New videos and other updates

Ugh the time flies and it flies way too fast.  Once again I have been way too busy to update My blog!  And there has been quite a lot going on in My life lately…

First and foremost, your Queen has a brand new business to add to turning you, My pets, into My mindless puppets.  Since I got My real estate license just a little over a month ago, I’ve been quite the busy Queen Bee setting it all up so I can delve into a new venue.  Which is of course why I haven’t been as available for calls on Niteflirt lately.

Starting a new business is never easy and there is a lot to learn.  While I can still apply the same marketing skills, as well as customer relations, as I have been doing on Niteflirt for years, there is a lot about real estate that demands My time in order to learn all ins and outs of it.  Takes time and adjustment, so be patient, My pets.

No, I’m not quitting Niteflirt. Give up My Queendom??? Shudders… Haha some of you might be hoping just for that, thinking that FINALLY you can escape My web. Sorry to disappoint you, darlings, if that’s what you think.  I offer no returns, no loopholes, no means of slipping out.  It’s something I’ve warned you about right from the start and once you have landed into My web… well, you already know… Just except it and stop fighting your Fate.

But think how fortunate you are that you get to feed the power of your magnificent Queen!  Ah, yes, you were aware of that, weren’t you darling, that every time you succumb to Me and My wishes you were intensifying not only My power over you but My personal power period!  Consider yourself lucky I don’t use that power and charm to sell you a house; you’d have no way to resist *Evil Laugh*

Mmm speaking of not being able to resist…  I had some time the other day to film and of course I couldn’t resist trying on My new blue latex dress (what a good boy My bound slave is for fetching it for Me).  I do love My latex but especially in bright colors.  Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to find it in colors other than black and something that doesn’t fall apart before you even put it on.  This dress is such a liquid delight on My curves that I had to get some videos to make My pets even more mesmerized and helpless against Me. 😉

Mesmerized by Liquid Latex

Latex Trance Video

Sensual domination takes on an even more enchanting form as I have you focus on the shiny latex dress I’m wearing.  The slight rustling noises it makes every time I move are so mesmerizing that you can’t help yourself but to relax.  My spiked heels melodically echo on the hardwood floors.  My sensual voice guides your attention to the focus on these things and you slip into such a pleasant deep trance easily and quickly.  As you keep watching and listening, your arousal begins to build as I gently take you onto the path of surrender, completely enchanting you in the wonderful world of My latex trance.

Although this video wasn’t meant to be AMSR, you might find some of the elements similar and at first relaxing theh perfectly stimulating.

11 mins.  Blue latex dress, Goddess worship, JOI. $16.69


Keep it up faggot Video

Mmm yes, literally, keep it up faggot.  Keep jerking off to your favorite thing: being a cock sucker!  I know you love being degraded about it and that only makes you jerk off even more.  So grab your faggot dick and start stroking while I remind you just how much of a faggot you are.

New video, latex dress, high heels. $12.50

The beauty of addiction

The beauty of addiction

and the irresistible draw


By nature, we’re all susceptible to addictions, some more than others, simply because addiction bring us pleasure in some kind of form.  It’s the beauty of human nature to seek the pleasure, to be irresistibly drawn to it.  What is life without pleasure, I ask you?  A dull existence.  Who in the right mind would want that?

Think about it, your life not free of some kind of addiction.  Every morning you get your coffee, iced latte, or skinny mocha on the way to work.  During the day you light a cigarette or when you get home at night you grab a beer out of the fridge.  Every day you constantly check your social media updates, play games on your phone or computer or search through porn sites.  Book worms get their high from the newest bestseller and feed their addiction by scouting the book stores and yard sales for those little gems of literature.  Same for collectors.  All those hobbies from collecting baseball cards to post stamps and butterflies.  That’s nothing less than an addiction.

Of course this doesn’t mean that just because everybody is prone to some kind of an addiction that their lives will get ruined.  Unless they take it to the extremes but that would fall under abnormal behavior and we’re not talking about that here.  But you get the point I’m trying to get to here.

All of you My darlings are normal.

Ok, most of you.

Oh alright, you’re all addicts because you can’t live without being mindfucked one way or another.

Now that’s the sheer truth.  But wait, what was that about the beauty of addiction?  Well, why don’t you take a look below for a second.

ADDICTIONHow many different addictions does this one image feed?

