Slave Training

Slave Training

and your blissful existence

Slave training is something most of you, My puppets, are now very familiar with as I have been brainwashing you senseless.  It does give you a sense of purpose, knowing that your life is in My wicked hands and I can mold and shape you in any which way I desire.

As a slave or a puppet, you learn the valuable lessons on how to be useful to Me, how to properly serve Me, how to please your Queen, and even how to become a better person.  Slave training is not just a sexual thing but a character building tool as well as a therapeutic one to help you cope with your life and release stress.

For years you’ve heard Me talk about giving in to your desires and enjoying that secret part of yourself that you keep hidden from the rest of the world.  There is nothing wrong with you embracing your inner slave and deriving all of the benefits of being a submissive.  No matter of fact, it’s one of the healthiest things you can do for your mental well-being.  Acting upon your needs even by fantasizing about it, without of course harming anyone, is natural and detrimental.  Besides, who’d want to live their life as a dried up prune always wondering and denying themselves something that is a very important part of them?

Evil Enchantress High Priestess Queen of The Night
Serve at Queen Luna’s Royal Feet

Being a slave to a beautiful, powerful and confident woman is what makes you… you!  Which is why once again I have released few slave training videos.  They are not only to indulge your ever present need for submission but to teach you how to properly please Me, your Queen.  As every Goddess might have different expectations, it is something you must learn: the specific ways you can be of service to the One you are currently serving or wish to serve.


These 3 videos can be enjoyed as a continuation of one another or individually.

As your Owner comes home Video $13.69

As My live-in slave, by now you know the routine and await eagerly for your Owner to come home so that you can exactly what you have been trained for: serve and take care of your Owner Queen.  Kneeling, with your head bowed in submission, you wait for that blissful moment when I sit down and allow you to caress My Royal feet.  After a long day in My leather heels, they’re tired, damp and achy and it’s your job to soothe them.
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Slave’s Devotion Video $13.69

Awaiting for your Owner’s return, you fantasize about that moment when My high heels come off and you’re allowed to show your devotion by taking care of My perfect Royal feet.  Trained to please your Queen, you’re a slave to My whims and desires but there is nothing better than feeling so useful and grateful when you’ve been bestowed such a privilege of worshiping My sexy feet at the end of the day.
#Slave training, #Foot worship, #close ups #foot slave, #Goddess worship

Slave’s Reward $20.00

Pleasing your Owner has become your most important task.  And of course, My slave is being such a good boy, he gets rewarded with a chance to worship My silky smooth panties.  I know you’ve been trying so hard to please your Queen, My sweet, no matter how emasculating or demanding some of the tasks given to you have been.  None of that matters anymore, as you are a completely submissive puppet now and only your Owner’s commands fulfill your life.
This video is a continuation of “Serving your Owner” and “Slave’s Devotion” but can be enjoyed independently as well.
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Candles burn

Flames dancing in a circle. Words to bind. To enclose. Web’s been spun, its silky strands envelop, hold you tight. As I cast My spell tonight, the flames dance… Heat waves. Lust flames. Round and round, they weave their magic, guided by My hand. Flames consume you and with them, dancing like marionette… There you are My pet. Heart beats faster to the rhythm of the candle’s flame dancing. Lust flames. Growing higher. Following around. Spun, red and gold. Feel My hold… And hunger grows…


This Full Moon is a powerful one and with that another spell’s been cast. Oh you wonder if it is indeed a spell that I put on you or if it’s you losing your mind at times, don’t you? Questioning and trying to figure out how you’ve ended up being My helpless puppet. My marionette. Is it something you’ve dreamed up? Is it real? Or was there a spell? Silly, puppet, spells are real but I don’t need one to capture you and have you bid to all My whims. I am Magic, I am Power. I’m your Queen. Casting spells is just another way to make you dangle helplessly while I toy with you.

And it seems I’ve added more playthings to My Royal Court of late. Yes, of course, I’m still amusing Myself with My darling jack and Sleepless in Seattle; first one growing more pathetic by the hour in his complete inability to control even the simplest needs, spending more time waiting for a crumb to be bestowed upon him than actually being able to think rationally at all. How amusing watching jack wiggle around for Me. Oh and Sleepless in Seattle, what a wonderful new journey is in store for him! Mmm corruption. I love corruption. I love adultery. I love addictions. Mmm I love SIN.

