The Evil Enchantress

The Evil Enchantress

The one and only and the original

There is no duplicating The Evil Enchantress as My followers have know Me for almost 10 years.  No doubt, many have tried over the years to be like Me, even going as far as changing their name to Evil Enchantress or stealing My material to pose as Me.  They haven’t fooled anyone, for there can be no other Enchantress like Myself.

It’s easy to duplicate the name but not the power nor style that are explicitly My own.  I am the original Evil Enchantress that created a Queendom with My web trademark and those who have been My pets for years, know that the web is not just symbolic.  The web is what I create and spin around you, My prey, as I capture and enchant you.

The reason I’m making a post about this is the new Niteflirt account that I had to create.  Yes, I’m still taking calls on Queen of The Night and yes, you still belong to the right Evil Enchantress if you’ve clicked on the goodie button and wondered about that.  I had run out of disk space on the Queen of The Night and unfortunately it will take Me forever to delete all of the old files (5 at the time, that’s NF for you) to make room for more.  Since I don’t have all the time or patience in the world to tinker with it, I decided to utilize an account I opened a while ago but never did anything with.

It was no surprise to find out that the name “Evil Enchantress” was already taken.  Imagine that! *Amused snicker*  Well, after playing around with “Black Widow” so on and on I decided to just add “The” to “Evil Enchantress” and keep it at that.  After all, I am The Evil Enchantress and Black Widow is one of the byproducts of Me being one. *EvilGrin*

Now when I send out My newest goodies, they will be coming from that account.  At least for the time being.  Or until that account runs out of disk space lol.

But back to your lovely Queen being The Evil Enchantress…  It’s time to worship and serve, My pet.  Call, listen to My recordings, watch My videos and become enchanted by the wicked web I weave around your mind…

The Original One and Only Evil Enchantress Queen Luna
The Original One and Only Evil Enchantress Queen Luna

Life in a fast lane

Life in a fast lane

How fast can I get there?

It’s been a while since I’ve updated My blog but I guess when you’re living life in a fast lane some things escape your attention.  And lately that is exactly what I have been doing: racing down the highway doing 140 in My determination to reach the desired destination sooner rather than soon.  Being of an impatient nature when it comes to certain things, I want to get there YESTERDAY and in My rush to accomplish that I tend to let other things pass by in a blur with Me barely noticing them.

But as much as one may live life in a fast lane, is that really all that’s been keeping Me from updating My blog?  And yes, I know you’ve been wondering why I haven’t done anything to change the website after I took all of My images down.  It has been literally months.

Where have your Queen gone?

Honestly, I have opened this page now and again, watching the cursor blink for what seemed like Eternity each time… and eventually moved on to other things.  It’s not like I haven’t been busy in this life in a fast lane of Mine.  Even though I haven’t been available as much for phone sessions, I have been quite busy with several of My puppets via special ptv sessions.  I’ve had My reasons for that as well besides living in a chaotic atmosphere that I create for Myself (how could I ever function if My life was boring and steady???)

Some of those reasons include My health, which I’m not going to get into this time other than mentioning that I had a very rude awakening.  Other reasons include the new paths that have opened up to Me in life since I came to this place and I have been exploring them… exploring Myself.  There has been a lot of introspection going on within Myself in the past several months, a bit of evolving and some of indecisiveness that happens when you’re faced with the unknown.  Oh which door do I choose?  Which one do I close forever and how will I fair if I do?

Quite a bit of those dilemmas have been involving My website since Niteflirt’s ever changing rules and some of the “well-meaning” flirts constantly policing their competition make it a bit more difficult to portray Myself as more than just a character.  Yes, My dears, I am REAL and have a REAL life and most of My followers don’t come here for a free wanking material but to get to know Me, to be a part of My life.  Who I am besides being the Evil Enchantress, the Queen of The Night and Sinfully Twisted is why many of them have been with Me for years.  It’s the reason they know W/we are a comparable match and has giving the fuel to many conversations and fantasies.  Having to censor Myself is akin to killing My creativity.

Of course there are other venues and I’m still undecided on which one of them I will take.  Meanwhile, the wheel is spinning and I live life in a fast lane chasing My dreams, realizing My goals and collecting the knowledge on vast subjects to ensure My journey is safe and fulfilling.

Until I figure things out, I’m leaving them as is and will try to occasionally, and a little more often than lately, to update My blog.  And of course, there are constantly new, wickedly exciting recordings, videos coming and images where the REAL ME shines through and makes the Evil Enchantress as irresistible as She is. *Wicked Grin*

Good boys and puppets

Good boys and puppets

an update on Queen Luna’s Realm

While I’m re-configuring all of the pages on My website, I thought I’d give an update on My good boys and puppets as it has been quite a long time since I’ve done that.  I know some of you have worked hard to please Me and deserve those bragging rights to you being showcased here on My blog and for the rest… gives you something to aspire for as My prospective good boys if you are new to My wicked Realm, or have been, mildly put, slacking.