Eyes back on the words, darling, you can look at the picture again in few moments.  For right now think about what kind of addictions can this one image evokes and which cravings it appeases.  Latex and leather.  Stockings.  Legs. High heels.  Big breasts.  Superior Woman.  Authority figure.

Ok, look at it again.  Yes, I know while you’re scanning the words, your eyes are really up on the image.  Because it’s so addictive!  To keep looking.  To keep fantasizing.  To keep craving more.

Now if you can tear yourself away again for few more minutes.  What’s so beautiful about all of this?  Mmm easy: your loss of control.  Only by letting yourself go completely, becoming submerged in the pleasure factor, can you enjoy your addiction.  Let yourself fall, don’t bother hanging onto the edges of reason or you can never fully appreciate the beauty of submission or take all that your addiction offers.  How many of you actually wait for their coffee to cool off before indulging in that pure pleasure the first sip of coffee brings you?  Ha, you know you don’t wait, you just burn your tongue and go for it because you know how good it’s going to feel.  Surrendering to your addiction to pleasure, no matter what that pleasure is, your only way of fully experiencing the beauty of addiction.

Yep, go ahead, surrender and look again.  Ahhh yes… that felt so good!   Mmm such an addict. *EvilGrin*



A Playful Side

A Playful Side

Even an Evil Queen has one.

I rarely show off My playful side although I allow it to be expressed in gentle touches at all times. I tone it down quite often but the playful side of Me still manifests itself in the variety of ways I captivate My pets and puppets, at least those devoted ones that over a period of time get to know Me through our conversations.

There is an immense part of that playfulness in My seduction whether it’s dainty heel dangling off My sexy little toes or those wicked head games I play with you. I delight in toying with My prey. Of course being a Queen, I do so with grace and My Royal subjects barely even suspect that My playful side is what’s responsible for all those mind numbing moments when I take you under and envelop you in a cocoon of My deliciously wicked web.

I do get a lot of entertainment out of teaching My puppies and puppets new tricks. That never stops amusing Me; just to see how high someone would jump at the graceful flick of My hand or how much panting and tail wagging can be actually produced on a demand. And at times I am mischievous in My pursuits of amusement by planting thoughts and desires into the minds of My playthings that under regular circumstances would seem absolutely silly or just plain out of character. Then I delight in seeing how My perfectly brainwashed puppets simply accept it as normal behavior.

Yet, those are only some aspects of My playful side. There is also the natural joy of life and frolicking in the sun with delightful pearls of laughter and an exquisite sense of humor that quite often gets Me into even more mischief. I am a Lioness after all. I love to play and which is why I do enjoy pulling the puppet strings so much. And My creative side allows Me to find many amusing ways of making puppets dance and put on entertaining performances.

Don’t get Me wrong here. Training puppets just right is not all fun and games and it takes a lot of serious and thorough approaches. I put in a lot of concentration and thought into proper guidance of those I deem worthy enough to be groomed as My devotees. A lot of hard and consistent work goes into building the kind of mind set that eventually pays off as entertainment. Not to mention, as a Queen I do have a responsibility of keeping My Realm running smoothly and justly.

And then sometimes… All seriousness must give way to something just wickedly naughty. For pure fun. Which is why I’ve decided to share a glimpse from one of My newest videos (of course you’ll have to see the entire clip to fully appreciate the humor in it) right here on My blog. Still as charming as ever, sexy as hell and deliciously wicked in My playful side delivering an Award winning performance. And yes, I just might film the Acceptance Speech too. *Evil Grin*

To purchase the Full Version of “What it means to be trapped in My web”, $15.00 click the button below.

To purchase the more serious (normal to you that is) Version of “Evil Enchantress: The Guide to New Prey”, click the button below.

Oh oh somebody’s been naughty!

Oh oh somebody’s been naughty!

Naughty good and naughty bad

Naughty is the nature of things here in My Realm and somebody is always doing something naughty or getting into something naughty. Most of those naughty things are encouraged and others are frowned upon. And those somebodies that do the later are of course tormented and punished.

Now, most of My puppets, puppies, sinners, Royal Sissies and Faggots are all good boys and gurls. But even the good ones sometimes stray from the path and decide to do something that they’ve been taught NOT to do at all. Think on their own.

I know some of you think, well, we’re not dumb, we can actually think on our own. Of course you can darlings. It has nothing to do with your intelligence or thinking abilities and, when it comes to certain aspects of your lives, I do expect you to think on your own, make your own decisions and choices. I have no desire nor time to hold you by the hand like a five year old and if that’s what you’re looking for then I suggest you seek a different kind of… ummm… brainwashing. Preferably by a licensed therapist. Or wait until I finish school and then I might have the time and patience to help you with that.