Misty bitch has been back on self-destruction course and with what force too! Hardcore drugs, whoring around, caring less and less about consequences and those in his life affected by it. Now that’s devious, isn’t? To encourage something so dark? Oh but how thrilling watching him keep spiraling out of control. He really is a dirty Misty whore.

Two sissies joined the stables recently. One in training, diligently following every assignment I’ve been sending out on Sissy Transformation from Sinfully Twisted on Niteflirt. I’ll devote a special entry with his progress, I believe, as we enter different degrees of sissification with him.

Newest yet, new pantie wearing puppet, begs to be taken over completely as realization of My power and will impacting his poor feeble mind has sunk in. Mmm how much fun would it be to expose him, wearing panties, masturbating into them while the others watch and him pleading with Me to allow him to be My dirty little slut? What a delicious thought…

Now, I know you’re shocked to see not one, but three! new blog entries suddenly pop up in a matter of days. I’m back to resuming classes again next week and you, puppets, did need something new to read. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to update again, but keep checking back. I know you’re there. Waiting… Craving… Mindless with need for even a mere word from Me, an indication that I know you’re here. Don’t worry, darling, I always know you are. But suffering and torment… they are so good for you! *EvilGrin*

I’ve decided to take a little break from My algebra and do something rare: update My blog again. TWICE in LESS THAN A WEEK! I know, it’s a shocker, but I suppose tearing Myself away from the fascinating logarithms and 3×3 systems is in order due to the overwhelming amount of emails from My puppets that were either elated or absolutely devastated about making it or being left unmentioned in My blog posts. I usually try not to make My posts too lengthy, therefore I don’t include a lot of details about the constant amusement you darlings go out of your way to provide Me with on daily basis. Oh but how My puppets start to trip over their own feet to be the ones to please Me the most and deserve My attention, even when it is just a mere crumb that I throw out at you, whether it is a personal response to your email, IM, or mentioning here, on My blog. Needless to say, that behaviour of yours, puppets, always leaves Me smiling like a Cheshire Cat. And why not, thought I to Myself amidst My ardent studying for tomorrow’s test, take a break and talk about some escapades and adventures in the Realm of My Wicked Web.
It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned twinkle star sammy, who made his appearance this past weekend after months of absence. Some things never change, and they do apply not only to him but to My other queer faggots and smoke sluts: once an addict, always an addict. And why not enjoy what comes naturally to you, isn’t it right, sammy? Being turned on by gay porn and harming yourself with cigarette smoke (in this instance at least) are those natural instincts that you try to deny yourself to no avail. Forbidden always becomes most arousing and just because it’s bad doesn’t mean it isn’t good – something I’ve been telling you, puppets, all these years. Losing control is exciting partly due to its fear factor, yet you keep spinning and falling deeper precisely because of it, just as My smoke slut faggot does every time he puts on his panties, lights up a cigarette while he’s wearing a nicotine patch, fucks himself with his wife’s vibrator, and becomes My pain slut, scared, but unable to resist My command of putting that cigarette out on his sissy fag cock.
And then there is a smoking sissy who dreams of being back under My spell as I chant in My native Russian tongue the curse to keep him weaker, yearning for the blissful ambiance of the creamy smoke rings floating above his head, and that delicious feel and look of feminine garments and make-up caressing him into oblivion as I coax him into wearing them. His girlfriend meanwhile is in the next room with her friend obvious to his cravings for My “sweet sadistic mesmerizing control”.
Oh but there are many more… Alas, it’s getting late and you, My darling pets, will have to wait another day (or week at the most I hope) to hear about others… Most wicked dreams, My darlings…
P.S. Sunday, the 17th. The Full Moon Sacrifice. It’s time to replenish your supplies, Sleepless in Seattle, and spill ambrosia of your energy into the flames of My candles so I may feast on it again.


