My heart on research?

Don’t mind the last question.  That’s My thinking out loud which I tend to indulge in a lot.  Of course, the answer to that last question is the simpler one compared to the rest: I feel that research would benefit Me and the rest of the population a lot more.  I love learning and discovering; that is My nature: to pick at things, analyze, look for patterns, tweak and experiment, then learn more.  The one reason I don’t want to become a therapist (as if I’m not one already in a way) is because of the simple rule: you can’t help those who do not want to help themselves.  I find it a waste of My time and efforts to attempt and offer help, compassion and understanding to those who are only going to keep making sad excuses for themselves without actually trying to change their lives as they claim they want to.

That’s a bit of a personal philosophy for you there. 😉  But I digress from the topic at hand, which is: relationships.  I know you’ve heard it before.  Yes, it’s a two-way street, and even here in the fetish world of phone sex that same rule applies.  I’ve spoken a bit about long-term relationships before and you can browse My blog if you’ve missed it to catch up with My views and ideas on what it has to do with the phone sex in the first place.  And if you have been following My blog for a while, then you are aware of several long-term relationships I have with some of My puppets.

A recent e-mail from someone who’s been calling Me on and off for 6 years has prompted Me to delve a bit into this matter once again.  This young man has mentioned few times in his letter to Me of how I might not remember him in the sea of thousands of clients as well as his desire to have a long-term relationship.  While My answer to him will be complimentary to this entry, I wanted to make some distinctions for those who are searching for something different and have forgotten in their pursuit of fantasy that it’s a two-way street.  Yes, I’m going to keep reminding you of this until it is drummed into your consciousness.

One of the distinctions I wanted to bring to attention is the difference between a client and a puppet/puppy/slave that I claim as Mine.  Clients fall into the categories of 1) called or purchased content less than 10 times in a life-time, 2) a regular caller/buyer over a period of time, also can be called as wanker, whose contact is for the purpose of only sexual gratification, 3) a regular caller shared with multitude of other flirts, some personal exchange (real-life experiences, laughter, intellectual discussions etc), and 4) clicker, or potential clients, who have never made any contact with Me before.

Now, while I might call everyone in general “darlings” and “puppets”, for most it is just a part of the fantasy.  Those who do fall into the category of My “pets” are the ones with whom I have developed a relationship over the years, who’s intimate details, thoughts and desires I know from speaking to them often over the phone, email or yahoo messenger; as well as personal details about their lives (and they’re allowed to be privy to some of Mine as well), with whom I laugh or have long intense conversations about serious and not so serious things.  My pets are the ones that are there on regular basis to take care of Me, pamper Me, cheer Me on, be cheered on by Me, share their everyday lives with Me and accept Me as I am: seductive, wicked, moody, funny, sadistic, bewitching, ignorant and arrogant, charming, sweet or cruel and everything in between.

But back to the “it’s a two-way street” thing.  No relationship can survive when it’s only one person that tries to keep it alive.  As one of My closest “vanilla world” friends says: “relationship is not 50/50.  It is 100/100 and only that way.”  Remember that saying “you get what you put in”?  I know that most of My callers fall into a category of “wankers” which means they only get so much of My attention as it’s required for Me to give them.  I am good at what I do and My miles long feedback on Niteflirt can testify for that.  Those wankers and I are content with that arrangement.  It doesn’t mean I will give less of a quality call or content, just that this is what it looks like.  They call Me to get off, I get them off  and get pad for it and next time we do it all over again.  Done.  Both sides are happy with the outcome.

However, there is a good majority that looks for a connection beyond simple “wank-wank, thank you Ma’am.”  That need for a personalized touch, a real person, confidant, companion, or as the 21st century has dubbed it eGirlfriend/Virtual Girlfriend.  In this virtual world it doesn’t matter if you’re married, single or in a vanilla relationship.   Not every real-world relationship is perfect or satisfies every need and desire.  It doesn’t mean, however, that I will allow you to be a total jerk to the woman in your life or do something stupid like tell Me you want to leave your wife and children to be with Me or anyone else for that matter if I see they are completely taking advantage of you and do not care an ounce for you or your loved ones.  What it does mean is that I fill the blank and void spaces in your life left or being unable to be filled by those in your immediate surroundings.

It also doesn’t mean you shouldn’t devote yourself to Me as much as possible even if you are otherwise in a relationship.  That would be one of the things required of you on this two-way street.  If I am going to devote My personal time to open you up to endless possibilities of you fulfilling your needs, I expect nothing short of devotion in return.

