Sissy Exposure

Mmmm sissy Moye has updated her photos and once again begs to be exposed!  Look at all the new info and how much she’s slutting herself out there on the internet!

image3 IMG_0221 IMG_0234 IMG_0536

IMG_0234 IMG_0235 IMG_0536 IMG_0621 IMG_0623 IMG_0726 IMG_0783Sissy has 2 new pictures to share! Look how much she enjoyed her soft pantyhose and how girly those pink toes look all painted!

CNyEyguU8AALgpG IMG_0153

I’ve decided to combine the 2 previous posts I had on this particular sissy together and put all the pictures onto one page along with the information as it keeps getting updated. In short, keep this one post as the main one that I’ll be adding to as I get new juice teed bits and pictures to share with anyone who wants to see this crossdersser’s journey into exposure.

I’ll start with saying how couple of years ago I started getting these phone calls on Niteflirt from a sissy-wanna-be whose fantasy was to be exposed to the world so she can finally live her life as a feminized full-time sissy. From time to time I would re-post the same blog posts and tweet the link on My Twitter until the game became more amusing with locking this silly sissy out of her other online accounts and passing her information around to other like-minded Women I know. Oh it’s always been so much fun to see My friends and other Dommes give a nice and healthy dose of emasculation to this crossdressing slut over the past few months and I’m always looking forward to more sissy exposure because it is quite amusing to see her squirm in her panties and pantyhose.

A little bit about this sissy (all those juicy information pieces that she begs to have publically disclosed for all to see):

Name: Thomas Cozart. Also goes by Thomas M. Cozart and Moye Cozart

Occupation: retired Navy, currently looking for a job. Possibly at the Mall selling pantyhose or perfume (have you tried those yet, Sissy Moye? wink)

Place of Residence: Last place known is in NC where Sissy was living with her parents and confessed about her dreams of walking into her mother’s house wearing pantyhose without socks to cover them. Such a naughty sissy who wants to be exposed so desperately even by her own family.

Other known residencies: Jacksonville, Fl (I have to look around for the address that I know I had somewhere!)

Phone number: (904) 309-1471
And check this sissy out on Google Plus

More pictures and stories from this sissy on his blog

I figured I’d put together a gallery of this sissy’s pictures. All are downloadable and you can share them on your own social media to get Sissy Moye completely exposed for all the world to see!

After calling Me the other day asking to remove him from My blog, today I receive another call. This naughty sissy is confessing how he can not stand the thought of not having his pictures up for everyone to see. And now there are newest images to add to the collection so My darling sissy slut can be exposed further. Look at how busy sissy has been getting all dolled up and strutting his sissiness! Don’t forget to download and share these pictures so Sissy Moye can be exposed until this is the only way he can live: as a full time sissy!

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After calling Me the other day asking to remove him from My blog, today I receive another call. This naughty sissy is confessing how she can not stand the thought of not having his pictures up for everyone to see. And now there are newest images to add to the collection so My darling sissy slut can be exposed further. Look at how busy sissy has been getting all dolled up and strutting his sissiness! Don’t forget to download and share these pictures so Sissy Moye can be exposed until this is the only way he can live: as a full time sissy!


The Evil Enchantress

The Evil Enchantress

The one and only and the original

There is no duplicating The Evil Enchantress as My followers have know Me for almost 10 years.  No doubt, many have tried over the years to be like Me, even going as far as changing their name to Evil Enchantress or stealing My material to pose as Me.  They haven’t fooled anyone, for there can be no other Enchantress like Myself.

It’s easy to duplicate the name but not the power nor style that are explicitly My own.  I am the original Evil Enchantress that created a Queendom with My web trademark and those who have been My pets for years, know that the web is not just symbolic.  The web is what I create and spin around you, My prey, as I capture and enchant you.

The reason I’m making a post about this is the new Niteflirt account that I had to create.  Yes, I’m still taking calls on Queen of The Night and yes, you still belong to the right Evil Enchantress if you’ve clicked on the goodie button and wondered about that.  I had run out of disk space on the Queen of The Night and unfortunately it will take Me forever to delete all of the old files (5 at the time, that’s NF for you) to make room for more.  Since I don’t have all the time or patience in the world to tinker with it, I decided to utilize an account I opened a while ago but never did anything with.

It was no surprise to find out that the name “Evil Enchantress” was already taken.  Imagine that! *Amused snicker*  Well, after playing around with “Black Widow” so on and on I decided to just add “The” to “Evil Enchantress” and keep it at that.  After all, I am The Evil Enchantress and Black Widow is one of the byproducts of Me being one. *EvilGrin*

Now when I send out My newest goodies, they will be coming from that account.  At least for the time being.  Or until that account runs out of disk space lol.

