New videos and other updates

Ugh the time flies and it flies way too fast.  Once again I have been way too busy to update My blog!  And there has been quite a lot going on in My life lately…

First and foremost, your Queen has a brand new business to add to turning you, My pets, into My mindless puppets.  Since I got My real estate license just a little over a month ago, I’ve been quite the busy Queen Bee setting it all up so I can delve into a new venue.  Which is of course why I haven’t been as available for calls on Niteflirt lately.

Starting a new business is never easy and there is a lot to learn.  While I can still apply the same marketing skills, as well as customer relations, as I have been doing on Niteflirt for years, there is a lot about real estate that demands My time in order to learn all ins and outs of it.  Takes time and adjustment, so be patient, My pets.

No, I’m not quitting Niteflirt. Give up My Queendom??? Shudders… Haha some of you might be hoping just for that, thinking that FINALLY you can escape My web. Sorry to disappoint you, darlings, if that’s what you think.  I offer no returns, no loopholes, no means of slipping out.  It’s something I’ve warned you about right from the start and once you have landed into My web… well, you already know… Just except it and stop fighting your Fate.

But think how fortunate you are that you get to feed the power of your magnificent Queen!  Ah, yes, you were aware of that, weren’t you darling, that every time you succumb to Me and My wishes you were intensifying not only My power over you but My personal power period!  Consider yourself lucky I don’t use that power and charm to sell you a house; you’d have no way to resist *Evil Laugh*

Mmm speaking of not being able to resist…  I had some time the other day to film and of course I couldn’t resist trying on My new blue latex dress (what a good boy My bound slave is for fetching it for Me).  I do love My latex but especially in bright colors.  Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to find it in colors other than black and something that doesn’t fall apart before you even put it on.  This dress is such a liquid delight on My curves that I had to get some videos to make My pets even more mesmerized and helpless against Me. 😉

Mesmerized by Liquid Latex

Latex Trance Video

Sensual domination takes on an even more enchanting form as I have you focus on the shiny latex dress I’m wearing.  The slight rustling noises it makes every time I move are so mesmerizing that you can’t help yourself but to relax.  My spiked heels melodically echo on the hardwood floors.  My sensual voice guides your attention to the focus on these things and you slip into such a pleasant deep trance easily and quickly.  As you keep watching and listening, your arousal begins to build as I gently take you onto the path of surrender, completely enchanting you in the wonderful world of My latex trance.

Although this video wasn’t meant to be AMSR, you might find some of the elements similar and at first relaxing theh perfectly stimulating.

11 mins.  Blue latex dress, Goddess worship, JOI. $16.69


Keep it up faggot Video

Mmm yes, literally, keep it up faggot.  Keep jerking off to your favorite thing: being a cock sucker!  I know you love being degraded about it and that only makes you jerk off even more.  So grab your faggot dick and start stroking while I remind you just how much of a faggot you are.

New video, latex dress, high heels. $12.50

Have you been home-wrecked?

Have you been home-wrecked?

oh I know you recognize yourself, darling

Queen LunaHave you been home-wrecked??? If you have been asking yourself this question, then of course you have been home-wrecked!  It only makes sense if you begin to recognize yourself in My videos and recordings, yes, darling, the ones you so eagerly keep checking My goodies for daily.  And then, as you watch and listen, you feel as if I speak directly to you, or talk about… you guessed it, you!

Oh the signs are all there.  Sneaking away just so you can stroke away in the middle of the day, or night, to something I have ordered you to do.  Forgetting your responsibilities and instead concentrating on you becoming My good boy… and stroking more.  Neglecting your wife or girlfriend because you much rather spend more time listening to Me.  Have you been home-wrecked, My sweet?  Oh you bet you have been!

What can you do about it, you ask?  *Laughs at you*

Darling, there is nothing you can change now.  Not only have I addicted you to constant brainwashing that I subject you to, but I’ve become the most powerful and influential woman in your life.  Ask yourself this, My puppet: can you stop thinking of how you can please Me?  Silly boy, that’s all you ever think of now and the only way you function!  Just look at how good it feels to know you can constantly be at My feet and stroking mindlessly for Me!

Have you been home-wrecked then, puppet?  Mmm…  Why don’t you show Me. *EvilGrin*
Home-wrecked puppet Video

Home-wrecked faggot Video

It all begins with LUST

It all begins with LUST

the very thing that feeds the Darkness and Darkness feeds it in return

 As you can see, it is a circle, one that will keep going on for the Eternity.  It has been such from dawn of times and will be thus until the end.  It all begins with lust and ends with lust as well.

