Jiggle your buns and dance!

Jiggle your buns and dance!

Be happy!

I don’t often  put on funny videos address here on My blog specifically, but after seeing this one I thought I’d remind My puppets, and especially all sissies, to stop being as serious as they have been lately and take an example from someone happily dancing just because.   Just look at this guy (hmmm I wonder if he’s one of My callers…) and how happy he is dancing in shiny panties!  This could be you, you know, happily unwinding with a little bit of “jiggle your buns and dance” attitude. 😉


Doesn’t he make you envy him the ability to just be himself?

Whether you are a sissy or not, I have to say, there is nothing like but being yourself.  Even if you love to dance in a hot magenta shiny panties.

This is the time of the year when everyone forgets to have fun and runs around in chaos getting swamped and swallowed by the holiday rush and they miss out on the holiday spirit feeling, being too busy to do anything but get stressed more.  I say, stop what you’re doing and jiggle your buns and dance for few minutes!  Yes, sissies can put on their panties and dance to the wonderful feeling of being the feminized bimbos.  And puppets can skip the panties and stay in your boxers, or briefs, or boxer briefs (hopefully the festive ones since it’s holiday season!) and spend few moments being lost in the movement and joy of being who you are.  Celebrate with a dance (and get a little bit of cardio while you’re at it) and remember holidays are not just about presents, it’s about celebrating life and love.

So here is a command from your Queen to make sure you don’t forget to have some fun during this stressful time and I expect you to obey it, puppets!  Hehe and who cares how silly you look, just let yourself go, the same way you let go for Me, and enjoy yourself!

A little bit of help

A little bit of help

goes a long way

If you are one of My Niteflirt customers, chances are you have received an unusual email from Me today.  It is not a spam, or scam, or Me losing My ever-loving mind.   And yes, I am asking for your help.

For those of you just now coming into this subject on chances you didn’t read My email or not on My customer list, here is the email I sent:

As many of you know, I’m currently attending college and studying psychology.  Today I need your help completing a very important project that will be My ticket into a University of My choice.  A Professor of Mine is allowing Me to conduct a research.  The nature of it is right up My alley and very familiar to you. 😉  I thought, who could be better suited for this then My darlings!  I know how much you enjoy pleasing Me and this is something extremely important to Me so every complited survey would be greatly appreciated.

There will be NO personal information collected and this survey is completely ANONYMOUS. 

I will not be going over the individual submitted surveys unless you ask Me specifically to look at yours and use the information you provide (such as “does fantasy help you achieve/maintain erection” etc) in order to enhance your experience with Me over the phone/ptv’s. 

I am attaching 2 word documents, one is a consent form and the other a surveyBoth have to be sent back to Me filled out (consent form only requires you to check the box that you’ve read and understood what the survey is about and that it is confidential).  You can send them back to Me here on Niteflirt.

I very much need your help with this and, of course, will not be sending new surveys out every week (maybe once every couple years *wink*).  I cannot stress enough how important this project is for Me and those of you who have been following Me for years know that I generally do not ask for help or spam My customer list with frivolious emails.  Completing this survey and returning it to Me will mean a great deal and put a smile on My face.  And who wouldn’t want to make their Queen smile. 😉

Thank you!

Queen Luna

For those of you who wish to participate, simply download these 2 files, fill them out and send them back to Me either on Niteflirt or to evilqueenluna@yahoo.com


Informed Consent – Survey


Now, why is this so important to Me?  I don’t speak often of My personal achievements, at least not on My blog or even with most of the people I know.   The truth is that while My personal friends, especially My lovely Hell Sister, insist that I shouldn’t hide from the world those things that I’ve fought tooth and nail to achieve, doesn’t mean I’m not proud or don’t feel the need to boast about them.  In all honesty, I keep it mostly downplayed because I don’t want it to go to My own head.  I think I’m arrogant enough without the added sunshine.  So I don’t brag about every test aced or newest hurdle overcame in My life because I’m so smart, prudent, diligent, goal-oriented, stubborn  lalalala.  Neither do I ask for help.