Being as transparent as you possibly can be is also helpful.  I have said it before and will say it again: I am NOT a mind reader.  Want to earn My trust and be in My inner circle?  Take a leap of faith and show Me who you are.

No, I don’t mean give Me your full name, address, social security number and etc.  Share a little, even insignificant, details about your life, speak of your goals, dreams and hopes and you’d be surprised how few minutes of casual conversation can make the connection not only stronger but also more meaningful.  Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable if you’re seeking true intimacy.  And don’t be afraid to ask Me questions in return.  Not only will I keep what personal details you’ve shared with Me confidential unless you request otherwise, but I just might satisfy your quarry about Myself.

Please keep in mind the distinction between building a lasting relationship and asking questions that we both know you’re asking to masturbate to.  At best, if you don’t ask them while we’re on the phone, I will charge you for the answers and if you never pay but keep asking via email/messenger I will begin to completely ignore you.  At worst, I will block you and that will put an end to any relationship you have hoped to achieve.  Only certain pets have earned the privilege of getting some of those answers when we’re chatting and continue to have it because they have not taken advantage of My generosity and respect My wishes and time I allocate for each of them.

There may be a lot required of you, or very little, depending on how deep this connection develops between us but as long as you follow the simple rules and remember your place in My life, the demands I place on you will not seem harsh but quite pleasurable.  In order for Me to walk down My side of the street to meet you in the middle and bestow My attention on you, you first must show Me that not only you understand those simple rules but that you are willing to walk the distance.  It also helps a great deal when you spell out what kind of and how deep a relationship you are looking for as well.

Now, My side of the street is a bit more complicated as one of the things you must keep in mind is that I am just one person with a life outside Niteflirt that includes people that depend on Me, as well as My own interests I pursue in life.  Then you also must take into account My personality; you either love it or you don’t, can live with it or can’t stand the frustration some of My moods might leave you experiencing.  But don’t worry, unless it absolutely amuses Me as it does with jack, I won’t torment you much as I ignore your attempts to get My attention.  That one (jack) always makes Me laugh with the way he streams love proclamations, puffs and huffs in frustration, and then whimpers in agony the longer I make him wait for even one single word.

Also, there is some truth to the young man’s words ” You believe that you don’t need to do any work because I’ll do it all myself. The “seed” is planted”.  To a point, it is correct.  I do plant the seeds but it doesn’t take much work to be Myself either and if I had to work at it, it would be fake.  Neither I Myself, nor Satan for those of you dark sinners, hold anyone against their will.  Giving up control is one thing, but even then you are doing it willingly as well.  And no relationship can survive if one or both parties are forced to be there or can’t accept each other for who they are.

I am who I am, love Me for it or just lust for outer package but in either case do not forget that the terms are set by Me and this show is ran by Me as well.  While I will take your desires into consideration and I am fair enough to look for a compromise when it calls for it, I am the one who makes the rules.  If you are easily offended by My sudden absences or unable to handle the silence from Me when I need to recharge in My own private space that even family and closest friends had to get used to, then I will simply move on down that street.  It may be inconsiderate of Me, and even rude at times, but we all have our own quirks and this one works for Me.  Besides, neither one of us will benefit or will be happy if I turn into a cruel Mistress and start slinging hexes left and right.  I do prefer My seductive spells and charming personality, as I know you do as well and wish for nothing short of pleasing Me like a good boy.

I am going to leave off there for right now since I have made it quite a lengthy post and I do believe there is some prey that has been nibbling on the bait of being bounded to Me in a long-term relationship… *EvilGrin*




Royal Birthday coming up!

Royal Birthday coming up!


Mmm yes, My birthday is just around the corner and as always I’m quite excited about it because it means couple of things: I get to take another trip (ohh the traveler I am) and I get presents.  Not that I don’t get either of those two all year round with My driving up and down the East Coast and My darling pets constantly spoiling (such a privilege for you boys) but there is something magical about those things because they happen due to One’s Royal Birthday.

I have already received several presents from some of My pets: puppy has been extra good this year with many packages being sent to My door, filled with dresses, skirts and such, as well as sending in a tribute when I told him I found a piano on craigslist and was expecting it for My birthday.  I wasn’t disappointed as usual. 🙂  Sinner puppet’s gifts of sexy latex are currently on the way, but I did get in time a new red dress that you saw in My newest “Lust Spell” video and a latex cat suit dress from My crossdressing puppet (not sissy Moye) that I’ve enjoyed quite a bit.  Jack and foot slave also were ones of the first puppets to send Me lovely gifts of lingerie and a sexy red top.