I have been coming back to the subject of Lust Myself constantly too over the years.  Perhaps, it is because Lust was what has started My own journey here and how years later many of My puppets are still feeding off that very same lust and indulging it as well.  Lust does come in so many forms, yet what is it but a desire, no matter what form it’s taken on or where it comes from.  It is but a simple DESIRE.

While desire and lust can pertain to so many things in life, I want to touch on what exactly it means here, right now, and the sort of desire that brought you to Me in the first place.  It all begins with… what you seek when you land onto My pages and unto My deviant Realm: your physical needs, aka horniness.

Browsing the content on Niteflirt (have you noticed even the logo of Niteflirt is “Speak to your Desire”?) you are looking for someone to satisfy your needs and you do so with one goal in mind: to masturbate.  The person you chose has to be someone you find attractive, may it be the voice, if you’re browsing over the phone menu, the appearance, if you’re scrolling through pages, and, of course, the content or description of fetishes, role plays and fantasies.  All of which are fueled by no other but LUST.  Yes, from the very first moment when you come here, you are guided by your lust.

And here is where the circle begins to spin.  Mmm how do I love that circle that keeps bringing you into My web again and again.  While it all begins with lust, and the first sparks of it are quite the exciting ones too, what makes it all even more so delicious is how that lust is used to birth other important factors that will keep you in this vortex trapped with no possible escape.

It’s not a secret that I use manipulations of your lustful desires and secret fantasies to cultivate an addiction.  For most, it is an addiction to Me in form of devotion and even love, for others it’s an addiction to Darkness and more Lust.  It’s no wonder I have dubbed My wicked web The Web of Lust as each strand that wraps around you triggers some kind of sexual desire.  With them I control you, shape you, guide you into… more lust.

Oh and how I love it when that very lust you feel, the very desire that I string you with, turns into such powerful cravings for more so that you feel you must constantly come back for more, thus propelling you even further in the spin of the circle.  The intense whirl of constant arousal that I always fuel and feed with another decadent mind melt, or a sensual whisper of My bewitching web strings that tugs on your emotions, the painting of your fantasies in intricate detail are your daily companions in this journey I take you on.  Soon, it is unthinkable to even imagine not having these desires constantly present in your life and you become an addict.

What has started out as a simple need to find physical relief, turned into a much darker existence.  It is here that you find your life as you knew it slowly fading away; you as a person you once were irrevocably changed.  Lust consumes you as I feed it, use it to My advantage to shape you into a puppet and slave.  With it firmly lodged as your “must have ingredient” to function on daily basis I can make you do pretty much anything I wish.  Oh and I delight in doing so *EvilGin*.

Where does it stop, you might ask?  It simply doesn’t, darling.  Once you have tasted the ambrosia of Lust, once you gave in to it, there is no going back.  Only keep following it and its delightful circle with each curve building up the sheer intensity, heightening the pleasure, achieving that mind blowing release…  And then… then you think you’re done… Until… the twinges of that lust begin anew, only this time besides your desire to recreate that blissful pleasure, you want to explore each dark corner of it too.  Lust feeds on lust and constantly it brings you back full circle: desire clawing at you, a need that builds to fevered pitch, a bliss that follows with release and… memories of it the next day that propel you to keep spinning in this mindless abyss.

It all begins with lust and ends with lust as well.

I thought a few examples would demonstrate it best and I have been quite wicked in these latest creations of Mine that will begin the journey for some new prey here and thrust those in My web already onto another spin of Vortex.  Enjoy your whirl, darlings, and don’t try to fight it.  There is no escape once you have tasted dark pleasures of desires called Lust.


forever Mine
No Escape
My puppet
you are Forever Addicted to Me
fall deep under My spell
There is No Escape
cum eating training
Seductive manipulations

The Game of Mindfuck

The Game of Mindfuck

It never gets old, even if the outcome is the same one time and time again: sooner or later you will view things My way, you will accept My opinion as the only right one, your interests and desires will coincide with Mine, and you will become dependent on My wicked game of mindfuck day in and day out just to function.  Whether you’re one of My virtual puppets or happen to meet Me in the real world, the game of mindfuck is one I thoroughly enjoy playing and I do so with some considerable skill.  I love turning men into My puppets simply because I can and, while the outcome is always the same, the game itself can be played in a variety of ways.

Real world or the virtual one, the Evil Enchantress is always present and the prey never stands a chance.  Some become seduced, others manipulated.  Playful flirtation or dead-pan serious and completely up front with My intentions, I ensnare men into My wicked web.  That is who I am and this is the game of mindfuck that I quite often play.