But back to your lovely Queen being The Evil Enchantress…  It’s time to worship and serve, My pet.  Call, listen to My recordings, watch My videos and become enchanted by the wicked web I weave around your mind…

The Original One and Only Evil Enchantress Queen Luna
The Original One and Only Evil Enchantress Queen Luna

New videos and other updates

Ugh the time flies and it flies way too fast.  Once again I have been way too busy to update My blog!  And there has been quite a lot going on in My life lately…

First and foremost, your Queen has a brand new business to add to turning you, My pets, into My mindless puppets.  Since I got My real estate license just a little over a month ago, I’ve been quite the busy Queen Bee setting it all up so I can delve into a new venue.  Which is of course why I haven’t been as available for calls on Niteflirt lately.

Starting a new business is never easy and there is a lot to learn.  While I can still apply the same marketing skills, as well as customer relations, as I have been doing on Niteflirt for years, there is a lot about real estate that demands My time in order to learn all ins and outs of it.  Takes time and adjustment, so be patient, My pets.

No, I’m not quitting Niteflirt. Give up My Queendom??? Shudders… Haha some of you might be hoping just for that, thinking that FINALLY you can escape My web. Sorry to disappoint you, darlings, if that’s what you think.  I offer no returns, no loopholes, no means of slipping out.  It’s something I’ve warned you about right from the start and once you have landed into My web… well, you already know… Just except it and stop fighting your Fate.

But think how fortunate you are that you get to feed the power of your magnificent Queen!  Ah, yes, you were aware of that, weren’t you darling, that every time you succumb to Me and My wishes you were intensifying not only My power over you but My personal power period!  Consider yourself lucky I don’t use that power and charm to sell you a house; you’d have no way to resist *Evil Laugh*

Mmm speaking of not being able to resist…  I had some time the other day to film and of course I couldn’t resist trying on My new blue latex dress (what a good boy My bound slave is for fetching it for Me).  I do love My latex but especially in bright colors.  Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to find it in colors other than black and something that doesn’t fall apart before you even put it on.  This dress is such a liquid delight on My curves that I had to get some videos to make My pets even more mesmerized and helpless against Me. 😉

Mesmerized by Liquid Latex

Latex Trance Video

Sensual domination takes on an even more enchanting form as I have you focus on the shiny latex dress I’m wearing.  The slight rustling noises it makes every time I move are so mesmerizing that you can’t help yourself but to relax.  My spiked heels melodically echo on the hardwood floors.  My sensual voice guides your attention to the focus on these things and you slip into such a pleasant deep trance easily and quickly.  As you keep watching and listening, your arousal begins to build as I gently take you onto the path of surrender, completely enchanting you in the wonderful world of My latex trance.

Although this video wasn’t meant to be AMSR, you might find some of the elements similar and at first relaxing theh perfectly stimulating.

11 mins.  Blue latex dress, Goddess worship, JOI. $16.69


Keep it up faggot Video

Mmm yes, literally, keep it up faggot.  Keep jerking off to your favorite thing: being a cock sucker!  I know you love being degraded about it and that only makes you jerk off even more.  So grab your faggot dick and start stroking while I remind you just how much of a faggot you are.

New video, latex dress, high heels. $12.50

Slave Training

Slave Training

and your blissful existence

Slave training is something most of you, My puppets, are now very familiar with as I have been brainwashing you senseless.  It does give you a sense of purpose, knowing that your life is in My wicked hands and I can mold and shape you in any which way I desire.

As a slave or a puppet, you learn the valuable lessons on how to be useful to Me, how to properly serve Me, how to please your Queen, and even how to become a better person.  Slave training is not just a sexual thing but a character building tool as well as a therapeutic one to help you cope with your life and release stress.

For years you’ve heard Me talk about giving in to your desires and enjoying that secret part of yourself that you keep hidden from the rest of the world.  There is nothing wrong with you embracing your inner slave and deriving all of the benefits of being a submissive.  No matter of fact, it’s one of the healthiest things you can do for your mental well-being.  Acting upon your needs even by fantasizing about it, without of course harming anyone, is natural and detrimental.  Besides, who’d want to live their life as a dried up prune always wondering and denying themselves something that is a very important part of them?

Evil Enchantress High Priestess Queen of The Night
Serve at Queen Luna’s Royal Feet

Being a slave to a beautiful, powerful and confident woman is what makes you… you!  Which is why once again I have released few slave training videos.  They are not only to indulge your ever present need for submission but to teach you how to properly please Me, your Queen.  As every Goddess might have different expectations, it is something you must learn: the specific ways you can be of service to the One you are currently serving or wish to serve.