What is the meaning of the word? My darling Jack not only looked up the definition but shared his thoughts as well.
“noun 1. the act of paying honor, as to a divine being; worship. 2. reverent homage. 3. fervent and devoted love.
Do these feelings seem familiar? Of course they do. Once you become enraptured of your Wicked Queen, you will find yourself in a constant state of adoration. Paying honor? you will be glad to pay and pay and pay just to honor Her. A divine being? She is “the one”, a divine being who will become your new religion and you will worship her without reservation. Reverent homage – you will find yourself always seeking new ways to pay homage to Her. New ways to please Her. You will revere Her above all others. Fervent and devoted love? This will be your reward for all of your devotion and adoration. That wonderful feeling of knowing that you love Her completely. the sweet feeling of being willing to do things so decadent and so evil – all the while knowing that it is alright – that bad is good. Your love and fervent adoration of Her will bring You the narcotic bliss of torture and torment – leaving you completely wasted and ruined at the end and eternally grateful for your damnation.”
Mmm isn’t Jack just a darling? But he does speak for so many of you. My puppy Robbie, oh how he loves to eat right from My elegant Royal hand while he wags his puppy tail at My feet, knows exactly how that feels, as he has fallen just as deep, who suffers just as the next puppet between the struggle of his feeble mind and his undying love, devotion, and adoration for Me. Mmm I love creating such a conflict, such sweet exquisite torment in your helpless souls…
And let’s not all forget My Sleepless in Seattle, and how much he burns (along with those candles I keep lighting as I seduce him deeper unto My wicked spell) after all these years still…
Ahhh My darling pets… your countless souls are stringed along the wicked web, My amusing playthings waiting your turn to pay your homage of adoration and devotion at My whim… Meanwhile I bask in the delight of knowing how I can pull your strings with a mere word, a look, and you come running offering Me all I might desire…

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Worship and Submit

Happy Monday!

It’s been a while… and you, My little addicts need a constant fix of My wickedness… 😉  If you didn’t get a chance to get these videos before, or you’re a recent addition to My Royal Stable of Puppets, they are half off for a limited time (because it is Monday and I’m feeling generous).  And of course, it is time to pay your fees and taxes again so make sure to click the appropriate one for you, or all if all apply to you.

Happy Lustful Sinful Monday, puppets!

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To jumpstart this competition

I’m introducing My newest series, something, being such a caring Queen of Her devoted subjects, I have came up with to help you deal with your addictions: The Lust Therapy.  These first 2 videos are especially focusing on Latex Addiction.

2 sets of Latex Dress and Boots to fuel you as well, puppets.

Let the wanking begin!

National Masturbation Month Wank-A-Thon

Mmm yessssss! It’s that time of the year again, puppets! May is the National Masturbation Month and although you perverts give in to your sinful desires all year round, this time you actually have an excuse to do it and encouragement to do it more to celebrate the occasion.
As I have done for the past three years, I will be running a Jack-A-Thon and the last wanker standing will be the one receiving the most awards. For those of you who are not familiar with My rules for this competition, they are simple:
Each call and purchase of 10 mins or $10 gets a free minute/picture. Spend 30 mins on the phone and get 3 minutes for your next call. Click and purchase 3-5 paid mails, it can be videos, mp3’s, or picture sets) and get 3 pictures. So on and on. The more you spend, the more often you call, the more rewards you get and I just might mention on My blog which ones of you received the most by being such devoted and good boys.
This time I will also extend My Royal generosity even further (another excuse for Me to condition you into becoming a helpless puppet) and allow 3 top wankers to have FREE VIDEOS. The First Wanker Runner-up will receive a 2 min video, Second Wanker Runner-up a 3 min video, and of course the 1st place winner, the Ultimate Masturbator, will receive a 5 min video.
This time I will also include Amazon gift card and purchases from My wishlist as I know how much you love to stroke while you’re picking out My gifts. So the more you buy there (and puppets, Summer is here and I want new sexy heels and whatever else sexy, breezy, deviantly seductive on that list) the more rewards you get with that as well.
I will be of course posting weekly updates to encourage and praise the ones participating, as well as instilling envy in those who don’t.
It doesn’t matter into which category of wanking you fall: you can be a t&d masturbator, a pain slut, a faggot, a smoke slave, a sinner, a pervert, so on and on and on. The more you exhibit a sinful behaviour of giving in to dark forbidden urges of your weak mindless souls throughout the month, the more rewarding it is. Evil, isn’t it? Corruption, corruption, and more thorough corruption haha. If you’re not an addict to masturbating and committing sinful acts in the name of My Darkness yet, you’ll be surely one by the time the month of May is over.
Here is something for you to start with, puppets. Some videos to mindfuck you and to stir you onto your path of blaspheme and downfall.
Cat and Mouse Video $11.69 Royal Tease Topless Worship Video $11.69 My wanker puppet Video $9.99

I will be making new videos during this month as well, as soon as My finals are over of course, so keep an eye on My blog and your Niteflirt email so you don’t miss a chance of becoming the top wanker.