Just recently I have acquired another helpless prey that is currently wiggling furiously in his attempt not to enjoy the the game as much (oh but how can you not!) and becoming entangled even further in the sticky strings of My web in the process.  In a matter of a week the poor thing is torn between the mental ecstasy and physical ache while I’m smiling that evil smile of Mine and constantly add more fuel to the fires with each encounter.

Normally I don’t share My personal encounters via blog and save it for pay-to-views (such as My Black Widow Story and Seducing the Preacher) or conversations over the phone.  But this one is too juicy to pass up and you, My darlings, do need an update on what has been keeping Me sooo busy these past couple of weeks.

If you’re just now tuning in, I have been in the middle of a move and quite a bit of traveling as well to see My family up north in between.  I do have another trip coming up at the end of this month, since it is My Birthday month (for those of you who needs a reminder, I do expect gifts all month long) and meanwhile I have been organizing My new Enchanting Mansion to suit Me and My whims which takes quite a bit of time.  Unpacking went much faster with Me staying offline and I was able to get a majority of it done within a week.  However, there are some things that as a Queen I shall never do and that is break My sexy long nails trying to put together some things or move heavy furniture around to where I’d like it to be.  That’s what you minions and slaves are for.  But since someone has been slacking (and somebody shall PAY FOR IT IMMEDIATELY) I had to hire a handyman to come out and get all those things done for Me.

Now, I could have wrapped him around My little finger and had him do it completely for free but unless it’s one of you, My slaves and puppets, business is business and My personal ethics would be in uproar if I went against them in this and used seduction to get the labor from someone I do not already claim as Mine; and as a puppet slave of Mine I do expect you darlings to pick up the tab.  Of course that doesn’t mean I can’t have fun and play a lovely game of mindfuck while I’m there! *EvilGrin*  And the game of mindfuck began from the moment I opened My front door.

Even though I was dressed quite casual (it would be a little too impractical of Me to wear My heels while I’m running up and down the stairs unpacking and organizing now, would it) I knew this handyman was checking Me out from the get go.  I can’t blame him, naturally, as the grey spandex pants I was wearing were caressing My curves despite the casual look of them.  But it was the conversation that we got into during the several hours which it took him to get all the things done for Me that sealed his fate.  This tall, lanky, cute handyman was flustered and groaned in delightful frustration with every tease and double innuendo I threw at him.  Mmm I like a man who can get flustered and still keeps taking what I dish out hour after hour, day after day.

I also like a man who can admit to being a submissive instead of playing coyly and pretending to be something he’s not.  I know an Alpha male when I see him and I definitely know when there is a weak submissive soul is standing in front of Me.  The little antennae in My Black Widow Spider senses goes off immediately as it absorbs the delicious prey’s vulnerability in its ignorance of whom it has just encountered.  And then depending on My mood, My entire demeanor changes from casual to mesmerizing Enchantress or a flirtatious Siren.  The later one is whom My newest prey had encountered and teased by mercilessly for hours.

During our conversation it did come up that this handyman is indeed on the submissive side of the spectrum and he did try very hard to convince Me to allow him a chance to worship and serve Me as the Queen that I am upstairs in My Royal Chamber.  It was quite amusing to watch his efforts and unmistakable arousal as I kept teasing him more and more, getting deeper into his head and creating the perfect atmosphere in his mind as I do with each and every one of My prey: not just the desire to please Me but the growing need to do just that.  I wasn’t disappointed in the least as the game of mindfuck unfolded over the course of several hours that day and the following week.

The beauty of this game is the fact that we are both aware of its happenstance, and I was quite blunt when I told My newest prey that while right now he’s being torn apart between his desire to fulfill his physical needs and the blissful sensations of being mindfucked and toyed with, eventually his desires will conform to Mine.  Ahhh the mix of disbelief and arousal at that thought was quite satisfying and had Me smiling.  Mmm how many times have I faced that same disbelief from you puppets before you tumbled, conquered and thoroughly conditioned by Me to eat right out of My sexy Royal hand and dangle from the strings of My wicked web…  A game that never gets too old…

Who knows where I will take this newest prey of Mine and what purpose I will assign to his existence but one thing’s for sure, it is going to be amusing to watch as things unfold and another toy learns the meaning of Ultimate Bliss.

Meanwhile, with a smug and satisfied smile, I am back to unpacking and finding the proper places for all My crystals and candles, lingerie and heels, books and knick-knacks.  I leave you with a rare photo of Me without make up as I’m enjoying My new surroundings and musing about the wicked games of mindfucking.