Over the past few months I have been spending a lot of individualized attention on several good boys and puppets.  Oh the wonderful new ways they were taught to perform on My enchanting web strings and the new depths of submission they have been allowed to discover under My constant guidance.  As I have mentioned in My previous posts, everyone’s purpose is quite different but the main goal to achieve is the same one for every puppet, slave and minion: to please his Queen Luna.  There is nothing like the praise from My lips that sends you floating on the 9th cloud of bliss.  Those three little words are enough make your day just from hearing Me utter them to you.  Myriad of sensations I have instilled in you to experience at the sound of those three words can range from an arousing storm to a peaceful blanket of contentment  and you would jump through any hoops to hear them.

And jumping through hoops is just what some of My good boys and puppets have been doing.  All for My pleasure, of course! Evil Grin.

As always, puppy has been quite the fetching boy for Me, ensuring I have some packages coming in every single week as well as taking care of more everyday details as a good butler, secretary and overall provider should.  He takes his responsibility very seriously and knows that no matter what My bills are or how big or small they are, he has to work hard to make sure his Queen doesn’t have to worry about them.   Puppy even managed to ensure I had a wonderful time relaxing at a local spa with a nice long, luxurious massage and a facial after the hectic holidays and visitors.

Sinner puppet has been a very naughty boy as well and “naughty” for him is the equivalent of being good with his desire to sin more, be wicked and devoting himself to his Evil Queen.  I love shopping for heels with this puppet!  It’s so exciting for both of U/us to know that every pair of deliciously wicked spiked heels is going to be used against him in a such a dark seduction that it only adds to the experience.  And despite over-indulging a bit last year, My sinner puppet is still happily enjoying his corruption, which can get a bit pricey.

If you’ve been wondering where have I been also in the past several weeks, well I have been quite busy with My smoke slave, the original and one of few who has been with Me almost from the start.  Mmm smoke slave has been quite a good boy for the past couple of months making up for the 2 years of him taking a break and living in denial about his addiction.  W/we have been having some quite amusing Skype sessions daily over a cup of coffee and several cigarettes to go with it.  Mmm and laughing over how he is unable to resist lighting up when he sees Me light My cigarette, indulging in some pretty naughty fantasies and having really intense conversations about everything under the Moon.  Smoke slave has been very good at entertaining and amusing Me where so many ungrateful puppets have failed to do so and were dismissed from My Realm in disgrace lately.

One of My faithful followers, Dave, has been also making a lot of progress in the addiction department over the course of several months.  Mmm how eager he is to be trapped in My web where he obediently follows through with every assignment I give him.  And I do so enjoy an obedient puppet!  This one is another one of My favorites to go shopping with and W/we even have now matching dresses and amazing vintage nightgowns (such a good boy for fetching Mine, darling!).  Dave has even been consulting with Me on beauty products/procedures and better poses when he takes photos to show off his sexy dresses.

Now off to My foot slave.  As very few puppets over the years have earned this privilege, My foot slave has been getting personalized photo sets and even a video or two for being such a devoted love slave.  I simply love and enjoy hearing him beg to be deeper and deeper put under another wicked spell and keep him hopelessly in love with his Queen.  And he was such a good boy pampering Me with a mani/pedi.

Over the holidays I’ve had several other good boys and puppets that have made an effort to please Me, including Glenn, who was such a kinky boy for Me the moment his girlfriend left town.  And My smoking sissy slut has been putting an appearance more often again.  Jack was doing well enough in his position until yesterday where I swore he just disobeyed to be punished.  Hmmm that boy has become addicted to being a degraded pain slut and I think tormenting with taking that away from him will serve as a lesson.

These are only some of My puppets and slaves that some of you have been familiar here on My blog and there are still several more I won’t mention, but not because they haven’t deserved it.  Discretion as always My priority for those who express the wish to remain anonymous to the rest of the Realm.  As for the rest of you slaves, puppets, minions and such, there is always an opportunity to please your Queen.  It may be completing all of your assignments, fetching from My amazon wishlist, taking care of one of My bills, sending Me a tribute, pampering Me and continue to serve as an obedient and devoted slave.

Yes, I did it again!

Yes, I did it again!

Out with the old, in with the New!

Yup, you came on My website, hoping to get your everyday much needed glimpse of your Queen, read My musings as you hang on to every word I pen with abated breath, devour My shared thoughts, opinions and generous teachings… only to find out that I did it again: took it all away!!!

Oh don’t worry, puppets, I am not punishing you, although some of you do deserve that and not in the way you would enjoy it either; I am simply switching the hosting once again which has resulted in My Evil Realm disappearing suddenly from your screens and reappearing looking blank.  Since I did it again, I figured I’ll import some of the latest files so you can have at least something to read (ever the generous Queen) while I work on the fresh new look.