This research is the exception to My rule of not asking for help.  I could have easily paid the surveymonkey or settle on badgering every doctor’s office in town to allow Me to leave those surveys there for their patients to fill out (which I’m doing too and persistent enough to come back again and again until I get results) but I wanted to use every resource imaginable.  My callers fit right into the category that’s absolutely perfect for this type of research since the nature of My business is after all Phone Sex!  And this survey is what My professor calls a “groundbreaking research” of sexual functioning.

Honestly, when I approached him after one of My classes to ask how much it would affect My admission to a University I have in mind ( a very preppy school that doesn’t just admit you because you have a high GPA) the last thing I expected was for him to say “make an appointment, I have some research if you want to get it done.”  Before I knew it, I was sitting in his office with another student, listening to him explain 2 specific researches he was looking to finish and using terms I’ve never heard of before.  My biggest fear while I sat there trying to figure what language he was speaking was that he’ll see Me gawking and will just yank those papers right out of My hands and tell Me: “go home, little girl, come back when you can play with the cool kids by speaking the slang.”  Haha I know, it’s hard to imagine your always cool and calm Queen feeling something like this.

But I did and I was glad when the research was still a go and I was going to be a part of it.  It excites Me to search for answers and to be on a brink of a very important discovery in the field I absolutely love.  Psychology is the most fascinating subject to Me and that’s why it is so important that I get the results which would be My springboard, so to speak, into a career I’ve always dreamed of.    But that’s something I can’t do without help.

If you haven’t yet, please consider and fill this survey out, for this would be a gigantic leap for Me in My pursuits academically and personally.

Holiday rush

Holiday rush

Has everyone running around as if suddenly the lives depend on the right gift, the right sweater and the right turkey stuffing.  Ahhh you can smell it in the air… that lovely holiday rush.  Cars honking, fumes from exhausts, fresh cut spruce, perfume and cologne of thousands rushing people.  Jingle bells at the front of the stores and busy gift wrapping counters inside them.  It’s the craziest time of the year!  And I’ve been caught up in it this year up to My ears.

My semester is now a distant memory with an entire month of break until I get to click My sexy heels to the next set of classes but so are My plans on relaxing here, making some new videos there, relaxing some more, sleep in late, have all day to Myself, take calls, lalala.

Yep.  That was the plan alright.  And the holidays had their own idea this year with family visiting, friends insisting on showing Me the new shopping/stomping grounds they’ve discovered and nothing but running around in between.  I’m about ready to plop down and tell the holidays to take a hike.

The great news of course is that while I’ve been on all these expeditions to shop for presents I picked up some sexy things for Me as well.  My usual motto shopping for presents is: one for you, four for Me.  With My puppy and good boys taking care of Me while I’m spending time with My Mom and Grandmother from Russia visiting I can still stick to that motto and indulge in the extra gifts to Myself.

Of course that means that the first moment I get to My camera these pretty, sexy things will be used on you, against you, playing on your weaknesses and downfalls to watch you stumble at My feet (in so many sexy new heels I also added to My collection).  After all, I do love seeing speechless, mindless puppets spinning out of control and begging Me to pull their strings because they no longer able to think on their own.

Now boys, wish your Queen Happy Holidays (it’s not too late yet to send Me something from My Amazon wishlist) and look forward to dancing on My web strings like the marionettes that you are.  Click on these tribute buttons or simply send a different amount from My NiteFlirt Listing.



Long-term relationship

Long-term relationship

with your Phone sex Mistress

and quality vs quantity

Before you begin to deny and laugh at the concept of  you having an ongoing long-term relationship with your phone sex Mistress, Goddess, Queen or however she expects to be addressed by you, you might want to pause and consider it as a fact.  Many don’t view their daily, weekly and even monthly calls as a long-term relationship because it’s simply not a face-to-face interaction in the real world.  Yet, contrarily to the idea of indulging in your fantasies for purely sexual relief, and this might sneak up on you as a surprise, you are having a real relationship, some with one and others with few regularly called by you Mistresses.

Before I get into the differences of long-term relationships and whoring around, quantity, quality, quickies and saving a buck, let’s talk about this “relationship” stuff.