Once bitten…

Once bitten

I’ve often described Myself as a Black Widow Spider and in reality I’m not much different from My namesake, one of the most beautiful and deadly creatures ever created by the Mother Nature.  Everyone knows that once that spider sinks her venom dipped hooks in you, there is no salvation and you become just one more of the victims she claims for her own.

Of course, while in nature you might be lucky to quickly get an antidote if you just happened upon and disturbed the spider in her habitat.  There is however no cure to you being once bitten by this particular Black Widow Spider and you’ll pay dearly for your misfortune of ending up in My deliciously wicked web.  I find it quite amusing that no matter how many times I issue this warning, some brave souls still attempt to conquer the Great Web of Seduction and Corruption thinking they will escape unscathed.

My silly darlings!  How adorable that image is of your noble ideas and careless confidence in your own manliness and steady virtues of a soul that never shall be conquered.  Armed with antidote, or so you think, you prepare yourself for that one sting, some out of curiosity, others of sheer arrogance, and some still thinking they’re on some wild crusade.  Charming, really.

And then once bitten, what happens to you, dear Knight in Shinning Armour?  The venom that you carelessly disregard, well because you are a man and men can handle anything (smirks here) you think you’re strong enough to handle yourself in the battle and swing your mighty sword at those carefully woven strings of web.  Oops, you have discounted My ability to weave a spell into that bite that now sings an irresistible sweet melody throughout your mind and body and before long your shield and armour laying tarnished amongst the countless others discarded on the battlefield and your sword now claimed as Mine.

Once in a while, as Fate would have it or I might have designs of My own, you get released from the seductive clutches of My wicked web.  Under illusion that you’ve claimed your freedom back, you are allowed to resume your life and might go at it for a while before you realize… Once bitten, you will always have that venom reminding you, at most inconvenient times too, that you have been irrevocably transposed after that bite.

The lucky ones, quickly figuring out that any attempt of silencing the venom is fruitless, make their way back into My Web.  It’s where you find the comfort, grow by leaps and bounds under My careful dosage of more venom, shaped to suit your Destiny (or My purpose for you if you will) and bask in being subtly, yet deliciously, tormented by My delicate quick bites or ravenous feasting.  Oh what a happy puppet you become, once you give up all those silly notions of yours of being My equal or worse, the grand illusion of you being superior (smiles indulgently and pats you on your head) and accept the rules: unquestionable obedience, utmost compliance, unmatched devotion and utter worship to and of your Queen.

Sure, I do allow some of My puppets leave the web now and again.  I am a Queen and not a Superwoman and having constantly to jump from one prey to another in careful and individual attention/training would be impossible not to mention impractical.  Only those who have earned that privilege remain, others may lay dormant until I they either do something that stirs My appetite or have been on reserve for those quick bites I mentioned earlier.  And then there are those who have been given an illusion of them being set free.

Frankly, I’m not going to be wasting My precious time on chasing prey.  I know sooner or later they will come back, or crawling, as it has been shown time and again.  No matter how far you run though, My venom is still very much a part of you and something you will never rid of.  I’m quite aware of you being around, sulking at the very edges of My web, even for years after our last contact.  Watching, craving… Yes, darling, you crave even when you delude yourself with having everything under control, and you’re still drawn to My Web.  Those effects you’re going to experience for years to come, once you have been bitten you have been changed for life.  The Charming Black Widow Spider will always be a reminder to you as long as you’re alive of My presence, My influence on you.  Reminiscing you will go for years, attempting to squelch that need to be a part of something hauntingly beautiful.

And I might suck you back into My Web or you might chance yourself another dip unto the wicked…  The outcome will be the same with you delighting in the pure indulgence as you selflessly offer up yourself to Me for another bite.  It is addictive, isn’t it?  That burning of My fangs, pain bordering on pleasure until it’s only pleasure present and the only pain you feel is clawing fear of never having those fangs sink into you again.

There are exceptions to every rule.  And that one is when the prey has outlived its usefulness or simply doesn’t learn what’s good for it.  Then still, the venom is inside you, that will never change.  Only instead of it being the pleasurable thing as it’s for all the other puppets, it now turns into a curse.  Oh you’re always going to be drawn, always reminiscing, always hanging around just on the edges of the Web.  Only you’re never going to feel again it’s silky strands wrapping around you.  There will be only haunting melody and memories.  A Fate worse than ever being forever tangled in My Web is that one of you being banished from it for your life.  The delightful torment you went through when you were a part of it?  Just a fantasy and wistful dreams as suffering watching like nothing more but outsider, never belonging, being claimed as My own.  Such tragedy…  for you.  For Me, I have moved on already to a much more deserving prey, a puppet who knows how to be obedient.