Of course it’s still not to late for the rest of you to check out My wishlist below or send a tribute to wish your Queen a Happy Birthday.  And I just might be online and taking calls later in the evening on 29th for those of you who do call in every year to celebrate with Me.

Since I will be gone for the entire next week, I won’t be spending that much time most days online or taking calls as I will be spending time with My family.  I will still be able to answer an occasional email or two and send out the newest sizzling videos and photo sets so keep an eye on your Niteflirt inbox!  My darling puppets always need their Queen’s presence and even while I’m away, remember that I’m always here.

Now be good boys and start wishing your Queen a Happy Royal Birthday while I tend to last details and packing for My exciting trip.






Few days left

Few days left

to show you’re the best wanker

Mmm May is almost over with few days left of My Annual National Masturbation Wankathon.  There has been a lot of masturbation happening over the last few weeks with plenty of brainwashing, strings pulling, edging, teasing, denying for some and lots and lots of amazing orgasms for others.  But as all good things, the Wankathon must come to an end.

Oh don’t have a panic attack, darlings, you may still worship, serve, stroke when allowed as always.  It just means that you only have few days left to redeem your codes for some of the photos, videos and recordings.  And if you have missed them in the beginning, then you still have a chance to catch up as I will be sending out some pay-to-views and goodies in the next 5 days with many chances for you to get your reward.

Of course, just serving and worshiping your Queen, the wicked Dark Puppeteer, is a reward in itself but I am all about traditions and giving out such delicious morsels of rewards during My Annual Wankathon is a tradition.

Now before I get back to the Chaos and Upheaval in My personal life that’s occurring right now due to Me moving My Queendom to a much more suitable Mansion (yes, I am extremely excited even though there are millions of details to be taken care of on daily basis) I am going to be generous (per My tradition) and offer something special and exclusively offered only here on My blog.

The newest video I have released this morning in My goodies doesn’t have a special code (oops slipped My mind as I was trying to decide which pairs of heels should I pack and which ones to leave out until I move) but after your purchase it, you may write Me an email on Niteflirt to claim your photo and a special personalized task.  Mention in your email that you have read My blog and would like to receive your reward.

Remember, you only have few days left and you must buy the Cleavage Tease Video in order to be able to redeem this hot personalized freebie.

Cleavage Tease Video Stroke and Obey $16.69


The Dark Puppeteer takes control over your existence
Black Widow Spider

For those of you who only call, for these next 5 days each 10 minutes call will be getting 1 free minute towards your next call, 30 minute calls 3 free minutes and 1 hour or longer 5 free minutes to spend more time with your Goddess and to be able to worship, serve and devote yourself further to Me.

you can breathe again addicts

you can breathe again addicts

your fix of corruption is still here

Nope, Hell hasn’t frozen over yet so you can breathe again, My addicts.  My website is still here!

Oh I know you poor darlings were going out of your mind for a bit here today, coming to My blog and finding that it just went POOF!  As if some kind of a bad magic spell has taken away all that you hold dear and depend on suddenly!  The withdraws were immediate and painful for some of you.

Ah but what a relief that you’re able to read it now and lovingly scrolling down the pages, making sure all of your fixes of corruption are still there.  And you can breathe again addicts…

I suppose I should clue you in on what happened.  It was simply time for Me to change to a much better hosting company since the one I previously used was very, v e r y  S  L  O  W.  Kind of like some puppets I know have been on obedience… slower than molasses.

Anyways, the move was a necessary one, although very spontaneous and without notice.  EvilGrin, but how much I enjoyed seeing some quite amusing twitching, fidgeting and moaning in panic over the loss of free wanking material and words of wisdom from your beloved Queen that keep you in the world of corruption and blissful torment.  I never do pass the chance to enjoy your mental suffering when it comes to those of you puppets that I’ve addicted to such a despicable pleasure of being dependent on being a mental pain slut for Me.  I didn’t get disappointed this time either with the results of your training.  And yes, I will get into difference between addicts, puppets, mental pain sluts, degrees of puppetry and so on at a later time.

Well, the website is back up now so you can go back to your regularly programmed schedule of visiting My wicked Realm.  For the time being, some of the photos are not displayed and I will have to re-upload them (yes, sissy Moye, your exposure pics will be back up for all to see again soon) as well as some other changes that I will be gradually implementing on different pages.  Don’t panic if you’re not able to see some of the content, it will take a while to fix things with My busy schedule, but now you’ll be able to enjoy the speed of the pages loading.  Hopefully, I’ll be enjoying the speed of obedience from some slackers too.  Hint hint.  Not so subtle either.

