Yes, I did it again!

Yes, I did it again!

Out with the old, in with the New!

Yup, you came on My website, hoping to get your everyday much needed glimpse of your Queen, read My musings as you hang on to every word I pen with abated breath, devour My shared thoughts, opinions and generous teachings… only to find out that I did it again: took it all away!!!

Oh don’t worry, puppets, I am not punishing you, although some of you do deserve that and not in the way you would enjoy it either; I am simply switching the hosting once again which has resulted in My Evil Realm disappearing suddenly from your screens and reappearing looking blank.  Since I did it again, I figured I’ll import some of the latest files so you can have at least something to read (ever the generous Queen) while I work on the fresh new look.

Of course, things couldn’t go smooth for Me with the transfer once again which is why there is going to be a fresh new look.  And some of you will be compensating for the headaches and trouble I’m going through just to make sure you don’t feel lost without My Wicked Realm to guide you in between O/our sessions.

Well there is your update, stay tuned, be patient, tribute often and try to remain a good boy for Me while I’m busy with this unpleasant task of fiddling with all this technological (insert your choice of curse word)… stuff.

On the road again

On the road again

Oh boy, those words.  On the road again.  Yup, traveling and making you poor puppets suffer in My absence.

It’s bad enough I haven’t been available much last few weeks but now it will be several days where I might not even be online at night for you to lay your devotion at My feet and bask in whatever crumbs thrown your way.

Summer has begun and if you’ve been around for the past 3 years, you know that I’m on the road again visiting family this month and next.  Added to that the move of two households and it doesn’t leave much time for mindfucking your poor feeble brains.

Nevertheless, I am here when in between My trips.  Some days I will be also taking calls when I’m on the road again and you may keep Me company as you entertain your Queen on those long stretches of amazing scenery.  The rest of you may contribute to My expenses as I allow you such privilege each time I go on My trips.  I know how important it is to you, My darlings, to take care of your Queen and feel so useful to Me on daily basis.  This is what you live for and Me giving you an opportunity to serve always makes those puppy tails wag faster and more enthusiastically.

I won’t be flooding your inboxes too much with new goodies the next couple of weeks as I have been extremely busy with packing things up and taking care of all those pesky but necessary details of the move and haven’t had any chances to film or record.  No matter of fact I still have several I haven’t edited from the last couple of shoots and I might find some time while I’m in between the cities to get those done and sent out.  If not, it is about that time of the year when I go through My old clips and send them out to My list at a lower price so you might want to keep an eye on those.

For now I will leave you with the buttons to click for My trip and will get ready to get on with the next journey of My life.
Buy Me coffee $5
Buy Me lunch $10
Buy Me dinner $25
Pay for My gas $50
Pay for My hotel $100
Pay for My entire trip $500

Your Pass Into Hell Is Being REVOKED!

Your Pass Into Hell Is Being Revoked!

and you call yourself wankers

Pfftt!  Here is the second week of May, yes, the NATIONAL MASTURBATION MONTH, and what do I see?  Or more like what don’t I see?  Wanking!!!  All of you self-proclaimed sinners, pay attention: your pass into Hell is being REVOKED!  That’s right.  No wanking, no Gates of Hell.

I thought I trained you better than that?!  And it’s not like you haven’t had enough chances or plenty of variety.  I am thoroughly disappointed at the lack of competitive spirit here too.  One would think you wankers would jump at the chance to outdo My previous winners and yearly title holders to claim it all for yourself.  But no…  I barely see any new contestants stroking their way into the eternal ecstasy and lust.

Alright, I’ll give credit where credit is due.  Sinner Puppet, puppy and few subbies (poor jack can only do so much at this point but even he’s trying!) have been staying on top of the game and collecting their codes too, I should add.  Even 2 of My Royal faggots have been joining in with some extra degrading assignments they’ve been completing for Me.  Faggots!  Yes, those queer, cock depraved faggots!  Seriously?  Are you going to let those limp-wristed nasty whores out do you???  Even the humiliation junkie and losers have been doing better than you, regular wankers and sinners.

But the ones I’m really disappointed in are the smokers.  Seven lovely assignments to help you get into your own special Hell and you’re waiting on what?  Oxygen?  There isn’t any for the likes of you.  Or did you all suddenly wimp out and quit smoking?  So much for being the dark fetishists.  And yes, your pass into Hell is being revoked as well since you’re too lazy to get your lungs all black and dirty.

Oh well, more hottness for the ones who have been My good wankers and proper sinners.  And they get to reap all the rewards as well.