Of course, things couldn’t go smooth for Me with the transfer once again which is why there is going to be a fresh new look.  And some of you will be compensating for the headaches and trouble I’m going through just to make sure you don’t feel lost without My Wicked Realm to guide you in between O/our sessions.

Well there is your update, stay tuned, be patient, tribute often and try to remain a good boy for Me while I’m busy with this unpleasant task of fiddling with all this technological (insert your choice of curse word)… stuff.

Dashing through

Dashing through

The snow, the month, the year, the holidays… oh My…

Whichever one applies to you at the moment, pick one!  It’s the season to be dashing through whatever is on your list.  Which is exactly what I am doing right now with a quick post while I’m taking a breather from all of My dashing around.

Ha, I wish I could say that the holidays have snuck up on Me but I would be lying since not only have I been aware this whole time but I’ve actually been actively preparing for them.  Yet, since nobody has figured out yet how to fit extra 10 hours into a 24 hour day and how to clone yourself to get things done faster, here I am dashing through My list of things-to-do before the clock runs out.

This year I have the pleasure of family gathering at MY house for the holidays and while initially I was thrilled, now I’m wondering if I have completely lost My mind.  Even My adorable mutt has been wondering the same thing as she follows Me around the house and looks at Me weird when I stop in the middle of filming to grab the duster because I suddenly saw a spot from a whole new angle that needed dusting.  All the while I’m wearing lingerie and heels and the camera is rolling.  Haha, nope, you won’t be seeing that footage.

I have managed, though, to come up with several hypnotic videos and mindfucking recordings that will making you puppets pause in your own dashing through whatever you have on your own lists and take a much needed break from reality.  Yes, I know, I always think of My puppets and their well-being since you boys constantly forget to do it yourself and what could be better than simply shutting off your mind for Me and do what you’ve been trained to do: worship your Queen.  That past-time alone is rewarding in the fact that you get to please Me, something you live for, and in the way you get to de-stress, which will prolong your lifespan in turn and will enable you to continue pleasing your Queen for many more years.  No matter which way you look at it, taking the time to slip into that subspace you love so much is quite beneficial.

Which is why I’m dashing through here in between editing, decorating, recording, searching for any piece of lint out of place and etc etc to remind you to stop your own dashing and enjoy the state of blankness or the hypnotic pull while you worship your Queen.  And, if you haven’t yet, show your appreciation with a nice xmas gift from My Amazon wishlist.

Meanwhile I’m leaving you with a taste of sheer wickedness and a preview sample from one of My newest masterpieces that you will certainly need to add to your collection as soon as I send it out.

Dashing through to wish you Happy Holidays from Queen Luna!
Happy Holidays from Queen Luna!

What’s in store for you next?

What’s in store for you next?

It is a question many of you puppets ask after you seemingly have reached the height, or utter depth depending on which way you want to look at it, of your deprivation.  So what’s in store for you next now that you got to this point?

First, let’s see what you have become and what has happened to you since you got caught in My wicked web as My prey.  Not everyone is the same and many have found different paths under My guidance over some period of time but one thing all of you have in common is that you’ve become My helpless puppets dangling on the strings of My web and can’t imagine any other way to exist.

trapped in My web
trapped in My web

Ah being a puppet of Evil Enchantress…  That one thought evokes so many emotions within you.  This is where you first fell in love with your Queen, falling so deep as I mesmerized you with My exotic voice and looks.  It is where you were conditioned to become My mindless blank, an obedient servant, a slave in My realm, and found that there was nothing more important than pleasing Me.  Every contact you’ve had with Me brought you closer and closer to complete surrender while I kept plying you with addictive images and words.  Triggers were planted into your feeble mind to turn you into My good boy until those very words became the reason for your very breath.  Mmm you love being My good boy, darling, and once you’ve reached this step, once you have become a puppet willingly dancing and performing on My strings, this is where you first asked Me of what’s in store for you next.

This is where My intimate knowledge of you has decided your further endeavors.  After all, W/we have spent so much time together: Me delving into every secret corner of your mind and soul and you willingly lowering every barrier you have so that I can destroy what’s useless and no longer serves a purpose in your life.  In many ways W/we have even become close as a relationship was built, trust and devotion nurtured, personal details shared and you have revealed to Me your inner core.  I know you as nobody else does and see you as you are, stripped of all pretenses the world demands you wear around you like a cloak, exposed and vulnerable yet exhilarated to be finally seen.  My knowledge of your weaknesses, fantasies and limits that you’re willing to push further is what helps decide your further training.

