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Newsletter 6/2/2015

Awww My poor naughty faggots, how you’ve been deprived of new mindfucks and after receiving numerous requests for some new assignments, I’ve devised hours and hours of degradation, emasculation and pure faggot bliss for you, darlings!

As you complete your assignments and listen to these absolutely deviant mindfucks, don’t forget to leave a feedback.  Niteflirt is having a promotion for the next 2 weeks where if you leave a feedback for a goodie bag, you will be entered into a drawing to receive $100 Niteflirt credit to spend on calls or more goodies!

Greedy Filthy Faggot Whore Assignments $3.50 each

From Straight To Cock Sucker Faggot in 3 Steps Mp3’s $20 each


3/21/2015 Newsletter

After moving My website to a different hosting I have lost a lot of video links for My PTVs.  Some of you have already noticed it and I wanted to warn the rest NOT to purchase any of the buttons unless you see it has an attachment.  Goodies are your best bet at this point and when in doubt, simply shoot Me an email with the title of the video button and I will let you know if it’s available.

Now that out of the way…  I have been able to ressurect a lot of videos in the last few days and all of them are scheduled to be in My goodies, few a day, over the course of the next 2 weeks.  For those of My impatient addicts who absolutely need a fix of their Queen, I’m including some of My favorites here so you don’t have to wait much longer.

Slave Training: Ass Worship Video

All About Lust Video

White Lingerie Tease Video

Sinful Seduction into Submission Video

Puppet to My Ass Video

Hypnotic Panty Trap Video

Pantyhose Worship Fall in Love Video


UPDATE 1/18 Newsletter

Ahhh yes, fetishes, fetishes!  And I have been quite in a mood lately for playing with different fetishes!  Oh what wicked fun it is to not only brainwash you but to toy with your fetishes on top of it!  These hot new videos have plenty of sexiness, wickedness and of course mindfucking in the style you love so much: Me being deviant and pulling your strings!

JOI Stroke it Hard puppet Video $16.69  sexy lingerie and heels and Me taunting you as I encourage you to masturbate.

My Jerkoff Puppet Video $18.99  Such a wicked idea of making you jerk off to only certain things.  Things that I want you to jerk off to.  For starters… to what I’m wearing and specific thoughts. 

Dirty Bra Fetish Video $13.69 Taunted about your dirty little secret of you having a fetish for sexy lacy bras.  Of course My luscious 38DD’s fill out that bra so nicely too…

Slave to My Legs and Feet Video $13.69  Stockings fetish? Legs, foot fetish? Serving as a slave fetish?  I think  covered them all in this one!

Sweater Fetish Video $11.99 Mmm soft and fuzzy sweater dress and your cock… What a lovely combination.

Tainted (Dark Smoking Fetish) Video $29.99  As always such a delight to talk about dirty things like sticky tar and all that smoke tainting something pristine.

And a very special treat for you puppets from Satan’s Queens:

Leaping over your foolish weaknesses $9.99 a lovely discussion between Myself and My Love and Partner in Crime Goddess Bella Donna about puppets and US playing a delightful game of Leap frog.


Black Friday nightmare is all behind you now and finally you’re able to get something for yourself.  Gotta love the holiday season with all the hoopla going on.  And isn’t it so gracious of your Queen to allow you those few moments when entire world just disappears because you have been summoned into My presence?  There, there, darlings, I know how desperately you need your escape.  Don’t wait now, plunge deep and forget about everything.  All that matters is that you’re…

A Puppet At My Feet $13.69 allowed to crawl to those precious Royal toes to worship, serve and please.

A Desperate Sinner Junkie Puppet $11.69 and need more sinister corruption where you are getting intoxicated and jerk off just like an addict upon My command.

Wickedly Teased into frenzy with My luscious breasts $16.69 awaiting My command that will allow you to stroke again.

Given a special Treat (only available here in this email) and chance to worship more of My volumptious 38DD’s with these 3 pictures $13.69

My Personal ATM $9.99 a walking wallet no less that I dip into whenever I desire.

Used and Tossed $50.00 because I took even the last $50 out of your wallet and now you’re absolutely useless to Me.



Countless souls have been devoured in My shimmering Black Widow’s Web (mmm such delicious prey I’ve caught over the years!) as I’ve seduced each one unto their doom.  As Veteran’s Day approaches, I thought I’d honor those who came before you, the heros in your eyes who braved the Wicked Web, the ones you envy as they have sacrificed themselves to a seductive dark Queen of Puppetry. 

This Black Widow Web Special contains videos, mp3’s and couple of My wicked picture game sets, all starting at $3.00 that were instrumental in some of those brave darlings who have attempted a conquest of My Web and were instead conquered by the Wicked Queen.  Will you be brave enough to take their place, My sweet? *EvilSmile*



Evil Spell to make you My Love slave


My pay puppet Video

you are My puppet Video

Needing My Control Video

Goddess Ass Worship

Easy Puppet MP3

Making you weak video

Cruel Intentions Game

Mindfuckery into Submission Video

Devoted… Stroke puppet


*Note to those who might be offended by the use/mentioning of Veteran’s Day in this mailing.  I give My own contributions to those who have sacrificed their lives and see them as the real heros of our society.  This mailing is in no way to minimize their sacrifice nor to capitalize on it and in no way compares to all they’ve done for the rest of us.

Hello My darlings!

I’ve decided to tun a special on My older videos since so many of you have been very good boys and of course to seduce new unwitting potential prey into My web (yes, I’m always being wicked and never stop corrupting), which is why I’m posting this as a sticky on the top of My blog. I will be adding more videos to this page as time permits and My computer cooperates instead of huffing and puffing because I’m uploading so much hotness and sin at once! I am being greedy for more corruption, your corruption, and I’m being rough on My poor little laptop but Darkness craves and Darkness gets what it wants.

Keep checking back for the videos or just visit My Goodies Page daily as I will be releasing at least 2 every day on both Sinfully Twisted and Queen of The Night.
Latest Additions August 17th.

I’m adding more and more older videos to My goodie bags at special prices. These videos range from pantyhose worhip to feminization and if you have missed them before, here is your chance to add them to your collection of seductive mind control.

Pantyhose Addiction $5 Smoking Sissy Fag $5 Black Pantyhose Worship $5

Dark Goddess Worship $7 Faggot Spell To Crave Cock $7

Dark Seduction $5 Goddess Worship $5 My Legs Control you $5

Puppet For Goddess Legs $5 Sinful Pantyhose Worship $5

Sexy Smoking $5 Smoking in Red Lingerie $5

Suntan Pantyhose Worship $5 Sinfully Sensual Pantyhose Domination $5



Added on August 14th.

Black Widow $7 Bewitching Legs $5 Exploiting you $7

Drawing you into My web $5 Confessions of a closet smoker $7

Follow Me $5 I own you puppet $7 Weak for pantyhose legs $5

Making you need Me $5 Weak for Goddess Ass $5

Mesmerized into Sin $7 Tease and Denial Breasts Worship $7

Paypiggie $5 Wicked Smoking Queen $5 You Need More Destruction $7

Suntan Pantyhose $5 Puppet for Goddess Legs $5 Goddess Worship $5

Sinful Pantyhose Worship $5 Smoking in Red Lingerie $5

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