My lovely Hell Sister and Partner in Crime had put it best in this wonderful article (blunt as always which some of you dearly need) and it’s not only for financial puppets but applies to any who inspire to fill that position in My Web:

I am your Puppeteer and you are MY puppet! Puppets obey! Puppets do not think but simply act upon the orders given to them by their Puppeteer. I pull your strings and you dance for Me. If you can’t do that, you are no Puppet of Mine!

Things I’ve been saying to you for years…

It simply comes to this: surrender and enjoy the ride or stand alone on the outside.  The one thing no human can endure is not to be a part, or shall we say belonging, and even Satan, contrary to popular belief, gives you a choice.  Make sure you have chosen wisely for you can not undo the bite nor banishment, My darling.


Manipulated again!

Manipulated again!

men are so easy

*EvilGrin* Yep, you men are easily manipulated.  Again and again.  The truth is you love being manipulated though and, even while you scratch your head wondering how in the Hell did you fall for it again, it does something to you inside, gives that warm glowing feeling of being somehow important enough to even end up on the “dipshit list”.  If you missed the dipshit list, go to My previous post and also read a more expanded version of it by Goddess Bella Donna since I just made the bullet points whereas She has explained why those things make someone a dipshit.

And yes, I am taking up where I left off in My last post as the responses I received were nothing short of amusing.  Added to that a discussion during one of My classes that carried on well after the class as well which was quite on the same topic of men being manipulated by women.  We’ve established few of the facts (nothing new but deserves the mentioning here) which are:

  • Men are always at fault even if it isn’t their fault or they assume they did something wrong.  Just in case.
  • Men think they are the ones wearing pants in the relationship when it’s not quite true
  • Men have a need to fix things even when it’s not required of them (just listening will do)
  • Men have no clue that most of their “great ideas” were actually the women’s ideas but we allow you to think that you’re the smartest cookie in the jar and came up with it all on your own.
  • A way to get a man to do anything you want is by playing on his ego
  • Men want their women to be the “princesses” and treat them as such
  • The shortest way to a man’s heart is not through his stomach but quite below it (yep, sex is a tool of reward and punishment)
  • Competition and winning the competition are everything to men and competition doesn’t stop at sports

Alright, I can go on and on with these facts so you get the picture.  Men are always being manipulated in some kind of way by the women.  Yes, even down to the competition stuff.  Mmm who wouldn’t want to be on My “good boy list” and deserve all those delicious rewards, or be the best dresses sissy or biggest whore faggot in My Stable?  All of you constantly compete for MY attention with one another and most of the time don’t even realize it.  All I have to do is mention someone on My blog and suddenly few others try to outdo the one who’s mentioned just so they can show Me how much better of a puppet, puppy, faggot, sissy they are.  Haha it’s the Universal male motto “I can do everything you can and BETTER!”

Meanwhile, I smile wickedly as I watch how mere few words have a domino effect on you boys.  Instantly.  And I don’t even mention that you have to compete with each other (well unless you are the faggots and there are some fierce competitions going on for being the bigger whore) you just wag your tails and run off trying to impress Me, being, yes, manipulated again.

Oh and those of you who fearfully assumed My last post was specifically about you or that I think all the men are dipshits… How adorable it was to hear “What did I do?” and “I’m sorry, I’m a dipshit” when the post was clearly inspired by the specific “dipshits” mentioned in the conversation between Myself and Goddess Bella Donna as well as some certain types that ALL of PSOs share (note types and not specific individuals).  But as all men do, you My dear darlings, right away fell for the oldest trick: “you’re such a smart boy realizing your mistakes and of course you’re allowed to redeem yourself” which immediately resulted in the kind of behavior I expected from you in the form of gifts and tributes.  Yes, you knew you were being manipulated but you loved it too because pleasing Me is so much more rewarding than gnawing on you knuckles wondering if you really are a dipshit in My eyes.  After all, I am that “princess” in your eyes.  Well, Queen to be precise, but you get the point.

Coincidentally, the real dipshits will be too afraid to contact Me to beg forgiveness after reading that post in fear of stiff penalties.  Of course, if they can’t pay the penalties, there really is no reason for them to contact Me anyway as I have plenty of the puppets that deserve My attention and comply immediately not only because they understand the first rule of submission (obedience) but respect Me, My time, My skills and My wishes.