For some, things seemingly will stay unchanged with you serving simply as My puppet.  I am content in your abilities to please Me in the ways you do already and I have no desire to push you into doing things you’re not going to embrace with joy.  Being My puppet doesn’t mean you automatically have to become an addict, pain slut, a sinner, queer or sissy or any other things like that.  However, just because you have come to the point where you’ve reached your limit of exploring, I’m talking about your fantasies and sexuality, doesn’t mean that’s all there is to it as well.  What’s in store for you next is becoming one of the very best puppets on My strings, falling even deeper in love with your Queen and building a more solid relationship between U/us.  Not everybody is in need of constant increase in sexual stimulation via acts, thoughts/fantasies, toys or encounters and over a period of time that part of O/our interaction doesn’t change at all.  What does change is the importance of a role I begin to play in your life as not only your Queen but your reason for existence in this world.

For others, here is where a general path or a purpose is going to begin to take shape and training will be doled out appropriately.  It may be that your best abilities to please Me, and it’s always about pleasing Me first and foremost, are in you being a very entertaining fucktoy and a plaything where you will stroke to My liking or amuse Me with whimpering while you’re wearing nipple clamps and doing all kinds of devious things to your body upon My command.  Knowing that you will obediently subject yourself to degradation, pleasurable pain (mmm such a nice oxymoron) and delicious torment appeals to that cruel part of Me when I wish to let it come out and play.

Or it could be that your talents are in your lust for the forbidden such as spreading your legs and opening your mouth for as many men willing to use you as you can find.  Mmm another form of a fucktoy that you will become and please Me by turning into a filthy little whore that I can laugh at just as I twist you up to get even more addicted to that humiliating feeling of you getting off on being emasculated.

Of course there are the ones I like to simply dress up like the dolls and use their fantasies about frilly, feminine and girly things to drive them out to become more open with themselves (not necessarily coming out to the world about being a crossdresser either) and being more accepting of who they are.  In fact, they do become like dolls for Me and I have so much pleasure dressing them up and going shopping together for something pretty.

Corrupted by Lust
Corrupted by Lust

Then, there are My sinners.  A special bunch they are for they indulge My Dark and Evil side while I corrupt all light straight out of them and fan the flames of Lust.  If you don’t know it by now, you should be aware that Lust is one of My most favorite things and as it is the start of everything, it is so compelling to corrupt you puppets with it.  Oh how it thrills Me to ply you with it until you’re unable to see straight and beg Me to turn you into My Satanic slave.

No matter what the path is, and there are so many more as all of your fetishes and fantasies can be taken to groom you into a specific type of a puppet, each one has something that distinguishes him from the rest.  No two smoke slaves are alike just as there are no two foot boys or pantyhose junkies either.  And it can be a while before the path you’re on already can take a sudden turn into another wicked dimension as I see fit for you.  The truth is, while I enjoy a good and familiar feel after I have perfected your worshiping skills with careful guidance and manipulation, there are times when I enjoy spicing things up with something that you least expect and listen to your gasps when I open up a new Pandora box for you.

It might be that you’ll never know what’s in store for you next or where I’m going to take you, how your purpose will be changing or in what ways I will find you useful.  However, being trained to obey and follow like a good boy you are, you comply because you know it is I who holds your Fate in My wicked little hands and you have put yourself there so willingly for Me to shape in any way I see it fit.  No matter where I take you, it’s because it’s something that you, darling, need…






Lady Abigail

Lady Abigail

It isn’t often I step out of character but today I wanted to pay a tribute to a beautiful soul.  While everyone else was giving thanks this Thursday for everything they hold dear, our thanks were for having 13 years of unconditional love and being able to spend the last holiday as a family we have been for so long before we said our goodbyes to Lady Abigail, My nickname for our black lab Abby.

If you’re not an animal lover, you will want to skip this post as I am going to get all sappy and talk about My beloved fur baby on a phonesex blog.  Over the years, many of My callers have heard My 3 dogs barking in the background at the most inappropriate times, have worried with Me when My darlings were sick, shared with Me the laughs and swapped stories of the antics our pets have gotten into.  Today’s post is for them as much as it is for Me.

Some people are unable to understand how you can love an animal so much that they become one of your children.  They steal into your heart and then you create such a bond with them that just like in long steady marriages you understand each other without words.  That was My Abby.  I fell in love with her from the moment I saw that clumsy little black fur ball, watched her grow into a graceful Lady Abigail and basked in the knowledge that nobody can compete with love and devotion that I received from her.  Letting her go was one of the hardest decisions we all had to make.

Abby was always My problem child; if you have kids of any kind you know what I’m talking about.  This girl had more things happening to her than any other of My pets.  If it wasn’t one infection, it was another one.  If her and her sister yellow lab Suzy had the same type of surgery or procedure, you could bet Abby would be the one with complications.  You could count on her to be the loudest, the most hyper, the most needy for attention.  Yet, even though we have already been through some of the toughest moments with her health and knew that we’d have to watch her leave us due to her age, this Wednesday was the hardest of all diagnosis I’ve heard for Abby in all her 13 years: she had a tumor.