Now it’s back to studying for Me, I do have finals on Monday, and I am expecting to see some improvements here!  I did send out a very special Spell Video, get it, wank to it or I am going to start revoking all your future Hell privileges.



Let the wanking begin!

Let the wanking begin!

Mmm can you feel the sizzle in the air that’s travelling right down to your cock?  It’s all the heat and intensity of upcoming wanking that I forsee in your future, darling!

Yep, if you haven’t read it yet in My blog, I have a great news for you.  I’m brringing back My Annual Jackathon since May is the National Masturbation Month and you, My puppets, are all being summoned for some very hot wanking.

Rules of the Jackathon:

Puppets jerk off, puppets wank, puppets stroke, puppets rub-a-dub, puppets… well you get the idea.  The point is, you do all your stroking upon My command and there will be a LOT of command and demand on MY side to have you wank/jack/stroke. 

Now that in itself is such a hot perogative, isn’t it, My darling chronic masturbators?  But wait, there is more!!!  We can’t have the Jackathon without some kind of competitions!!!  Mmm and there will be plenty of Challenges for you throughout this entire month.

Oh and of course there will be prizes although this year I’m not keeping a score (yes, you still will get a mention on My blog if you’re the Last Wanker Standing) but instead I’m going to do something like a… Treasure Hunt!  All throughout the month I will be sending out some hot, sexy, seductive, manipulative, brainwashing wanking material and I will be choosing the random ptvs/goodies to include specific codes that you have until May 31 to turn in for your freebies.

Yes, I said freebies!  Here is how it works.  I might add a code on a picture attached, or simply write inside the PTV “here is your code”, or caption a video with a code (closer to credits, don’t worry).  Once you’ve located the code, you can write to Me and get your freebie. These will include: 2 letter codes are 2 free minutes, 3 letter code is a hot picture, 4 letter code is a 5 min mp3 (personilized or choose from My existing that you don’t have yet), 5 letter code is a 3 minute video (same as mp3).  And there is no limit on how many of these you can collect throughout the month.

Ok, enough reading and let the wanking begin!  Ready for your first Challenge?
This 7 Day Masturbation Challenge is not for the faint hearted and involves lots of lube and even more stroking! Each mp3 will guide you through countless moments of JOI.

Day 1 $8

For the rest who are not up for a challenge, check out My newest videos

Impotent Loser Therapy $25

Sissy Pantyhose Assignment $24.99


New Training Videos and more wicked goodness!

It’s been a while since I’ve put together a newsletter with so much delicious wickedness and training in one spot!  This one has something for faggots, sissies and smoking bimbos as well.

Starting with this new assignment for My faggots and sissies alike since both must learn that

your mouth is just a fuckhole! $7 written task that will keep your mouth busy for hours doing exactly what its purpose is intended for.

Continuing on with spelling out what is expected besides duties of fluffing in this new video A Cuckold’s Purpose $12.

Moving on to such sweetly delivered truth to you confused ‘wanna be real men” that will leave you convinced you’ve been always a faggot $12 in this captivating video.

And finishing off by brainwashing you into becoming a Smoking sissy bimbo by putting you into a deep trance and instilling cravings in you for smoking, wearing pantyhose and make up.  Mp3 version $19.99 and Video version $25.

Oh but there is even more brainwashing for you darlings!  My lovely Partner in Crime Goddess Bella Donna has some amazing mp3’s to help you succumb to all your naughty desires as well!

MP3 Version – Prayer and Puppet Conditioning

Buy from GoddessBellaDonna through

MP3 Goddess throws a cock shrinking curse on YOU!

Buy from GoddessBellaDonna through

Don’t be afraid sissy cuckold darling, suck that cock for Me MP3

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Round Robin

Round Robin

so much JOI

What is “Round Robin” and, for those not familiar with this abbreviation, “JOI” you might be asking after receiving My Newsletter on Niteflirt today and maybe even few other Flirts as well.

Round Robin is a game of passing around a boytoy between participating Dominant Females.  Or at least that’s what this is in your case.  If you have read the Newsletters, saw the goodies, followed retweets and so on, then you might have noticed this phenomena of several Women getting together and creating something that will send you spinning around for Our amusement.  Giving you some jerk off instructions, or JOI, from each one of Us individually recorded or written is one of the ways We amuse Ourselves with you boytoys, slaves, puppets, strokers, wankers, and *insert your label here*.