It may come to you as a shock or might be a logical thought that you are indeed interacting and participating in a social ritual called relationship with a woman you have never met beyond the monetary exchange for sexual gratification.  If you’ve been calling long enough, and I would say a period of few months and/or going to years, then you are engaging in something more than calling your favorite Flirt who can get you off the best; you’re becoming emotionally attached.  Just as if you were dating in a real world, when you call around you’re looking for someone compatible to you and your needs and once you’ve established the right connection you continue to call that one Mistress/Goddess/Queen etc because those needs are being met, cultivated and nurtured progressively throughout continued interchange.  There is a certain degree of intimacy, trust and reliance as well as affection involved as the main components and dynamics of this union just as they are in a face-to-face long-term relationship.  Most often small talk, or pillow talk if you prefer it, is involved which leads to getting to know each other and enhancing the experience, strengthening the connection.  Communication about mutual desires (you learning how to please your Mistress and voicing your fantasies or hard limits are considered as communication in this instance as well as a prime example) shape the relationship and add strength to it over a period of time just as it does when you communicate to your significant other in the real world your hopes and aspirations for your life as a couple.  Overall this type of conjunction is no different than any others you have in your life beyond phone sex.

Looking at it from that point of view might scare some of you because you seek out phone sex for SEX not a RELATIONSHIP!  Yet, looking from a different side you’ll notice that those two go hand in hand constantly!  Shocker, isn’t it?  Of course you can have casual sex with no strings attached but what do you really seek unless you really are once of those people unable to commit and form attachments throughout their lifespan?  A long-term relationship.  It has by far a lot more advantages than a quick tousle in the sheets in some cheap motel with a different person every weekend.

Meeting of your needs?  Mutual enjoyment?  Affection?  Special treatment?  Intimacy and trust?  Yes, all of the above!  Only it gets even better because in your real world it’s either difficult to find someone who understands your kinks and fetishes or impossible to confide in your wife/girlfriend for fear of being seen as a pervert, sicko, mentally ill or some other dumb reason that falls into this category.  Truthfully, even though the sexual revolution of 60’s and 70’s has changed the way we as a society look at sex, people are still afraid of anything that would fall beyond doing it the in the dark in the missionary position and maybe sometimes doggy style sex at best.

Most of My regulars, puppets, puppies, slaves and sluts, that have been calling Me for a while will recognize the above descriptions as well as agree that as time progresses and the more we get to know each other, the deeper our connection and bond.  Of course there is a bond, darlings, as well as mutual caring.  As My puppets know, their Queen is happiest when My needs are taken care of and I know a well cared for puppet is a happy and devoted puppet.  It’s a two-way street, a relationship where both parties must put in an effort in order for it to prosper.

Now let’s look at quickies, hopping (or whoring around) and saving a buck.  Many are under the false impression that calling tons and tons of different PSOs and/or calling cheaper rates will give them a better “rounded off” experience.  Sure, a cheaper rate means you can talk longer or more frequently but in most cases you get pretty much what you pay for: a cheap talk.  Well, that is if you even get the same girl on the same line.   Then we revert to the same principle of a quick tousle in a cheap motel.  Wham, bang and not even a thank you Ma`am.   No delicate touches perfected over time that make you feel even remotely special or even worth remembering as you are just another quick buck at the end of the day.  No personal connection, just a coupon once in a while to hop on the express lane of “get on, get off, get out”.  Part of a routine day, just like any other day on a conveyer belt of life in your vanilla and phone sex worlds.  Another brief, meaningless, empty, and soon forgotten experience by both you and the countless PSOs that you picked just because they were available and you needed to get off.

And that’s alright in the busy scheme of life.  We all have things to take care, work to do, families to take care of.  And it’s our right to live a monotonous life.  But then again,  you are just as much of a human being as the next person and, humans being social creatures, you find yourself craving to be accepted, be someone worth being remembered, understood and desperately in need of some form of affection, even if it comes in between of spanking or in form of delicious torment on your physical and mental senses.  Then, at the very end, and probably the most important ingredient, you want to share yourself with another human being.  Experiences, fantasies, hopes, dreams, opinions…  Sex is a major part of life but it does come with strings attached, emotional needs strings, and unless you live on Inis Beag Island or you are a socio/psychopath you’re going to spend your entire life being pulled by those strings.  Sorry, darlings, but that’s just the way it is and there is no escape from it.

