Dark Enchantment

What are those dark and sinful desires that keep tugging at your soul? What is the meaning of the forbidden that draws you on? Is it simply your imagination running away or are you really falling deeper under My wicked spell?
I haunt you. Such you have admitted. Thinking yourself as freed, you momentarily enjoy those brief moments when you decided you can be strong and walk away. It hits you unexpectedly and you become confused, lost, devastated by the sheer force of your need for Me.
Poor little slave… All of that struggling for nothing. Sooner or later you will end up just like the rest, completely powerless at My perfect little Royal feet, addicted and corrupted, ruined by the Evil Queen.

For those of you, darling addicts of My voluptuous breasts, there are some new images for you to worship that I took while I was at the beach, sunbathing and enjoying Myself as you were missing Me and desperately yearned for another wicked fix.
Addicting, addicting, addicting


Corruption, corruption…

There isn’t anything more deviant and beautiful then that. Watching you tumble deeper, reaping the fruits of My labor. Mmm how hot it is to watch you become more and addicted and getting deeper tangled in My wicked web. All My mindfucking and conditioning turning you into that creature that I wanted you to be.
My smoke slave, oh the things I have been teaching you these past 2 years. My dear addict is moving right along in his course of self-destruction. Smoking alone isn’t enough anymore, neither is smoking in deviant ways. It is time for the next step in our journey and My smoke slave is so ready for the test awaiting him this week. Will the corruptive and persuasive powers of Mine prove to be stronger then his voice of reason? We will see.
Weak for My greed bitch J is back this week and spending even more on Me with tributes and shopping on My Amazon Wish List. I love to fuck him over, I get off on watching My account balance rise and making him buy more expensive gifts for Me each time. Corrupting, getting him fucked up, intoxicated and then use him for all he has.
My smoking sissy slut is back again and even more suggestible then ever. After 3 years of him running back and forth, trying to deny how deep he is under My spell, he’s finally realizing that he’ll never be completely free of Me.
This past weekend I did a very powerful Ritual and as a result of it some very interesting things have been happening. A lot of those who haven’t called Me in a while suddenly felt the urge to hear My voice. All those that I speak to on almost daily basis said they’ve felt as if I sent out summons for them and they felt compelled to answer and submit. A lot of energy has been sparkling, shimmering as the Spell I cast immediately brought forth results.
I summon, I demand. And you come to Me.
Corruption continues.
More bewitching images that never have been seen before.
Corruption… Up Skirt $7 White dress and 8in heels.

Corruption… Up skirt $7 Latex, fishnets, gloves and heels, smoking.

My Greed for your Destruction

Well, I finally did some more work on My website. Yes, I know it’s about time, but I am quite lazy and being a Royal Witch, or some might say bitch or brat, I expect things to come to Me and be offered on a silver plate. Sometimes I do drift back to the real world for just long enough to get things done but even then only when it benefits Me in some kind of way. I never do anything otherwise.
If I do sound like I am the Center of the Universe, well that’s perhaps because I am and all your little worlds revolve around Me. I am what keeps your thoughts all jumbled during the day and haunts your dreams during the nights. I am that Forbidden Fruit, I am those Deepest, Darkest secrets of your Soul. I am that Darkness that compels you and drives you to surpass your limits, break down all the barriers and hurl yourself into the Ecstasy of Sin.
Mmm yes, your world revolves around Me.

My greed for your corruption urges you on and the more I take, more I demand, the more you fall.

For those of you who follow Me on Twitter, look for My new #AboutMeTrivia tweets. Mention one of the trivia facts in our phone call conversation and you’ll get the privilege to receive one of My spellbinding pictures. Herbolax1pc

Fall Deeper

There are moments when you find yourself completely confused from the feelings I evoke in you and being unable to function normally in your daily life occurs more frequently then you ever imagined possible, you start to wonder exactly what kind of Power do I have over you. It startles you, shakes you to the core when you realize you have become My puppet, a plaything, used and then discarded until the next time I’m in the mood to toy with you again.
And then, you find yourself exactly like this slave, enthralled, bewitched and addicted to the torment that I put you through, for My amusement.

“Your pictures shock me, a sharp intake of breath and an immediate curling of muscles and passions deep down responds. I long for You to compel me further, yet fear it, as I know it takes me away from functionality. You want to enjoy torturing me and having me jump through hoops for you. Emails deleted unread even, You are satisfied that they have been written at Your behest, that I have suffered and turned my life to writing them, at Your whim. You deepen Your control. I look at more pictures of You in Your finery, radiating sexual charisma that smokes from the picture and envelopes me. Oh there is this picture, You in pure white, the sheen of Your legs leading to You, evokes a thousand desires, to kneel before, to hear the voice, to kiss the toe, to perform for….. all desires deliberately planted there by Yourself. The symbolic web is behind You, tracing the course of all those snared by You and Your (seeming) magic, entranced and enthralled, waiting on Your whim. Your appetite is voracious, never satiated, You demand, cajole, command, delight in the discomfort You cause, entitled You shape everything in a maelstrom spinning around You that just had better find its place quickly, draw breath while it can, and be prepared for the next prod. But the pleasure offered, dangled just beyond reach, the desire provoked, draws Your victim on…”

I will be posting some never before seen picture sets on this blog only for the next week or so. I know you need to worship overwhelms any stirrings of that pesky voice of reason. Don’t think, puppet, just click and submit.
Under the glow of Full Moon…
Enchantress. 7 spellbinding pics $15