Now that we’ve covered that one and you can breathe again addicts, I’ll leave you with a reminder of how desolate you have felt when you have found a blank space instead of your comforting, familiar, much sought and lived for place of corruption.  The horror of it…  And the immense relief seeing it all back.  This could be a lesson for some of you.

your loving, considering, gracious, generous, caring, wicked, beloved etc etc

Queen Luna

A touch of wicked

A touch of wicked

Break from vacation

Now who could have thought that I would need a break from a break?  Who could have thought that I would need the wicked more than a vacation.  Well, I suppose when you are an Evil Enchantress, the Dark Puppeteer, your perception of entertaining and pleasurable is completely in a different zip code of the rest of the population.

And I don’t see the logic in coming from Florida up to Pennsylvania to get tanned and swim in the ocean.

Seriously, who does that?  I have a beach literally 10 minutes away from My house if I ever get an overwhelming urge to peruse all it has to offer.  I don’t.  Not only it is boring for someone like Me but I also enjoy My creamy light complexion too much.  Why would I want to walk around looking like burned toast anyway?

Yet, everybody up here has been trying to convince Me that I want to see their beach (which is 2 hours away) and lay on the chase twiddling My thumbs for the other 6 hours sizzling in the sun.

So here I am, taking a break from My vacation because I need a touch of wicked.  And more than that, you, puppets, need a touch of wicked.

And what is wicked in the Realm of Evil and Decadent?  Oh just that tiny little thing called “Puppetry”.  And Me being so wicked as to mesmerize you into becoming My helpless puppet.  Notice, darlings, I didn’t say “hypnotize you”.  While I am hypnotic and I may use some subliminal triggers on you once I’ve captured you in My web, I do not practice hypnosis.  I do mesmerize and put you into a comfortable trance where you’re aware of everything around you and you begin to drift to where I desire to the sound of My voice.  Kind of like an enchantment, more than a trance even.

A touch of wicked behind that sweet soothing voice.  Just a touch at first.  A mere hint.  A whisper of exciting and dark as it brushes up against you.  Caressing in the sinful pleasure that you are unable to resist.  Darkness is so full of pleasures, My sweet…  That’s when you start to reach for your ultimate bliss in your own depravity and downfall; for only when you are stripped of it all, your dignity, your will, your ability to reason and think, is when you find the purpose and direction.  And within, you find the pleasure you’ve never dreamed of existing.

Some of you have with My guidance reached that place.  My puppy Robbie and Jack have been basking in knowledge of how to delve deeper and to give of themselves fuller.  Even My smoke slut faggot is finally realizing that it isn’t all about him or his pleasure and there is so much more, the wicked more, as he follows his dreams I have granted to him.

While there are promising new puppets that have answered My summons and “found” themselves suddenly upon My website drawn by the touch of wicked, some of My other pets have been making more progress as well. Glenn (you remember him, don’t you, darlings, yes, he has came back as I said he would) has been a naughty boy, coming up with all kinds of perverted ways to masturbate while he’s waiting for his girlfriend’s little visit to come to an end.  Nothing is too kinky for this perverted soul and I’ll be updating soon on that too.

Of course I don’t want to leave out My Satanic Puppet who has been quite a disciple that makes My evil pleasure rise and ignite.  So much potential there with adultery and blaspheme and spreading of sin.  Mmm and I’m pleased with My new pretty camera he fetched for Me for better pictures and videos to seduce him, and all of you of course, even deeper into the Darkness and Sin.

And there are those who need to step up to the plate.

Patrick, the whore robot, oh what a feeble and depraved little soul he is.  Yes, darling, it’s time for your new directives, you need something to clear up the fog and confusion in your silly head.  All that fog and confusion stems from trying to think by yourself and that’s a lesson to all of you puppets as well.

My favorite pervert has been slacking as well.  Oh the hours and hours of masturbation and wickedness as I encourage his perversions and make him addicted to them more.  Yes, Craig, it’s time to wank to that nice MP3 I sent you that I recorded when I was having a conversation with one of your friends.

Now, My smoke slaves, who have been a disappointment to Me as of lately, have to really catch up in order to get back into My graces.  Trying to purify your lungs is not going to change the fact that you’re an addict.  So light up, call Me and stop fighting what is inevitable: you smoking constantly, you smoking packs and packs a day, you accepting your fate as a smoke slave.  Face it, you love the arousing effect of self-harm and that is never going to stop.

Well, darlings, I am going to get back to My “vacation”.  But I expect some wicked results when I get back in a few days!  Be wicked, be perverted, be mindless, go forth and sin for Me.