The vet pretty much told us that any kind of medical intervention at this point would be nothing more but buying time and even then there were no guarantees.  We decided to spend our last Thanksgiving together at home, instead of leaving Abby at the clinic, and put her to sleep on Friday morning.  Suffering is the last thing we wanted for someone we care so much about no matter how hard it is to let go.  We spent the holiday sharing memories (and turkey with all of the pets) and laughing at some of the silliest things that happened over the years with our zoo.  Once in a while Abby’s ears would perk up when she heard her name and I could have sworn I saw a gleam of smug satisfaction in her eyes: once again she brought us all together and closer.

Oh that girl was a smart one and manipulative as well.  I have never known any other dog who had a Master’s in guilt trips.  The reason I nicknamed her Lady Abigail was because her hoity-toity attitude reminded Me of a spoiled aristocratic Lady of the Manor.  If anyone had the bad manners to hurt Abby’s feelings, she would literally turn her nose up at you and turn away.  Doesn’t matter how much you pet her, offer her a treat, tell her you love the stuffings out of her, if you royally screwed up, she would even get up and walk away from you.  Ordinarily, Abby would talk back to anyone talking to her.  It was funny to carry on a conversation with her and have her answer at the most appropriate times with moans and whine.  Even the pitch of her whine changed depending on the nature of conversation.  But, if she was mad at you…  no matter how much Abby loved to talk, Lady Abigail would give you a cold shoulder.  Until you’ve groveled sufficiently, of course.  Talk about sucking up to a dog!

Of course you could never mention to Abby that she was a dog either.  In fact, the “d” word was not allowed in her presence.  She’d either look at you like you are the dog or she’d be looking around the room as if saying “there is a dog in here? Where? Where???”  Lady Abigail was a human as far as she considered it and nobody could tell her differently, especially when you found yourself sleeping on the edge of the bed while she took up the rest.

She was also too delicate and above the station of us lowly peasants to so much as dip her paw in a body of water.  Some water dog she was with us having to talk her into going swimming.  We always laugh about her being a lab and her indignant attitude when her tennis ball would land in the pool.  Yeah, guess who always had to jump in and get it.  Straight face.

I miss that old girl already and it’s finally hitting Me that a chapter of My life is slowly fading away.  Abby and Suzy were the remnants of our family’s old life and in many crucial ways, they held our family together until we can become stronger and tighter as a unit.  Without everyone’s fear of Lady Abigail’s snobby attitude, we would have all gone our separate ways years ago.  Because none of us could bear to part with her and didn’t want anyone else (friend or foe) to have her, we stayed together.  Abby’s job was done now and even in her last days she made sure we stand as one again, trust each other, and remind us how much we all love and care about each other.

Abby’s paw prints will be forever imprinted on our hearts, she was one extraordinary Lady.  I know she’s happy and that My problem child is taken care of; in her own special way Abby was able to send Me assurance mere hours after we said our goodbyes.  But that’s a story for another day…

Abby (1)




Ringing the Devil’s doorbell

Ringing the Devil’s doorbell

That’s what you do when you masturbate according to Fappy The Humper

Ok, this was waaaay too good to pass up and I though since it’s Monday (why does everyone fear Mondays so much???) everybody could use a good laugh and relieve some tension until you can get away, find some privacy, grab your lube and REALLY relieve the tension by ringing the Devil’s doorbell with your next sinful masturbation session.

This morning I had a revelation.  Satan paid Me a visit and gave His blessings to start My own government funded organization “Start Masturbating Now!”  Nope, I didn’t lose My ever loving mind somewhere, it was a natural response to reading through one of the most ridiculous religious group’s website that screams “Stop Masturbation Now!”  First I had to mop up My morning tea from My keyboard, of course, before I could pay attention to that Devil on My shoulder urging Me to “do it! Start your own organization!  You already have a huge following!  You can be Satan’s Spokesperson and guarantee Yourself fame and riches.  And the BEST spot in Hell where you can be the Queen of Masturbation Encouragement for Eternity!!!”

Don’t you just love when you get these kind of revelations first thing Monday morning while you’re innocently minding your business, trying to wake up and lazily scroll through your Facebook feed to see if anything even remotely interesting has popped up over night besides pictures of food plates that people for some reason have to share with the entire world wide web as you indulge in every meal of the day (what’s with that anyway?) or disgrunted memes about government not doing its job (they ALL must have lost gray matter due to masturbation!) and other garden variety of BS?  And here I thought this would be one of those ordinary Mondays for Me until…  A headline caught My attention:

Christian Anti-Masturbation’s Mascot “Fappy” Arrested For Public Masturbation While Swimming Naked With The Dolphins At Sea World In San Diego

I made such a sticky mess on My desk reading this article!  All that milky colored creamy liquid spilled over My keyboard.  Ugh, I should have known better than to try and sip My scolding and so delicious morning tea reading it.  But, as I am a Sinner (yes I confess to being one) and I never pass up ringing the Devil’s doorbell when I get a chance Myself (yup, I just confessed again, Queen Luna masturbates!) I kept reading on.  Oh I went even further, after I picked Myself up from the floor because I was laughing hysterically, and checked out the website of this anti-masturbation movement.