The kind of thinking on your own I’m talking about is when it comes to you making any kind of decisions when you don your puppy collar on and hold your leash in your mouth as you bring it to Me and place it at My pretty little feet. There is a reason I’ve been cautioning you against it, this thinking thing. A very good reason. It makes you confused! And we all know that once you get confused, you get into all kinds of naughty, and it’s not the good kind of naughty either.

And the bad kind of naughty is the situation where My darling jack has found himself just recently. Silly boy was feeling desperate when I was out for several hours one day and going out of his mind craving to speak to Me. To the point where he just couldn’t even function properly. At all. Of course, that is the precise moment jack has decided to do something foolish and… you guessed it! Think on his own!!!

Boy, oh boy, not only did he attempt such an impossible task (and we all know what it does to you addicts when you are desperate) but he also forgot that he should ask MY permission to call My Evil Twin Goddess Bella Donna. A permission that I would have granted if he had ever asked for it precisely in case of a situation like this. At least he had enough wits to ask HER for a permission to call and since we do share a lot of puppets among other things, She knew I wouldn’t mind it at all.

Oh I wish jack’s troubles have ended there with his naughty decision to think on his own. Alas, it was only the beginning. What a disgraceful behavior from one of My puppets that held so much potential when he decided to cum without permission while talking to Goddess Bella Donna. Of all the silly and disrespectful things to do!

Of course once of the phone with My lovely Partner in Deviance, jack was on YIM begging and pleading with Me to allow him to call Me now because he still desperately needed to hear My voice. I’m used to pathetic displays of this puppet but this was sheer disobedience and for that I had to punish this naughty puppet and not allow him a moment of relief until the next day. Suffering is good for disobedient boys and the best way to make an addict suffer is by taking away the very thing that gives him a high. Which was a sheer torment for jack, being an addict to Me for the past several years now.

Yes, I did allow him to call Me the next day… for more deviant and naughty torment *EvilGrin*. Puppet jack won’t forget his lesson that soon now and now realizes just how harmful it is to his own health to think on his own.

But enough about naughty bad. There are some who have been extra naughty good and one of them is My Satanic puppet. Not only has he been adding some extremely sexy high heels to My shoe closet but he’s also been recently introduced to Sex Magic. And what a better time to perform it than the Full Moon?

My puppy Robbie has been an extremely naughty good puppy with his new assignments for strengthening his submission and exercises of putting his self-centered needs aside for the needs of his Goddess. In between he’s been busy fetching sexy things for Me from Amazon and other places I allowed him and clicking tribute buttons like a good boy as well.

And I’m still enjoying those Bose earphones and the new lingerie Sleepless in Seattle was so anxious I get before he closed up his Niteflirt account. Of course he is right now on a naughty bad list but as it has happened before with him and so many others, he will be back. As always, right now he’s reading My blog, knowing that I see and hear everything and that I know some of you puppets better than you know yourself. And he’d agree when he sees Me say: I know what’s good for you darling.

Speaking of things good for you, darlings. One of My newest MP3’s is something of an improved and fine-tuned way of conditioning techniques that you simply don’t want to miss out!

Puppet Strings- hypnotic brainwashing that will leave you happy and content and loving the very strings that control you more than ever.

What wicked hold on puppets means to them

IMG_1535I get many comments from My pets about the hold I have on them. Each has a different journey, a contrasting purpose he serves. Once that purpose has been assigned, sky is the limit to where My Evil Designs might take him. Some become My faithful puppets, worshiping, adoring, catering to My every need or whim, others become a source of amusement in the form of feminized, sissified, cock sucking sluts, others are no more than a piece of furniture: an ashtray or a foot rest. Different paths, yet one thing all do have in common. Sleepless in Seattle, just as jack has in his own way, summed it up what it means to him and so many more of you:

“It has been great to keep up with Jack and Your new sissies and all. Thank You for the updates. You are quite correct in Your observations that we completely melt and trip all over our feet the moment we talk to You. But there is so much more. All the countless hard-ons You’ve given us just reading Your blog and staring at Your pics as we edge all day long until You are on line and we can call. Continuously watching the phone button and patiently waiting until Your current call ends and calling just hoping to get through to You before someone else does. And then of course..,letting go once we do talk to you. We all hang up the call thinking the same thing… Holy fuck where have You been all my life…”

Mmm yes, it did bring a smile to My face reading that. And that’s what so many of you live for as well, just as My puppy robbie has recently confessed. Oh he loves to fetch, to be allowed to press kisses to My fingertips and precious toes, to have his soul filled with the longing and My guidance in channeling it so he may become the best behaved, most useful to Me puppy. To be walked on My leash while I allow him to carry My textbooks, heels clicking rhythmically, the sexy heels My puppy fetched for Me, him lapping at My feet… mmm what a delicious world he’s granted to belong to!