To wrap it up, this isn’t about being monogamous at all.  It’s quantity vs quality and what is most beneficial to you.  Yes, another shocker.  I am a Queen and it should be ALL about ME, yet what kind of Queendom would one have if the subjects are unhappy and uneducated in finer things?  They’ll be not more but livestock and who would miss a sheep now and again, they’re only sheep.

Don’t be a sheep, darling, and go, make connection, work on that bond with your Mistress, Goddess, Queen, the one who knows you, your needs, your secrets and doesn’t judge you in the least.  The one who’ll cultivate you to become somebody that deep down inside you wish to be.  They’re always benefits to reap from a relationship. *WickedGrin*
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$5 and $7 Video Specials

Hello My darlings!

I’ve decided to tun a special on My older videos since so many of you have been very good boys and of course to seduce new unwitting potential prey into My web (yes, I’m always being wicked and never stop corrupting), which is why I’m posting this as a sticky on the top of My blog.  I will be adding more videos to this page as time permits and My computer cooperates instead of huffing and puffing because I’m uploading so much hotness and sin at once!  I am being greedy for more corruption, your corruption, and I’m being rough on My poor little laptop but Darkness craves and Darkness gets what it wants.

Keep checking back for the videos or just visit My Goodies Page daily as I will be releasing at least 2 every day on both Sinfully Twisted and Queen of The Night.
Latest Additions August 17th.

I’m adding more and more older videos to My goodie bags at special prices.  These videos range from pantyhose worhip to feminization and if you have missed them before, here is your chance to add them to your collection of seductive mind control.

Pantyhose Addiction $5     Smoking Sissy Fag $5     Black Pantyhose Worship $5


Dark Goddess Worship $7                                   Faggot Spell To Crave Cock $7


Dark Seduction $5             Goddess Worship $5      My Legs Control you $5


Puppet For Goddess Legs $5                                Sinful Pantyhose Worship $5


Sexy Smoking $5                                                 Smoking in Red Lingerie $5


Suntan Pantyhose Worship $5                             Sinfully Sensual Pantyhose Domination $5




Added on August 14th.

Black Widow $7      Bewitching Legs $5      Exploiting you $7

Drawing you into My web $5        Confessions of a closet smoker $7


Follow Me $5          I own you puppet $7    Weak for pantyhose legs $5

Making you need Me $5               Weak for Goddess Ass $5


Mesmerized into Sin $7                Tease and Denial Breasts Worship $7


Paypiggie $5                     Wicked Smoking Queen $5    You Need More Destruction $7


Suntan Pantyhose $5      Puppet for Goddess Legs $5 Goddess Worship $5

Sinful Pantyhose Worship $5         Smoking in Red Lingerie $5

A quick update

By now I was supposed to be on the way home.  But… as such things happen, and lately they happen a lot, there has been a change of plans.  Family emergency has put off the time of My return by several days.  If all goes well, I should be home by Sunday night and back to the regularly scheduled brainwashing programing.

Since I know some of you become utterly confused and lost and others unruly and wild without regular doses of the said brainwashing, I’ll be signing in here and there (mostly at night) for few hours and, depending on My internet availability, sending out some mind bending mp3s and videos to prevent such devastating effects of My absence.  Don’t worry, My darlings, even when I am away, I am still in your head and My wicked web is still pulling your strings.

Regarding My Birthday, and what a marvelous affair that was, I can’t wait to get home to open all of My presents and to see which of My good boys have outdone themselves this year with both gifts and tributes on Niteflirt.  I am very pleased with My puppets’ efforts and I thank you all for your warm well wishes.




Mmm back and wicked as ever

Yes, darlings, your Evil Queen of Dark Puppetry has returned from the vacation and resumed the wicked corruption from My Throne of Darkness. The evil goodies are already being made available for your continuous path of downfall and self-destruction. Yes, I have been quite busy now that I have rested after My week long trip. My mom was quite surprised and is doing much better, which of course put Me in a much more pleasant mood as well, and all of you puppets that have contributed to My trip to see her have been very good boys for Me. I am pleased with your efforts and well wishes.
Now that I am back and can finally enjoy My summer break from tedious hours of lectures and grueling days and nights of studying for tests, I can devote more time to My favorite things: corrupting and brainwashing My puppets. It is still going to take Me a little while to have everything organized but little by little I will be adding and changing things on My Niteflirt pages to make it easier to find your way around My wicked web.