This is where Satan started whispering in My ear, btw, that sly Devil always up to no good and pounces when you’re distracted reading in a daze some of the biggest bullshit hogwash I’ve ever encountered.  And I was raised in Soviet Union and read their Atheist’s Bible!!!  That’s quite a lot of bullshit, if you ask Me, and not everyday you can honestly say you’ve seen matching or more bullshit than that.

The Unholy message that I received was that I too can be a Savior just like that Lonnie person who has taken on the mission of spreading the Gob’s word (no I didn’t mean God) and promises to save your soul by praying for you, or against you if you’re a masturbator (yup, go look at the comments on their website, they have praying hands “for” and “against”) and preaching of the horrific consequences of masturbation such as:

Masturbation is a gateway drug to rape. It also leads to sexual dysfunction, erodes family values, and is a top ten cause of disease.

– Lonnie Childs

Also, if you are a follower of this Lonnie person, you won’t turn into a zombie, will save chickens, create more soldiers for Jesus instead of wasting your seed, you will lose weight, will be able to see a red dot on a purple meme, won’t be dumped by your partner, will become an Alpha, your brain won’t deteriorate, you won’t turn into a serial killer like Jeffery Dahmer, will know the natural order of the household (I think they borrowed that one from the 50’s), you won’t turn gay, get the approval of Mr. T, won’t be denied birthday presents, oh and your penis won’t fall off if you stop masturbating right away!  Oh and according to Fappy, the spokesperson/mascot, who has as turns out 3 previous arrests for public masturbation, you, the masturbators, are playing in Devil’s playground and ringing the Devil’s doorbell.

So naturally, Satan was offended and came to Me this morning with a message that I should start My own movement and encourage people to masturbate more because masturbation is good for your immunity system, prevents colon cancer, helps you sleep, relieves Restless Legs Syndrome, prevents Erectile Dysfunction, makes for better sex,  releases tension and stress, fights depression, manages rapid or delayed ejaculation, and while it might not help your penis get bigger, it surely won’t make it fall off, but you will definitely enhance your sex life, will have a better and deeper knowledge of yourself and your body, will experience pleasure which has been clinically proven to contribute to your mental and physical health improvement.

Oh, wait.  I’m already a Spokesperson for Masturbation!  Silly Satan, where has He been these past 8 years???  I do have a huge Empire already with My masturbating puppets playing in the Devil’s playground all over the world!  And My videos are much better than Fappy’s too and bring valuable insight, inspiration and joy to My followers.  So what if I won’t get the government to fund My important work, I will be forever immortalized as the Queen of Masturbation Encouragement for Eternity and the glory will be all MINE!

What are you waiting for, puppets?  Follow your Queen into the battle and slay those masturbation haters with your stiff swords and cries of victorious pleasure!!!  Let the masturbation live and masturbators be loud as they are ringing the Devil’s doorbell with each satisfied orgasm!

P.S. you may find Me on Niteflirt under the names of Queen of The Night and Sinfully Twisted.  All of My videos, photos and mp3’s are created for your health benefits and better masturbation experience and are for entertaining purposes only.

P.P.S.  I would like to recommend a similar glove design as found on that ridiculous website for My pain sluts.  Spikes can make it spicy!



Pleasure is the most important ingredient

Pleasure is the most important ingredient

Every magic potion calls for specific ingredients and Me being such an Evil Enchantress, I cook up potions all the time.  Making potions and casting spells is an erotic image for some of you boys and for others it is something to be fearful off or to be completely disregarded as a hocus-pocus.  Kind of the same reaction I’ve noticed when it comes to doing something pleasurable.  Yet, whether you believe in existence of magic or not, pretty much all of you forget that pleasure is the most important ingredient in life.

There, I did it.  I put “life” itself in the same paragraph with magic.  If you didn’t catch the parallel yet, don’t worry, you’ll soon enough see Me draw several of them.  And while you’re there, go ahead, My scared none-believers and try to dispute that life isn’t magic and magic doesn’t exist.

Recently, and I always notice the trends and patterns, I have been noticing just how many of you are afraid of one single and very simple thing: pleasure.  Oh sure, everyone is quick enough to tell Me that, of course, they want pleasure but…  they are stuck in that old mindset that pleasure is something extremely bad for you.

Ummm, have you all suddenly been transported back to the Inquisition Age or something?  I am simply astounded by the responses I’ve been getting of how indulging in something pleasurable is surely going to lead them to a horrible fate and ruined life.  Oh, oh and because I am a Satanic Witch I wouldn’t understand this because Satanism is all about sin and pleasure is sin and it ruins your life and of course the Evil Queen is only going to say it’s good for you because ruin and destruction is My most important goal.