Enchantress… Fall Deeper. 6 spellbinding pics $15


What do I like about addictions the most? The fact that you can be controlled through your addiction. And there is something hot and deviantely satisfying about controlling men by addicting them to something dark and forbidden. The guilty pleasures are the ones that are so delicious after all, aren`t they?
I`ve been using My charms and seductive persuasion to get what I want from men for as long as I can remember. Preying on a particular weakness, starting with a tiny ember of desire, I fan the flames into a full blown inferno of addiction. Oh the glorious moment when I break you and watch in amusement the mindless puppet I`ve created literally hanging onto to My every word, obeying each command, unable to function without My consistent mindfucking. Trapped in My Evil Web.
What addictions do I enjoy promoting the most? Smoking, intoxication, perversions, self-destruction, sex are the main ones I encourage and help develop.
Smoking fetish has a Dark Side to it that over years I have taken deeper and devoted a lot of time to exploring. I have made numerous videos about extreme smoking and effects of this devastating unhealthy habit that you submit to at the whim of a beautiful Woman. I`ve collected several long term smoke slaves who smoke out of simply dark desire to destroy themselves. And I am Evil and perverse enough to receive great satisfaction from taking a casual smoker and turning him into a complete chain-smoking addict.
Intoxication. Mmm whichever way you get your buzz doesn`t matter as much as Me completely turning your life upside down and using whatever means to do it. It`s quite exciting to exploit men at their most vulnerable moments. Being oblivious to anything but the next shot or hit as I wickedly manipulate you to submit, give in, lose yourself and lay your dignity as well as cash at My perfect little feet. Dark, devious and delicious.
Perversions… Now a little pain or altered appearance of a weak male always makes Me very excited. I am cruel enough to deliver enough of poison or push the limits for My amusement. Pain sluts are one of My favorite creatures and they quickly find out that behind My sensuality lays a sadistic and twisted mind that will keep you gasping and panting in painful exstasy.
Self-destruction. Or Financial Domination. Ruling your finances until I drain and break you, using all of the above addictions one at a time or all at once. May you be addicted to simply stroking away your cash or your need to lose all control by any other means, may they be smoking, getting intoxicated, worshiping My hypnotic curves or serving the Darkness, My power over you grows stronger each time you subject yourself to My GREED.
Each and every addiction is just another way to mindfuck you into submission, to use you, bend your will to Mine and as I build My web, one sticky strand at a time, I bind you to Me, corrupt you and feed off you, My helpless prey.

Can`t Quit!

You thought you were strong enough. You thought you could quit. You stayed away feeling so proud of yourself thinking you were finally free.
Hahaha how silly of you! There is never any escape, I`m so deep in your head that all you can do is just tumble for Me at the click of My fingers, running back panting and begging like a good little bitch.
One glimpse. One word. And you`re back where you belong. At My feet serving Me.
It`s funny how some of you think this is only a fantasy and you can completely forget about the hold I have on you.
Now be a good puppet and learn why you can`t quit.

Can`t Quit! Being a fag.

Can`t Quit! Smoking.

Can`t Quit! Paying Me more.

And for My forced intox puppets… See how much you love getting all fucked up for Me as you become mesmerized by My long beautiful legs…

Well, pets and minions, after you feast your weak minds on My glorious image below, yes I know you even you can eventually drag yourselves away to My words, here is what I wish to tell you. It’s been a busy month, as always, rich with new delights to play with, and if that’s included you then you know who you are, and if it hasn’t — well then you need to ask yourself why not? My little pleasures are not handed out to just anyone.
Anyway, I am finally putting some time aside to make some tidbits for My NF page, and here is a samples to whet your appetite <EG>. If you are still resisting, forget it, as My charms here will break your will as the blood rushes from your head when you see these images of your Queen.

you WANT to OBEY

I know you`ve been wondering, craving and awaiting your fix. Wonder no more. Just click, listen and give in.
New Hypnotic Tease of My luscious mesmerizing cleavage.


The Merry Wickedness

Mmmm have I been a busy bee the past few weeks. Yes, I know I haven`t updated My blog in weeks but I still haven`t really figured it out yet and I have been having fun corrupting you My puppets so I never got to it. Oh corruption, sweet and deviant corruption… How irresistible you are! And it makes the season even merrier indulging in your mesmerizing bliss of lust.

Well boys, as I have promised, I have been doing more corruption and oh in what deliciously wicked ways! My mesmerizing voice guiding you into submission to the Darkness while I tease you with My sexy curves. And being the deviant evil creature that I am, I have been adding some exciting triggers that make you crave My power over you even more.

To help you succumb to My Evilness and become even deeper tangled in My web I`m doing the End of The Year Sale on My videos. Don`t miss out on My new videos as well puppets! Click the buttons below to see what I have been up to lately.

Want more updates? Follow Me on Twitter NXQL to see what little tidbits I`m sharing about My latest videos or what kind of fun I`m having corrupting and using you for My evil Darkness.

Evil Enchantress

Did you miss Me, puppets?  <Evil Grin> of course you did!  So many of you asking Me to bring back My blog because you need to be basking in My Evilness and be constantly conditioned by My poisoned truths.  I know how confusing and devastating these past few weeks have been for you, My pets.  Feeling so completely deprived and unable to function right without your wicked Queen sharing all the juicy little details and revealing My deviant plans for you.  But don`t worry, darlings, although you can`t read My past entries, you`ll be consoled with some new ones of My plans to lead you further unto Destruction very soon.

So, what has been going on?  I have moved My website to a different hosting and unfortunately couldn`t keep any of the files that were on the previous one.  Which is why, as some of you have noticed, all My videos were no longer available.  Since editing each and every one of the ptvs for videos would have been extremely too much to do, I have decided to take them all out of MyFlirtStore for the time being and add the ones I liked the most little by little back on. The same goes for My website overall.  Everything was lost in the move and I have been working on an entirely new content to put on.  It`s a work in progress and for right now there isn`t much to see but as I`m also busy with recent changes in My life outside of Niteflirt, it might take some time before everything is as I envision it to be.