Of course Me being busy doesn’t mean just taking calls from My puppets whose ardent devotion is always a pleasant part of My days.  Oh how I do enjoy molding you puppets into something barely resembling the old you, but I will write more about this in My next post.  This one is just a quick update, as I know many of you eagerly anticipate.

What has been going on in My wicked Queendom lately?

As always, jack has been sinking lower and lower into depravity and it has been such an amusing time watching him spin and follow all kinds of suggestions I’ve been putting into his feeble little mind.

My puppy robbie has been quite busy working hard to fetch Me presents from My wishlist as well as calling for more guidance unto complete submission.

Ugh, somehow I keep missing calls from My whore patrick but finally that greedy little cock sucker had gotten through and now I’m expecting the video links of his sinful acts to expose this programmed to serve cock faggot all over the internet.

I have also been having a lot of fun conversations with My Hell Sister Satanic Goddess which we have recorded for your listening pleasure.  Some of you might faint from humiliation dished out in these mp3s but we all know that some of you would just love to be the flies on the walls and know just what two Evil Goddesses think about you.

Look for My newsletter in your Niteflirt inbox with some of those wicked discussions as well as My newest videos and mindfucking mp3s this weekend!


A slave’s confession

I thought I’d share My puppet jack’s entry from a blog he has been keeping for Me.  Oh how lovely it is to have such a reminder for the rest of you puppets of My wickedness and ability to twist you around My little Royal finger.  Enjoy, My darlings!

So there i am on a call with my Evil Queen Luna. She’s teasing and pleasing me. Taking me to the edge and back. i’m whimpering like a little puppy, so eager to please Her. Somehow, we are talking about me sucking a cock. “But my Evil Goddess,”
I plead; I’m not a faggot. I’m not sucking some guy’s cock.”   “But darling, you want to be a good boy for Me don’t you? She whispers. “I know you would do anything for Me, wouldn’t you?” She asked.

Helpless to resist, i said of course i would. “So, maybe if we twisted it around even a little more and you got to suck a cock while looking up at a pretty face and some big boobs, wouldn’t you like that?” She asked.   Mm mm, i thought, if it would please my Queen, i guess i could do that. So, i gave in.



It didn’t take long, with Her words buzzing in my head, to arrange for a date with a she-male escort. Of course, one of my Queen’s conditions of servitude was that i had to wear my dog collar while sucking cock. My date was a little confused that i wanted to wear the collar but that i did not want her to dominate me. i already had someone to dominate me – to own me completely.


All in all, it turned out to be a pleasant experience. She was a good kisser and very beautiful. And it was made even more exciting to think of my Sinfully Twisted Mistress sitting on Her cushion in front of her ensnaring web with an evil smirk on Her face. What have i become – mindless, helpless to resist Her every dark desire. But i have to admit that when my ‘date’s’ cock began to grow and harden in my mouth i lost sight of thinking about how pleased my Evil Enchantress would be and i became totally caught up in the thrill of the moment.


“I’m going to cum,” ‘she’ moaned.   But i couldn’t let go of my prize – i wanted it all. And i got it!! … as she shot her load into my eager mouth and i greedily swallowed it down.



So, now i have sunk to another new low in my depraved state. When i admitted to my evil Goddess that i really did enjoy sucking that cock and that i guessed that i had become a faggot after all, She told me that i really wasn’t really a faggot until i took it in the other hole.   Is there any end to how far this beguiling witch will take one down into sin and depravity? If you are afraid of the answer to that question, take warning from my condition and don’t go there.


Once She has a chance to work Her dark magik on you – there is no going back. That’s the bad news.   The good news is that like me, you may find a perverted type of happiness and contentment like no other.   Or you may burn in hell!!!