Speaking of those who do.  It is fair since I’ve mentioned the dipshits in the last post to point out the “good boys” who deserve the recognition, especially these past 6 months that have been very hectic for Me between the health of My Mom, My own health, school and traveling and etc etc.  My top two favorite Court Jesters have been doing so good between the calls, paid mails, shopping sprees: puppy fetching many heels, dresses and a much needed new laptop and Satanic Sinner Slut Collector absolutely amazing shoes, outfits and those wicked red lenses for My evil ritual videos.  I also have a promising new faggot for My stable who has been patiently waiting for My tests this week to end and meanwhile reading, listening and watching all kind of material I have already available so he can serve Me better.  My booze and poppers Satanic addict who also follows Me on Twitter has thrown back caution because he hasn’t been able to resist the sin and begs for more of it.  Even My darling Glenn, some of you might remember him from way waaay back, has been a very very good boy with his kinky fantasies (guided by the wicked lil Me) in between the visits of his girlfriend, calling Me for hours to feel the power of My trance and following My suggestions on becoming naughtier as well.  Ahhh… My addicts…  So many of you and so much amusement!

Well, I’m going to leave off here for now and go get some rest.  Whew, no tests for couple weeks!  (Smiles at all those good boys who have been remembering when I have the tests and cheering Me on with their support)

Last few words for you to keep in mind: don’t be a dipshit, darling, be a good boy instead, even when you know you’re being manipulated again.  It is something that does make you a man after all. 😉


Call Queen of The Night for phone sex on



Love love love

Love Love Love

All you need is love

Love will set you free.  Love will give you wings.  Love is like weaving stars.  And so on and on.  Endless poems, songs and novels have been written about LOVE.  We all talk about love love love and how much we, as human beings, need that love.  And of course there are more ways to describe love, to feel love, to express love than experts could count.  There are also different ways and degrees of love.

Alright, why am I going on and on about this one feeling that most people are either afraid of or skeptical about?   Love is a messy emotion if you really think about it and no matter how much psychologists insist that it doesn’t define us, the truth is yes it does!   It defines our actions, our perceptions of the world and, most important, our views, which is our own self-esteem, of ourselves.  Love can make us or break us.  Love is like playing a lottery; you know you take a chance every time but you hope to win big, yet even when you fail, you play and play again.  It doesn’t occur to most people to guard themselves against this feeling because for as long as humans have been around this is ONE emotion that has been used as the ultimate weapon because it can bring even the strongest of the strongest down to their knees.

I won’t bore you with the historical facts where whole nations, kingdoms and so on have fallen due to this affliction that’s called love, may they be from the incredibly stupid noble actions to conquer the love or manipulative tactics of those who used it simply as a means to get what they desire.  In either case, love is a powerful emotion and the recipients of love can hold quite a bit of power over the ones that give it.   In a real world, you hope the person you fall in love with will not use it against you and it is a bit of a comfort to know they are just as vulnerable as you are when they fall in love with you.  Kind of evens things out, doesn’t it?  Presumably, if someone loves you there is less of a chance they will harm you in any way.  And everybody wants to be loved, of course not because of that last thing I mentioned, that’s just like an insurance policy to addition of all the wonderful and delightful things that come along with being loved.

So what does all of this have to with Me being a Fetish Phone Sex Mistress of the kinkiest and mindless strokers, Queen of Dark Puppetry, Owner of the depraved and weak, Goddess of sinners and perverts?  Really, what’s love got to do with it?


Quite a bit actually.

Those who have followed Me for years are familiar with My warnings of them falling in love.  With Me.  It’s not a secret that I do seduce My prey and encourage them to have feelings for Me.  Those are not just feelings of lust or devotion but the genuine emotions that result from My puppets being allowed into My inner world.  While the ones that confess “I love you, I would do anything for you, I would die for you” are a dime a dozen, there are some who say they have fallen and fallen deep.  Of course, you didn’t think I believe everyone who tells Me they love Me, did you?  I offer a fantasy, an illusion and a break from reality and what is being in love means to My puppets but that illusion of a break from reality?  Yet, it is very easy to confuse the two things: the real love and the illusion of love.  As I said above, there are many types of love and being in close, constant contact with someone for years, getting to know them, you begin to develop feelings for them.  But I’ll let you figure out if those feelings are the ones of romantic love or companionship love.

Whichever version of love it is, I do nurture it, unless of course you’re about to do something incredibly silly, because I have My reasons.  I am a Queen in My own right and I do expect constant love and adoration.  I am a Leo and that means I am the Center of your Universe even if you don’t know it yet.  I am a Woman and if you claim to love Me then I expect you at My feet worshiping the ground upon which I walk and taking care of all My desires and needs and to take the time to find out what those needs and desires are.  The ones that do, well, they get to keep all those illusions; it doesn’t mean I will be any less caring, guiding, nurturing and sweetly corruptive as I always am.