These 3 videos can be enjoyed as a continuation of one another or individually.

As your Owner comes home Video $13.69

As My live-in slave, by now you know the routine and await eagerly for your Owner to come home so that you can exactly what you have been trained for: serve and take care of your Owner Queen.  Kneeling, with your head bowed in submission, you wait for that blissful moment when I sit down and allow you to caress My Royal feet.  After a long day in My leather heels, they’re tired, damp and achy and it’s your job to soothe them.
#Goddess worship, #foot worship, #POV, #intoxicating foot scent, #slave, #puppet

Slave’s Devotion Video $13.69

Awaiting for your Owner’s return, you fantasize about that moment when My high heels come off and you’re allowed to show your devotion by taking care of My perfect Royal feet.  Trained to please your Queen, you’re a slave to My whims and desires but there is nothing better than feeling so useful and grateful when you’ve been bestowed such a privilege of worshiping My sexy feet at the end of the day.
#Slave training, #Foot worship, #close ups #foot slave, #Goddess worship

Slave’s Reward $20.00

Pleasing your Owner has become your most important task.  And of course, My slave is being such a good boy, he gets rewarded with a chance to worship My silky smooth panties.  I know you’ve been trying so hard to please your Queen, My sweet, no matter how emasculating or demanding some of the tasks given to you have been.  None of that matters anymore, as you are a completely submissive puppet now and only your Owner’s commands fulfill your life.
This video is a continuation of “Serving your Owner” and “Slave’s Devotion” but can be enjoyed independently as well.
#pantie worship #satin #Goddess worship #slave training



Have you been home-wrecked?

Have you been home-wrecked?

oh I know you recognize yourself, darling

Queen LunaHave you been home-wrecked??? If you have been asking yourself this question, then of course you have been home-wrecked!  It only makes sense if you begin to recognize yourself in My videos and recordings, yes, darling, the ones you so eagerly keep checking My goodies for daily.  And then, as you watch and listen, you feel as if I speak directly to you, or talk about… you guessed it, you!

Oh the signs are all there.  Sneaking away just so you can stroke away in the middle of the day, or night, to something I have ordered you to do.  Forgetting your responsibilities and instead concentrating on you becoming My good boy… and stroking more.  Neglecting your wife or girlfriend because you much rather spend more time listening to Me.  Have you been home-wrecked, My sweet?  Oh you bet you have been!

What can you do about it, you ask?  *Laughs at you*

Darling, there is nothing you can change now.  Not only have I addicted you to constant brainwashing that I subject you to, but I’ve become the most powerful and influential woman in your life.  Ask yourself this, My puppet: can you stop thinking of how you can please Me?  Silly boy, that’s all you ever think of now and the only way you function!  Just look at how good it feels to know you can constantly be at My feet and stroking mindlessly for Me!

Have you been home-wrecked then, puppet?  Mmm…  Why don’t you show Me. *EvilGrin*
Home-wrecked puppet Video

Home-wrecked faggot Video

Life in a fast lane

Life in a fast lane

How fast can I get there?

It’s been a while since I’ve updated My blog but I guess when you’re living life in a fast lane some things escape your attention.  And lately that is exactly what I have been doing: racing down the highway doing 140 in My determination to reach the desired destination sooner rather than soon.  Being of an impatient nature when it comes to certain things, I want to get there YESTERDAY and in My rush to accomplish that I tend to let other things pass by in a blur with Me barely noticing them.

But as much as one may live life in a fast lane, is that really all that’s been keeping Me from updating My blog?  And yes, I know you’ve been wondering why I haven’t done anything to change the website after I took all of My images down.  It has been literally months.

Where have your Queen gone?

Honestly, I have opened this page now and again, watching the cursor blink for what seemed like Eternity each time… and eventually moved on to other things.  It’s not like I haven’t been busy in this life in a fast lane of Mine.  Even though I haven’t been available as much for phone sessions, I have been quite busy with several of My puppets via special ptv sessions.  I’ve had My reasons for that as well besides living in a chaotic atmosphere that I create for Myself (how could I ever function if My life was boring and steady???)

Some of those reasons include My health, which I’m not going to get into this time other than mentioning that I had a very rude awakening.  Other reasons include the new paths that have opened up to Me in life since I came to this place and I have been exploring them… exploring Myself.  There has been a lot of introspection going on within Myself in the past several months, a bit of evolving and some of indecisiveness that happens when you’re faced with the unknown.  Oh which door do I choose?  Which one do I close forever and how will I fair if I do?