Speaking of textbooks… My finals are rapidly approaching and My blog updates more than likely will become sporadic again. I have 3 tests in one week and 2 essay due all in the beginning of May. The entire next month I will be hitting the books and hitting them hard. Of course that places an even higher demand on you, My puppets! Pain sluts will need to call in often, as I might need to work some kinks out and stretch now and again. Sissies and cock suckers, I will be requiring extra amusement; I hear laughter is more than therapeutic, so entertainment from your begging, debasement, and whoring adventures is in order. Puppets, now you have to step up with your undying attention even if you are only getting the mere crumbs of My attention. I might not be always quick to respond to an email or IM but I will be here taking calls as much as possible. Puppies, cash slaves, and cash piggies, here is your chance to show your devotion by taking care of all of My bills so that I may concentrate on My finals. Tribute, tribute, tribute!

Oh, and darlings, all of you, My pets, don’t forget, taxes are due shortly! I will be sending out an email with taxes for all brackets: pervs, faggots, puppets, etc etc with some new hot pics.

Sissy Transformation

I thoroughly enjoy the power I have over men. Honestly, how something like this wouldn’t be of such satisfaction to a woman like Me? It’s knowing that I can take a completely heterosexual man and instill in him desires for something as forbidden as lust for another man. It’s having a man, who is in complete control of his life, and to gradually strip him of even the basic self-respect. Bad enough, for men that is, that they become complete and utter fools when it comes to lust alone; Me using that lust to train you to become My plaything is nothing short of amusing. Oh I love My regular puppets and puppies and the way they melt the moment I bestow My attention on them and allow them to trip over their own feet to please Me in any way I desire. However, I did promise you an update on My Royal Faggot Stable and the newest additions, haven’t I? EvilGrin.
After following through on My first Sissy Transformation Assignment, this new plaything of Mine has been sending Me emails detailing every little feeling and experience: from cutting up all of his male undergarments to the sensual torment of feminine panties keeping him tossing and turning in bed every night, to the exquisite feel of nylons that have been making him walk around dazed and aroused. But here, read for yourself, one of his first emails to Me:

“I still can’t believe I’m going through with this. I’ve read stories and such for so long. I never thought this would be me!

I bought my first pair of panties. The girl at Dillard’s was very young and exceedingly pretty. And she just might have been more embarrassed than I was. But I doubt it!

She looked at me and decided I was about a size 7 – or large, in panties. I bought a pair of white satin briefs with lace at the waist band. She insisted that to buy such a pair came with another pair free. So I chose another pair that seemed to be pink in color to me. They were the same style from the same bin.

Last night, I did as you instructed. I was a little bit stunned to realize I was getting turned on feeling them on my skin.

I cut up my old underwear and thew them away. I hesitated on doing so thinking I could always stick them away somewhere. But I said I would take pictures as proof. So I didn’t see much of a way around it. One pair of underwear isn’t that big a deal anyway right?”

And of course the pictures he sent 🙂


Isn’t this sissy-in-training just adorable? 😉 Oh and there is still so much more to teach this soon-to-be feminized cocksucker slut.

Oh puppies, puppies…

My amusement never abates at how much I have messed up your silly little heads. I watch on daily basis each one of you and the depths of debasement you’re willing to sink to. Because I took away whatever feeble control you had over your life. Because I gave you a purpose, such, as you’ve never even anticipated. Because I pushed your buttons, pulled your strings and there you are, dancing for Me, wagging your tail, begging Me. And the list goes on and on.