That leaves a different illusion of love that spells out simply LUST but that illusions is reserved for special puppets like My aussie cunt and Misty bitch and those like them who love the whole idea of being manipulated by their “love” for Me.  Well, that is a discussion for another time.  For now, remember, love comes in so many flavors and has so many uses.  Which love will I be nurturing in you and how will I use it: as your weakness or to raise you all the way to the top of My Court Jesters?

Remember My darling puppets that when you fall in love with Me, you are falling in lust with Me and in love with the illusion of being at MY beck and call always. After all, inciting this kind of love of selfless servitude to ME is what I LOVE!

The beauty of addiction

The beauty of addiction

and the irresistible draw


By nature, we’re all susceptible to addictions, some more than others, simply because addiction bring us pleasure in some kind of form.  It’s the beauty of human nature to seek the pleasure, to be irresistibly drawn to it.  What is life without pleasure, I ask you?  A dull existence.  Who in the right mind would want that?

Think about it, your life not free of some kind of addiction.  Every morning you get your coffee, iced latte, or skinny mocha on the way to work.  During the day you light a cigarette or when you get home at night you grab a beer out of the fridge.  Every day you constantly check your social media updates, play games on your phone or computer or search through porn sites.  Book worms get their high from the newest bestseller and feed their addiction by scouting the book stores and yard sales for those little gems of literature.  Same for collectors.  All those hobbies from collecting baseball cards to post stamps and butterflies.  That’s nothing less than an addiction.

Of course this doesn’t mean that just because everybody is prone to some kind of an addiction that their lives will get ruined.  Unless they take it to the extremes but that would fall under abnormal behavior and we’re not talking about that here.  But you get the point I’m trying to get to here.

All of you My darlings are normal.

Ok, most of you.

Oh alright, you’re all addicts because you can’t live without being mindfucked one way or another.

Now that’s the sheer truth.  But wait, what was that about the beauty of addiction?  Well, why don’t you take a look below for a second.

ADDICTIONHow many different addictions does this one image feed?

Eyes back on the words, darling, you can look at the picture again in few moments.  For right now think about what kind of addictions can this one image evokes and which cravings it appeases.  Latex and leather.  Stockings.  Legs. High heels.  Big breasts.  Superior Woman.  Authority figure.

Ok, look at it again.  Yes, I know while you’re scanning the words, your eyes are really up on the image.  Because it’s so addictive!  To keep looking.  To keep fantasizing.  To keep craving more.

Now if you can tear yourself away again for few more minutes.  What’s so beautiful about all of this?  Mmm easy: your loss of control.  Only by letting yourself go completely, becoming submerged in the pleasure factor, can you enjoy your addiction.  Let yourself fall, don’t bother hanging onto the edges of reason or you can never fully appreciate the beauty of submission or take all that your addiction offers.  How many of you actually wait for their coffee to cool off before indulging in that pure pleasure the first sip of coffee brings you?  Ha, you know you don’t wait, you just burn your tongue and go for it because you know how good it’s going to feel.  Surrendering to your addiction to pleasure, no matter what that pleasure is, your only way of fully experiencing the beauty of addiction.

Yep, go ahead, surrender and look again.  Ahhh yes… that felt so good!   Mmm such an addict. *EvilGrin*



Puppets on strings

Puppets on strings

Dancing for their Queen

I do have many puppets.  In fact if you have been caught in My wicked web, you’re one of those puppets, dangling on the silky strings of it.  Every day My puppets dance to My amusement, limbs are guided by the strings to which they are attached.  Puppets dancing for their Queen.

Of course, most puppets dance figuratively speaking, which means they mindless obey My wishes and dance to the tune I play.  I can tell some puppets that I think the best course for them is to become utterly and helplessly addicted to Me and spend days in the position I deem appropriate for them praying at the Altar erected in My honor without even a single thought of touching themselves.

Then others who believe what I tell them about them becoming good little queers for Me and how it makes them happy to think about being cock suckers and My cuckolds.  I pull on the strings every time I want those emasculated puppets to get used to thinking of themselves as nothing more but faggots in My Royal Stable.

Of course you darling puppets love it when I use your weakness to which I do attach those silky strings and then I play you like a fine tuned guitar.  I choose the chords, the lyrics and you put on the entertaining performance.

That is a lot of fun and I have spoken of it many times before.  But… There are special cases when the puppets literally dance because… well, simply they have no other choice.  Yes, brainwashed and desperate to please Me.  What makes it even better is when those puppets record themselves dancing for Me and send Me a video, then pay Me to put it on My blog here for everyone to see how they have absolutely no control, no will, no choice but to be a mindless dancing toy.  My toy.