First, let Me burst the little bubble of yours about My spirituality.  Being an Evil Enchantress who believes in Satan doesn’t mean I sacrifice humans and animals and for the record anyone who does is a mentally sick individual/group.  Sure, I enjoy a Religious Fetish Fantasy and so do many who seek Me out for it.  However, believing into some of the Satanic teachings and principles doesn’t define My spirituality.  No matter of fact, not one single religion in the world defines it as it would mean I would be confined to it and I’m not one to be boxed into something I do not believe in and constantly question.  Therefore, I make up My own religion that consists of many teachings from around the world and ages.

Magic is part of My religion and so is science.  How coincidental is that?  *Smirks*  What?  No one has ever heard of scientists who believed in magic and used the “unexplained phenomena” to make ground-breaking discoveries?  What a shocking concept that is!

As usual, I’m taking My sweet ole time getting to the heart of the matter but look on the bright side, you’re actually getting to know Me a bit more.

My personal observations here on Niteflirt and in My everyday life as well as some interesting articles and psychological researches I’ve been reading (I told you I’m a nerd.  A very hot nerd too hehe) have been all confirming My fear that there has been an ongoing decline in quality of life and it is due to lack of pleasure.  People are afraid to take chances in life and either lead a perfectly boring existence or spend their time worrying about the stigmas that are attached to pleasure.

Wait, which pleasure are we talking about here?  ANY pleasure.  But since most of you here are because you found Me on a phone sex site, I’ll talk about a specific pleasure of sexual nature for the time being.  I have touched on the subject here and there throughout My blog and I thought it was time to give it another mentioning since so many are under the impression that pleasure ruins your life.

Yet, life is nothing without pleasure.  Going through every single day without enjoying something is what makes you so dissatisfied and eventually leads you to question your own existence.  Sadly, many do not have the guts to change their lives for the fear that they will be judged if they look like they’re having too much fun and they miss out on everyday magic around them.

Have you heard those sayings “life is what you make it” and “what you put out is what you receive”?  It is exactly what happens when you apply the basics of magic (and physics btw) and realize that magic consists of energies and vibrations.   When you surround yourself with negativity and fear, it is what your life becomes.  Devoid of pleasure.  Yet when you fully enjoy life, partake in pleasures that are gifted to you, your life is magical.

Pleasure is the most important ingredient in both life and magic!  Repressing the natural occurrence and shoving it down in fear that if you indulge in pleasure you are going to be irresponsible, immoral, degenerate, an outcast or some other ridiculous reason like that is robbing you of the vital to your physical and emotional health chemical reaction that some call… wait for it…  MAGIC!

I know most don’t give masturbation much thought other than it serves the purpose of relieving sexual tension but if you think about it, REALLY think about it, what do you feel when you without actually enjoying it?  Empty?  Dissatisfied?  Even more frustrated?  Everybody has experienced one of these “empty” orgasms at least once in their lifetime.  It is just as disappointing as suddenly losing your sense of taste and eating one of your favorite dishes.  No pleasure, is there?  Just bland food that you fill yourself up with so your body doesn’t starve.

Yet, your body can starve just as much without sexual pleasure which happens to occur in your brain.  All those fantasies you masturbate to, all those things you do to enhance your experience, whether they are words from someone, toys you use, actions you take such as going out and living out your desires (this one is directed at you closet sissies, crossdressers and gays) are what defines pleasure as the most important ingredient in your life’s contentment and happiness.  It’s that magic that sparks your brain and sends the pleasant shivers down your spine, igniting every pleasure center in your body and makes your orgasm a satisfied one.

Alright, then what about the fears of enjoying it so much that you’ll go over the top and eventually “ruin your life”?  Is there such a thing as too much pleasure?  Isn’t it addictive and harmful for those with an addictive personality?

Before I answer those questions, I want you to take a good hard look at yourself and be completely honest with yourself for a moment.  Do you consider yourself a morally loose individual?  Do you care about those around you and, for the most part at least, act in a responsible and conscientious manner?  Do you break minor and larger laws of not only your society but the universal taboos as well and find it amusing to do so or see yourself as “above the law”?  Do you feel remorse when you hurt someone you care for?  Do you have a history of risky behavior that doesn’t include that famous rite of passage when you were a teenager or attending college and did stupid shit on daily basis as a majority of all humans around the world at that age do?

These are just few of the questions that can help you define your answer as to how dangerous can it be for you to indulge in pleasure.  There are limits to everything and chances are if you’re not already the abominable person you’re afraid you’re going to turn into by enjoying sexual pleasure, then you never will.  All you have to do is remain the conscientious person that you are and don’t go to extremes (like planning on leaving your wife and children because you think you’re in love with someone you’ve never even met, or let someone record your sexual escapades with their own device, etc etc).  And be realistic!  Just because you masturbate to hypno that tells you that you are going to turn into a faggot doesn’t mean you will end up auditioning for porn websites and you’ll be soooo addicted to being an amateur porn star that you will be getting your own category on porn tube.