Dark, Corruptive, and Deviant

I often talk about addictions and Darkness. It never fails to amaze Me how much the spirituality itself play its role in your imminent downfall. By becoming an addict, you give yourself over to the Darkness, you worship it, even without you being aware of it. As it is with all addictions, the rituals of an addict are similar to religious, it’s as if you worship that Divine being every time you get your fix.
Yes, worshiping Me is a Spiritual experience and an addiction as well. My wickedness and thirst for your corruption turn you into a feverish fanatic, constantly sprawling yourself in submission at My Altar of Darkness. I lead you to perversions you’ve only fantasized about before. I take you on the path that’s both thrilling and forbidden. By following your compulsion to serve and please Me, you give up all control and place yourself into My Evil hands.
My feminized, emasculated sissy faggots… you throw yourself with such abandonment into My rituals that gradually take away your manhood, dignity, and turn you into a bimbo slut.
My smoke slaves… you fill yourself with poison of the cigarettes and sweet venom of My words with both leaving you lightheaded, indulging in the evil euphoria of this dark addiction.
My pain sluts… Oh how sweet that torture is when you let go of all control and ache for My cruelty to take you to the Edge of Reason.
My intox sluts… Each hit, each drink, each step to the perversion and abandonment of all your senses while I use you for everything you are. Degrading to find yourself that helplessly addicted, isn’t it?
Oh and all the rest of you, My puppets, deeply in love, in lust, in a blank state of being, following mindlessly as I corrupt you with darkest seduction of your senses, getting deep into your mind until you no longer know which thoughts were yours originally and which ones were instilled in you by Me…

If you’re not on My customer list yet…

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Mmm how delicious the Darkness is where I take you with your secret yearnings and desires to submit.  So venomous, yet, you’re unable to resist and subject yourself to My corruption, conditioning, seduction of your will…  Until it all belongs to Me…

New videos, oh so wicked, you must watch over and over, My helpless puppets.

How do you wish you were that Black Rose that gets the privilege to glide against My sinful curves…  Driving you crazy in these 2 hot videos in My black&pink fishnet body stockings.

Sinful Seduction into Submission Video, $15.

Sinful Ass Worship Video, $13

I know you’ve always were drawn to My hypnotic hands, wishing to feel those compelling long dark shiny talons dug deep into your soul…

At the Mercy of My Evil Hands Video, $9.99

Something for My Royal Stable of Faggots as well.  More feminizing brainwashing and humiliation as well.

My Evil Cock Video $13

Sissy Crossdresser Training Video, $15

And something completely different, an MP3, oh how I enjoyed recording this one *EvilGrin*, for My pain sluts.

Pain Slut Slave MP3, $15

Mmm wicked, didn’t I tell you? 😉  Now be good boys for Me and get your weak silly heads filled with more of My conditioning!  Click, worship, serve.


The long awaited update! Last two weeks flew by so fast but of course I didn’t forget about you, My darling puppets. Well, first, let’s see who was in the top trying to please Me the week of specials… Jack, My helpless slave, without doubt, and two of My fags from My Royal Faggot Stable were the ones who got the most pics and mins, calling and clicking buttons the entire week. Few of others came close, as well as the new “poet”, whose poem I just might post here as well. All in all I was pleased with your efforts and competition, darlings. Mmm maybe I should start running these little competitions once every month as it is an amusing sight, watching you all scramble to see who can please Me the most. *WickedSmile*
In other news, I’ve been busy updating My Niteflirt listings and this website. It’s a gradual and slow process, considering that I’m spending more time away from My computer these days, but I thought it’s long overdue and I needed a change. I do get easily bored with same ole and here, I think, I’ve had My listings look the same for nearly 2 years! Definitely time for a change. New pics, new (or go back to the old, way back to the old) layout for easier navigation and etc etc.
I’ve also been quite busy making new mindfucking videos, some of them I already sent out and others are still in dire need to be edited. I’ve been on a faggot training and smoking trend lately which is why your inbox has been flooded with sissy video assignments, but don’t worry, My darlings, those of you that are not into feminization will have a chance to worship as well!
I did make a different kind of video actually, being in the mood for something cruel yet oh so seductive… Watch it as you ask yourself, just how much you’d love to suffer at My sexy hands and My long dark shiny nails…