Remember that popper whore Patrick?  The little sissy fag has made 2 videos so far and has begged Me, with a nice tribute of course, to expose him.  And Me, being such a generous Queen, how can I deny a reward to an obedient puppet dancing on My strings! *Wicked Grin*

Enjoy My darlings seeing your own fate through the dance of a puppet and think how much you love being just as uninhibited, surrendering irrevocably to your beautiful Queen Luna.



Oh oh somebody’s been naughty!

Oh oh somebody’s been naughty!

Naughty good and naughty bad

Naughty is the nature of things here in My Realm and somebody is always doing something naughty or getting into something naughty. Most of those naughty things are encouraged and others are frowned upon. And those somebodies that do the later are of course tormented and punished.

Now, most of My puppets, puppies, sinners, Royal Sissies and Faggots are all good boys and gurls. But even the good ones sometimes stray from the path and decide to do something that they’ve been taught NOT to do at all. Think on their own.

I know some of you think, well, we’re not dumb, we can actually think on our own. Of course you can darlings. It has nothing to do with your intelligence or thinking abilities and, when it comes to certain aspects of your lives, I do expect you to think on your own, make your own decisions and choices. I have no desire nor time to hold you by the hand like a five year old and if that’s what you’re looking for then I suggest you seek a different kind of… ummm… brainwashing. Preferably by a licensed therapist. Or wait until I finish school and then I might have the time and patience to help you with that.

The kind of thinking on your own I’m talking about is when it comes to you making any kind of decisions when you don your puppy collar on and hold your leash in your mouth as you bring it to Me and place it at My pretty little feet. There is a reason I’ve been cautioning you against it, this thinking thing. A very good reason. It makes you confused! And we all know that once you get confused, you get into all kinds of naughty, and it’s not the good kind of naughty either.

And the bad kind of naughty is the situation where My darling jack has found himself just recently. Silly boy was feeling desperate when I was out for several hours one day and going out of his mind craving to speak to Me. To the point where he just couldn’t even function properly. At all. Of course, that is the precise moment jack has decided to do something foolish and… you guessed it! Think on his own!!!

Boy, oh boy, not only did he attempt such an impossible task (and we all know what it does to you addicts when you are desperate) but he also forgot that he should ask MY permission to call My Evil Twin Goddess Bella Donna. A permission that I would have granted if he had ever asked for it precisely in case of a situation like this. At least he had enough wits to ask HER for a permission to call and since we do share a lot of puppets among other things, She knew I wouldn’t mind it at all.

Oh I wish jack’s troubles have ended there with his naughty decision to think on his own. Alas, it was only the beginning. What a disgraceful behavior from one of My puppets that held so much potential when he decided to cum without permission while talking to Goddess Bella Donna. Of all the silly and disrespectful things to do!

Of course once of the phone with My lovely Partner in Deviance, jack was on YIM begging and pleading with Me to allow him to call Me now because he still desperately needed to hear My voice. I’m used to pathetic displays of this puppet but this was sheer disobedience and for that I had to punish this naughty puppet and not allow him a moment of relief until the next day. Suffering is good for disobedient boys and the best way to make an addict suffer is by taking away the very thing that gives him a high. Which was a sheer torment for jack, being an addict to Me for the past several years now.

Yes, I did allow him to call Me the next day… for more deviant and naughty torment *EvilGrin*. Puppet jack won’t forget his lesson that soon now and now realizes just how harmful it is to his own health to think on his own.

But enough about naughty bad. There are some who have been extra naughty good and one of them is My Satanic puppet. Not only has he been adding some extremely sexy high heels to My shoe closet but he’s also been recently introduced to Sex Magic. And what a better time to perform it than the Full Moon?

My puppy Robbie has been an extremely naughty good puppy with his new assignments for strengthening his submission and exercises of putting his self-centered needs aside for the needs of his Goddess. In between he’s been busy fetching sexy things for Me from Amazon and other places I allowed him and clicking tribute buttons like a good boy as well.

And I’m still enjoying those Bose earphones and the new lingerie Sleepless in Seattle was so anxious I get before he closed up his Niteflirt account. Of course he is right now on a naughty bad list but as it has happened before with him and so many others, he will be back. As always, right now he’s reading My blog, knowing that I see and hear everything and that I know some of you puppets better than you know yourself. And he’d agree when he sees Me say: I know what’s good for you darling.

Speaking of things good for you, darlings. One of My newest MP3’s is something of an improved and fine-tuned way of conditioning techniques that you simply don’t want to miss out!

Puppet Strings- hypnotic brainwashing that will leave you happy and content and loving the very strings that control you more than ever.