As I’m getting ready

For My finals, so many of you My pets have been extremely patient and showing your devotion and support in many ways. Those of you that have been spending the last few weeks making sure that I never lack for anything: the amusing breaks, words of encouragement, calls and tributes, should be expecting something special in your inbox middle of next week. The next 3 days are going to be impossible with My first exam tomorrow and 2 more on Thursday. But the most challenging time ahead for Me will be this upcoming weekend. My mother has suffered a stroke last night and, while the doctor’s are optimistic that she will be alright, I thought it would be a good idea to take a trip and surprise her with My visit. I Mother’s Day present she doesn’t expect and hopefully would speed up her recovery. And since I know how much My dear pets crave to please Me, I know you would love an opportunity to show your support to Me. I have made up several ptv buttons, from the smallest token of appreciation and devotion to a chance to pay for My entire trip. Each includes a sexy thank you picture ot two 😉
Buy Me coffee $5
Buy Me lunch $10
Buy Me dinner $25
Pay for My gas $50
Pay for My hotel $100
Pay for My entire trip $500

Since I have decided to drive up north which will take 16 hrs each way, I will be able to still take calls, granted I have decent reception. Unfortunately, that postpones My other plans for this weekend of making new videos that I know My puppets have been greatly anticipating. However, I might have the chance to edit several of the ones I’ve taken in the past few weeks when I take a break on the road and I check into a hotel. Meanwhile, Niteflirt is having May Madness contest and you can help Me win the $500 prize by buying as many goodie bags from My goodies page. The first contest ends on the 15th and second is from 16-31st of May. By that time I will be able to add a lot more of goodies, some of the older ones you might have missed and of course the newer things. Get to clicking, boys, and pleasing your Queen as you always do!

Crunch time

Ahh it’s time for your wickedly generous with dark mindfucking Queen of puppetry to hit the study and put in some overtime. What does that mean to My helpless puppies and puppets? Simply that I will be quite busy getting ready for My finals and might not be available as much to mess with your feeble little heads. Of course, I’m still going to be here and checking My emails often as well as still being able to reach on yahoo messenger. It might take Me longer to respond but I do have 2 essays to write and 3 tests to prepare for in the short 2 weeks. The great news is that I will be taking the Summer off so I will be having plenty of time to work on a lot of conditioning and transformation material.

I’m going to try not to make this post as lengthy and serious as the last few ones and give some updates on the going ons in My Evil Realm. First, I want to remind everyone who decided to get offended that I am an Evil Queen, a Satanic Witch, and religious fetish, blaspheme and everything that comes with it is a part of who I am and what I do. If you have missed that part reading My profile page on Niteflirt, well, darling, that is on you and simply move on. Blaspheme is no different than mocking someone that gave up his masculinity for the sake of the thrill at the glory holes. Let’s not be hypocrites here; even a simple call to a cam flirt or one with a request to play out a fantasy of some sorts is a SIN. Isn’t that what your precious society has taught you? Now you lust for something forbidden, something NOT socially accepted. No matter how you look at it, you COVET SIN.

Coming to Me you must accept that I am who I am. Behind that sweet, soft spoken, gentle Lady is a sadistic masochist. At times I do get enjoyment out of your physical suffering but mental anguish is no less sadistic then you being hog tied, bull-whipped and having your balls stretched with weights until you beg for mercy. I just prefer to twist you with all your weaknesses and perversions by getting into your head and playing with your emotions. That to Me is the ultimate torment and one I find the most arousing by far.

Now enough with the serious stuff; you as My puppets already know just how much I can twist your mind into loving the dark. Religious fetish is not for everyone, but then again falling prey to an Evil Enchantress is not something most would anticipate either. Those who have no longer can function without My web containing all those dark hidden desires they have and now live for My pleasure as the source of their own contentment. All that matters is that you are allowed to crawl to My feet and to place yourself at My whim and will like a good boy.

I’ve had several good boys showing Me their complete and undying devotion, especially as I am now getting busier and busier with school. My puppy robbie has been such a good boy fetching Me new Summer dresses and heels and trying to work harder so he can take care of his gracious Queen. My darling jack isn’t far behind with a sexy white dress and a nun habit for some new wicked blasphemy videos. He has also started his own blog to relate his life as My devoted pet; some of you reading it might see just how his downfall resembles yours and what you can look forward to as I take you on a wonderful journey of sin. It’s an especially good read for the couple new prospective Satanic puppets that I have decided to take on and of course we’ll see just how far they would go to indulge the Darkness that I call My own.

Now I’m back to the fascinating world of studying but not before leaving you with another sinful image of your Queen.

evil awaits to addict you
evil awaits to addict you