Having pleasure as the most important ingredient in your life doesn’t mean you’ll be destroying yourself.  Quite the opposite actually: it will make your life magical.



A Mission for you puppets

A new Mission for you puppets

and a chance to please your Queen

Mmm pleasing your Queen AND being useful are two of the most wonderful things in a puppet’s world.  Such feelings of deep pride rise up within you when you are given an opportunity not just to serve but show your undying devotion in more ways than just stroking, or suffering, or being a love struck fool, etc etc for your Queen.  Warm, bubbling pleasure spreads through your entire being; pleasure that lasts so much longer than a physical orgasm and leaves you satisfied in ways that words simply cannot express.  I call it “an emotional orgasm” as it’s a powerful emotion and one of the biggest components to overall satisfaction and happiness.  Anyone and at any time can achieve a physical release but without emotional satisfaction, it’s a fleeting feeling that only intensifies the hollowness and leads individuals towards a meaningless floundering, completely disconnected and already craving another “fix” in hopes another physical orgasm will fool the mind into being satisfied.

Most people are aware of the difference between a physical and emotional orgasm and seek to find the balance; the truly devoted subjects rely on their Queen/Mistress/Goddess to help them achieve this perfectly balanced state.  There are many components to this highly sought out equilibrium and it’s not something of a cookie-cutter pattern that fits everyone, which is why most of My favorite puppets and pets all have such diverse purposes and uses.  But there are some components that do apply to, at the very least, most of the male population worldwide and that is the need and desire to take care of “their women”.  One of My favorite male traits, I might add.  Oh I am far from being helpless or a “damsel in distress” and if I was, I doubt you would even get a hint of it, however it doesn’t mean I do not appreciate or enjoy men as they are: simply men.  Yes, even the most emasculated faggot or a sissy still has instincts of a human male and it’s those “protective” and “provider” and so on that I find endearing.  Being a Queen doesn’t mean I stop being a Woman or become a Female Supremacist.  It just means that I expect My puppets to act as chivalrously, worship women and hold them in high esteem, protect, serve, pamper, respect, revere, adore, be devoted to as men have since Gods have created the humans.

Oh boy… Laughs at Myself.  Here I was going to make an easy-breezy post about having a new mission for you puppets and I get heavily into philosophical once again.  I swear, sometimes I want to throw the dictionary and all those other big and heavy tomes at Myself!  Just kidding, that would be quite impossible and, besides, I’d maim anyone who even thinks of throwing a book of any kind and disrespecting it that way.

Back to the subject of pleasing your Queen though!

As most of you know I have moved this summer to a new Wicked Mansion.  I absolutely love it and have been decorating it for months now with little touches here and there.  It’s a perfect place.  Yet…  There is one very important thing missing.  This vital piece that I wasn’t able to retrieve from My previous dwelling due to little details like you can’t take a decal sticker off the wall after 4 years and expect it to re-stick.  Or even to not become a mangled piece of useless plastic.  Ugh.

Yes, I am talking about My signature Black Widow Spider Web background here.

The wicked web was originally just a symbolic concept when I first stepped onto the platform and took charge of My Evil Realm as Queen of The Night and digitally enhanced images with a web adorned all of My listings on Niteflirt.  It was on a whim that I decided to decorate My bedroom (and keep it that way even though people were wondering why do I have Halloween decorations up ALL year round) and I’ve come to love the look.  And now, while My symbolic web is still growing and encompassing new prey day after day, I find My surroundings lacking.

It’s not only My surroundings but the image you have come to associate with and find so enchanting to the point of you needing it as much as My devious mind altering and conditioning.  Seeing your Evil Enchantress caress the silky strands of My web and smile at you while I remind you that you are a prey caught in it makes it so much more intense, doesn’t it.  Oh, My videos are still great, actually they keep getting better and better, but this is one thing that makes them doubly enchanting.

Which is why I’m sending you on a mission puppets!  Yes, I am going to allow My devoted subjects to take care of their Queen and provide for Me the one thing that’s lacking in My Queendom at the moment: a new wicked web.  I’ve done all the “looking for it” part already and have added several pieces to My Amazon Wishlist.  Take a note of quantities, puppets, as I do require the exact amounts of each product added.  As I now have French doors in My office and another glass door that leads outside, I would like to cover all three of them with My web and use the rest of the decorations here and there around the house.  So yes, I do need everyone of those webs I have added to My wishlist.

This is a mission for all of you puppets and there are enough web items for many of you to contribute to.  Or of course one lucky puppet may claim all the glory of being the best “provider” for his Queen and fetch them all.

Just think how much joy that will bring Me to have My beautiful web adorning My surroundings again and how much pleasure it will bring you knowing that you’ve been such a good boy for Me and took good care of your beloved Queen’s wishes and need.  A step closer to that balance I told you about earlier and fulfillment that goes beyond anything a physical gratification alone can give you.