My darling jack sent Me this email today after the suffering he’s gone through of not being able to call Me and not even getting crumbs of My precious attention on yahoo. Needless to say, I am sharing this one:

Dearest Evil Queen of the Night,

I can’t believe what You have done to me. I have become such a hopeless addict. And i suffer all the mood swings of the addict. i go from those rare moments of clarity when i hate what You have made me – a helpless puppet, a depraved minion, pathetic loser and whimpering puppy. Then my mood swings often to a feeling of deep contentment; knowing that i am under Your complete control and that You will take such good care of me – decadent as it may be. Sometimes i’m almost completely out of control bouncing around like a ball in a pinball machine – driven wild with the need to see You, feel Your control and to hear Your voice. But the best mood of all is on those occasions when i actually get to talk to YOU and let me experience moments of such total bliss and unbelievable ecstasy. My evil Goddess – i live for the sweet sinful poison that drips from Your honeyed lips.

YOUR slave forever,


Isn’t he just adorable with his whimpering? *EvilGrin* And that’s what jack has been reduced to: a whimpering puppy. Whimpering from the torment I inflict upon him. Whimpering from the bliss of serving Me I so generously allow him to experience. Simply whimpering because I would tell him to whimper.

And he’s not the only one. Only there is no whimpering but oinking involved. Sigh…yes, I know, oinking is not as graceful as whimpering. It’s even somewhere close to distasteful. Amusing nevertheless though. This piggy of course would never grace so much as even the Royal Stables, he belongs in some dingy, damp, dark dungeon below; polishing My leather boots and emptying out the ashtrays. Still amusing to make him wiggle that curly piggy tail and get dizzy from smoking and oinking his little mind to no end.

Then there is one of My newest puppets. Oh what an addict in the making this little queer is. And a popper whore too! This one caught on really fast on the fact that begging only intensifies the cravings and the faster he relinquishes control, the better off he’ll be. Mmm and his faggotness appeals in the way he figured out that he’s here to feed My power and My energy by giving up his. It will be very amusing to see how his trasnformation is going to turn out as My panty wearing, cock sucking, robotic sissy fag.

Speaking of transforming. Next blog update I’ll be uploading pictures of this new sissy in the making who’s been following My every Transformation Assignment on Sinfully Twisted. Those of you in need of guidance to become feminized, you may click the first 3 assignment buttons bellow to begin your journey.

IMG_0148I’ll leave off tonight with another hot image for you puppies to succumb to. Clicking on it will take you to My newest video “Stroke to Please Me puppy”, another exploitative clip of your weakness for My hypnotic cleavage.

Smoke slave

Mmm it’s been a while since I’ve talked to My original smoke slave. For a moment there, I thought he actually quit smoking altogether, My dear closet smoker, it was so difficult for him to start keeping up with all the dark and deviant aspects of his addiction. Oh but what a surprise to have seen him buy some of My newest smoking videos on c4s (see My tweets for links to those) in the past month. Of course he’s been reading My blog as well. Yes, My smoke slave, I still keep an eye on My Evil Kingdom and know what every one of My puppets and slaves are doing.

The last time we spoke, My smoke slave was about to embark on a very sinful journey of smokey adultery. Mmm I wonder if that particular dark desire of his has been satisfied and properly explored… Well, now that international calls are back on Niteflirt, maybe he’ll give Me a call so we can catch up and have a cigarette or two together, or have him fuck his lungs for Me while he’s there *EvilGrin*.

I know you’ll be reading this eventually, My pet, so you should keep an eye on those smokey mindfuck videos. Mmm there are some triggers you might recognize…as well as new ones that will help you become more addicted to such deliciously dark and harmful things.

For the rest of you, smoke slaves and puppets, those of you I have corrupted and turned into smokers, those, whose addiction I’ve taken to a new level, there is a favorite saying of Mine: once an addict, always an addict. 😉 So, puppets. light up a cigarette and call Me to submit to your Eternal Smokey existence at My feet.

Candles burn

Flames dancing in a circle. Words to bind. To enclose. Web’s been spun, its silky strands envelop, hold you tight. As I cast My spell tonight, the flames dance… Heat waves. Lust flames. Round and round, they weave their magic, guided by My hand. Flames consume you and with them, dancing like marionette… There you are My pet. Heart beats faster to the rhythm of the candle’s flame dancing. Lust flames. Growing higher. Following around. Spun, red and gold. Feel My hold… And hunger grows…


This Full Moon is a powerful one and with that another spell’s been cast. Oh you wonder if it is indeed a spell that I put on you or if it’s you losing your mind at times, don’t you? Questioning and trying to figure out how you’ve ended up being My helpless puppet. My marionette. Is it something you’ve dreamed up? Is it real? Or was there a spell? Silly, puppet, spells are real but I don’t need one to capture you and have you bid to all My whims. I am Magic, I am Power. I’m your Queen. Casting spells is just another way to make you dangle helplessly while I toy with you.