Be careful what you wish for

Be careful what you wish for

you just might get your wish

It doesn’t really matter how many times I give you the warning.  It matters not that I explain to you time and time again that once you’ve stepped into My world of Darkness, your life will never be the same.

Yet, you tempt the fate again and again.  Silly puppets, don’t you know that wishes are magic in their own right?  Don’t you have any idea that whatever desires you send out, they come back to you in new reality?  And you wish and wish still, begging Me to let those desperate desires of yours to be brought up to the surface and exploit them all.

Ahhh, but you think it’s all a fantasy and you feel safe in your own delusions.  Nothing will ever happen if you just think about your secret sinful little fantasies and masturbate to them.  Life is going to be as it always is, no changes will happen if you daydream about forbidden things.  And you, yes, you yourself, are going to be the same as you were when you first came to Me.

Wrong, darling!  Wrong on so many accounts.  And as another one of many puppets has recently realized this, he confessed to Me that he was thinking exactly that: it’s only a harmless fantasy.  Yet, now this smoking slut fag, after years of calling Me, is seeing how wrong he was in his thinking as he is on his way again to suck tranny cock and beg for even more humiliating things.   For years he’s been wishing I would turn him into a REAL faggot.  Well, darling, you just got your wish because now instead of fantasizing about it while you’re wearing your wife’s panties and lipstick and stealing her vibrator to explore those “forbidden pleasures” you’re now giving out smokey blowjobs on your knees like a queer that I’ve taught you to be.  Be careful what you wish for!  In the end, you just might get your wish.

I suppose I should explain it to you, darlings, why your thinking is so faulty and what happens when you fantasize and “wish” for something to “happen”.  That is what you do, isn’t it?  Thinking you’re just pretending and I’m roleplaying because you’re on the other end of the line putting the money into My account, paying Me to go along with whatever your dirty little mind finds arousing at the moment.  Oh and you are paying Me for My services, no doubt that, as you should; not because it’s the only way you can get your rocks off but because My services are a privilege and for that you must always pay.  But monetary advantages of this whole thing aside, you pay in other ways too.  Everything comes with a price.  Even your fantasies.

And what are fantasies but dreams, thoughts and wishes?  They are the perception of you and your desires.  But thinking that you are a pervert, you begin to believe it and act as one, according to your perception of perversion.  If you think you’re pathetic and weak, you begin acting as such because it shows through in your demeanor and people treat you the way you see yourself.

On the other hand, dreams are what propel you to achieve things in life.  Dreaming about buying your first car or house, getting a promotion, finding that right for you person, traveling to far away exotic places, climbing Mount Everest is another way of setting goals.  When you dream, you set goals, some realistic and some not, but goals never the less.  Fantasizing about how you would feel in that moment, imagining the taste of your success, achievement of something you’ve been yearning for so long is nothing short of wishing for that to happen.  And when it does happen, your fantasy, your daydream, your wish has come true.  That is the structure both accepted by science and magic to be of such and the theory is you are what you wish for and create.

Oh but you thought that your sexual fantasies are different from all those everyday normal dreams which are actually your life goals?  Well of course they are different!  Those are your deepest, darkest, secret wishes!  Wishes you do not dare voice out loud or even acknowledge of having after your orgasm.  Only they don’t go away, do they?  No matter how much you try to suppress them, you still keep wishing for some of those fantasies to come true.

Most won’t.  Just as any other wishes you may have.  There is a reason for that and I will save it for another post.  But, you may ask: then where is the danger and how can these supposedly harmless fantasies turn someone’s life into a whole new direction?

Quite simple: you are what you believe and someone with a power of manipulation to make you become that person. Someone like… Me.  It’s quite amazing what a human mind is capable of believing and implementing upon a suggestion.  By playing on your desires, your fantasies, I turn them into your wishes.  I bring color into your fantasies.  I push your buttons and pull your strings, knowing that the more pleasure you get out of thinking about it, the more you will crave to feel the real thing.  The more you would wish for it to be taken out of the realm of fantasy and to become a reality.  When that feeling occurs with your everyday daydreaming and life goals, that’s when you get up and try to do everything possible to achieve it – you make your dreams become a reality.  And I, as a true puppeteer, guide you to that point until what you wish for, what you’ve begged Me to turn you into, is your new reality.

There is another powerful ingredient in your dark hidden wishes coming true and it’s the power of sex magic.  Yet, as fascinating as that subject is, you are going to have to wait for enlightenment on it.  Until then, be careful what you wish for, your dreams just might come true. *Evil Grin*