We are quite aware that a good majority of you are just, plainly said, whores.  There is NO surprise there!  And contrarily to popular belief, a group of Women can get together, get along and share the said “whores” without bickering amongst each other or taking it out on you boys.  Unfortunately, there are those who are weak and insecure who would make their customers think twice about mentioning they even so much as glance at other Flirts, call them or buy their products.  I’m happy to say that the group of Dominant and Sexy Women that came up with this wicked and exciting game of Round Robin is made up of strong and confident Ladies who know how to have fun and work together on common goals.

One of these Women you have already met, My lovely Evil Twin and Sister of My Soul Goddess Bella Donna and have been a part of Our amusing games that We’ve played together with you as Our toy.  I will be introducing the newcomers later on, as for now I wanted to expand on the meaning of these recent events.

Some might ask why I would do such a thing, send My puppets to somebody else.  Oh I have some of My loyal boys who will never stray and are eternally devoted to Me and Me only.  Even they will tell you that once in a while I suggest material for them from other Mistresses, if I think that material is appropriate and vital to their training.  The rest are more like passerbys, some more regular than others and variety IS a spice of life.  Sooner or later they all circle around and I chuckle at their “adventures”, counsel them on their “break-ups”, give out pats on the head indulgently, and add My own brand of corruption that I know will have them spinning in their wheels on the next round trip.

I do have quite an immense Queendom and while all the subjects, transient or permanent, are in My care, I do of course spend most of My attention on those who are loyal and serve Me daily, since they’ve deserved the privilege and worked hard to show Me that.  With that being said, the transient ones are no less important on a large scale as they are part of My Realm while they’re here.  The general population, if you will, still gets a fair amount of attention in form of mind-bending recordings, videos and such, just less personalized and individual.

But back to those JOI games.  If you have missed My Newsletter with introduction of the Ladies participating in this fun game, you may read it below as well have an access to your chance of stroking round the clock for all of Us.


Knowing what a stroking addict you are, I and several of My friends decided to give you some JOI with some very hot recordings.  Click each link and masturbate to your cock’s desire and Our pleasure!


Stroke to be a good boy JOI Part 1 – Queen of The Night (7 parts JOI)

My sexy friends Round Robin Masturbation JOI


Stroke for Me Round Robbin – Goddess Bella Donna MP3

Ms. Inara Stark Cocktails_with_Mistress_short_version.mp3 mp3

Mistress Shayna MP3

Gypsy Goddess MP3

EmmaLouise MP3


Newest additions (if you missed My Niteflirt email)

Sinful Saturday Greetings, My puppets, puppies, sinners, perverts and all other playthings!

I have been having some wicked fun lately experimenting with all the different suggestions and reinforcements of My Royal orders in various videos and mp3’s.  Since I enjoy watching you squirm in compliance while all your weaknesses are exposed and capitalized on, I’ve decided to have even more fun with it.  These newest additions are a must for your collection of evil mindfucking, something I know you’re unable to resist anyway…


Delicious images of Me… To ignite and prime that weakness in you.

Black Diamond Pantyhose Pic Set $6.50 – lust inducing images of My beautiful legs that leave you thinking of nothing but you being My pantyhose slave.

Suntan Pantyhose Devotion Pic Sets $6.50 each – if you’re not an addict yet to My mouth-watering long legs, these images will inspire your addiction and set you on the course of complete Devotion and Submission as My slave.

Bask in My Smoke Pic Set $8.00 – My smoke slaves and addicts would appreciate this special set of highly intoxicating images of Me smoking.

My mesmerizing videos… to take you into a trance-like suggestible state of conditioning.

your Need to Obey Video $16.66 – From seductive and sensual to commanding to sensual again, it is such a mindfuck that you will watch it over and over again.

Obey My Legs (Black Pantyhose Mindfuck) $13.66 – More obedience is being conditioned into your already suggestible mind, this time with My gorgeous commanding legs.

Orders to Satanic Faggots Video $13.66 – The instructions and orders My Satanic Fags on deliverance of mens souls and seed to the Altar as a sacrifice and an offering.

Always a Smoke Slave Video $23.66 – A treat for My smoking addicts of being mesmerized by My sensual smoke while I remind them how Evil I am.

And there is a special treat for you darlings!  An incredibly intense recording from Satans Queens (Satanic Goddess and Myself) that will spin you into the world of puppetry, induce you into a mindless trance and condition you into become Our slave.

Surreal intense puppet conditioning MP3 Sample $2.00

Surreal intense puppet conditioning MP3 Full Version $16.99

Surrender… Submit… Obey.

Don’t forget to leave a great feedback as always, My pets, and keep checking My goodies store for more additions of wickedness and corruption.