And it seems I’ve added more playthings to My Royal Court of late. Yes, of course, I’m still amusing Myself with My darling jack and Sleepless in Seattle; first one growing more pathetic by the hour in his complete inability to control even the simplest needs, spending more time waiting for a crumb to be bestowed upon him than actually being able to think rationally at all. How amusing watching jack wiggle around for Me. Oh and Sleepless in Seattle, what a wonderful new journey is in store for him! Mmm corruption. I love corruption. I love adultery. I love addictions. Mmm I love SIN.

Misty bitch has been back on self-destruction course and with what force too! Hardcore drugs, whoring around, caring less and less about consequences and those in his life affected by it. Now that’s devious, isn’t? To encourage something so dark? Oh but how thrilling watching him keep spiraling out of control. He really is a dirty Misty whore.

Two sissies joined the stables recently. One in training, diligently following every assignment I’ve been sending out on Sissy Transformation from Sinfully Twisted on Niteflirt. I’ll devote a special entry with his progress, I believe, as we enter different degrees of sissification with him.

Newest yet, new pantie wearing puppet, begs to be taken over completely as realization of My power and will impacting his poor feeble mind has sunk in. Mmm how much fun would it be to expose him, wearing panties, masturbating into them while the others watch and him pleading with Me to allow him to be My dirty little slut? What a delicious thought…

Now, I know you’re shocked to see not one, but three! new blog entries suddenly pop up in a matter of days. I’m back to resuming classes again next week and you, puppets, did need something new to read. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to update again, but keep checking back. I know you’re there. Waiting… Craving… Mindless with need for even a mere word from Me, an indication that I know you’re here. Don’t worry, darling, I always know you are. But suffering and torment… they are so good for you! *EvilGrin*

I’ve decided to take a little break from My algebra and do something rare: update My blog again. TWICE in LESS THAN A WEEK! I know, it’s a shocker, but I suppose tearing Myself away from the fascinating logarithms and 3×3 systems is in order due to the overwhelming amount of emails from My puppets that were either elated or absolutely devastated about making it or being left unmentioned in My blog posts. I usually try not to make My posts too lengthy, therefore I don’t include a lot of details about the constant amusement you darlings go out of your way to provide Me with on daily basis. Oh but how My puppets start to trip over their own feet to be the ones to please Me the most and deserve My attention, even when it is just a mere crumb that I throw out at you, whether it is a personal response to your email, IM, or mentioning here, on My blog. Needless to say, that behaviour of yours, puppets, always leaves Me smiling like a Cheshire Cat. And why not, thought I to Myself amidst My ardent studying for tomorrow’s test, take a break and talk about some escapades and adventures in the Realm of My Wicked Web.
It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned twinkle star sammy, who made his appearance this past weekend after months of absence. Some things never change, and they do apply not only to him but to My other queer faggots and smoke sluts: once an addict, always an addict. And why not enjoy what comes naturally to you, isn’t it right, sammy? Being turned on by gay porn and harming yourself with cigarette smoke (in this instance at least) are those natural instincts that you try to deny yourself to no avail. Forbidden always becomes most arousing and just because it’s bad doesn’t mean it isn’t good – something I’ve been telling you, puppets, all these years. Losing control is exciting partly due to its fear factor, yet you keep spinning and falling deeper precisely because of it, just as My smoke slut faggot does every time he puts on his panties, lights up a cigarette while he’s wearing a nicotine patch, fucks himself with his wife’s vibrator, and becomes My pain slut, scared, but unable to resist My command of putting that cigarette out on his sissy fag cock.
And then there is a smoking sissy who dreams of being back under My spell as I chant in My native Russian tongue the curse to keep him weaker, yearning for the blissful ambiance of the creamy smoke rings floating above his head, and that delicious feel and look of feminine garments and make-up caressing him into oblivion as I coax him into wearing them. His girlfriend meanwhile is in the next room with her friend obvious to his cravings for My “sweet sadistic mesmerizing control”.
Oh but there are many more… Alas, it’s getting late and you, My darling pets, will have to wait another day (or week at the most I hope) to hear about others… Most wicked dreams, My darlings…
P.S. Sunday, the 17th. The Full Moon Sacrifice. It’s time to replenish your supplies, Sleepless in Seattle, and spill ambrosia of your energy into the flames of My candles so I may feast on it again.