Quite a bit of those dilemmas have been involving My website since Niteflirt’s ever changing rules and some of the “well-meaning” flirts constantly policing their competition make it a bit more difficult to portray Myself as more than just a character.  Yes, My dears, I am REAL and have a REAL life and most of My followers don’t come here for a free wanking material but to get to know Me, to be a part of My life.  Who I am besides being the Evil Enchantress, the Queen of The Night and Sinfully Twisted is why many of them have been with Me for years.  It’s the reason they know W/we are a comparable match and has giving the fuel to many conversations and fantasies.  Having to censor Myself is akin to killing My creativity.

Of course there are other venues and I’m still undecided on which one of them I will take.  Meanwhile, the wheel is spinning and I live life in a fast lane chasing My dreams, realizing My goals and collecting the knowledge on vast subjects to ensure My journey is safe and fulfilling.

Until I figure things out, I’m leaving them as is and will try to occasionally, and a little more often than lately, to update My blog.  And of course, there are constantly new, wickedly exciting recordings, videos coming and images where the REAL ME shines through and makes the Evil Enchantress as irresistible as She is. *Wicked Grin*

Good boys and puppets

Good boys and puppets

an update on Queen Luna’s Realm

While I’m re-configuring all of the pages on My website, I thought I’d give an update on My good boys and puppets as it has been quite a long time since I’ve done that.  I know some of you have worked hard to please Me and deserve those bragging rights to you being showcased here on My blog and for the rest… gives you something to aspire for as My prospective good boys if you are new to My wicked Realm, or have been, mildly put, slacking.

Over the past few months I have been spending a lot of individualized attention on several good boys and puppets.  Oh the wonderful new ways they were taught to perform on My enchanting web strings and the new depths of submission they have been allowed to discover under My constant guidance.  As I have mentioned in My previous posts, everyone’s purpose is quite different but the main goal to achieve is the same one for every puppet, slave and minion: to please his Queen Luna.  There is nothing like the praise from My lips that sends you floating on the 9th cloud of bliss.  Those three little words are enough make your day just from hearing Me utter them to you.  Myriad of sensations I have instilled in you to experience at the sound of those three words can range from an arousing storm to a peaceful blanket of contentment  and you would jump through any hoops to hear them.

And jumping through hoops is just what some of My good boys and puppets have been doing.  All for My pleasure, of course! Evil Grin.

As always, puppy has been quite the fetching boy for Me, ensuring I have some packages coming in every single week as well as taking care of more everyday details as a good butler, secretary and overall provider should.  He takes his responsibility very seriously and knows that no matter what My bills are or how big or small they are, he has to work hard to make sure his Queen doesn’t have to worry about them.   Puppy even managed to ensure I had a wonderful time relaxing at a local spa with a nice long, luxurious massage and a facial after the hectic holidays and visitors.

Sinner puppet has been a very naughty boy as well and “naughty” for him is the equivalent of being good with his desire to sin more, be wicked and devoting himself to his Evil Queen.  I love shopping for heels with this puppet!  It’s so exciting for both of U/us to know that every pair of deliciously wicked spiked heels is going to be used against him in a such a dark seduction that it only adds to the experience.  And despite over-indulging a bit last year, My sinner puppet is still happily enjoying his corruption, which can get a bit pricey.

If you’ve been wondering where have I been also in the past several weeks, well I have been quite busy with My smoke slave, the original and one of few who has been with Me almost from the start.  Mmm smoke slave has been quite a good boy for the past couple of months making up for the 2 years of him taking a break and living in denial about his addiction.  W/we have been having some quite amusing Skype sessions daily over a cup of coffee and several cigarettes to go with it.  Mmm and laughing over how he is unable to resist lighting up when he sees Me light My cigarette, indulging in some pretty naughty fantasies and having really intense conversations about everything under the Moon.  Smoke slave has been very good at entertaining and amusing Me where so many ungrateful puppets have failed to do so and were dismissed from My Realm in disgrace lately.

One of My faithful followers, Dave, has been also making a lot of progress in the addiction department over the course of several months.  Mmm how eager he is to be trapped in My web where he obediently follows through with every assignment I give him.  And I do so enjoy an obedient puppet!  This one is another one of My favorites to go shopping with and W/we even have now matching dresses and amazing vintage nightgowns (such a good boy for fetching Mine, darling!).  Dave has even been consulting with Me on beauty products/procedures and better poses when he takes photos to show off his sexy dresses.

Now off to My foot slave.  As very few puppets over the years have earned this privilege, My foot slave has been getting personalized photo sets and even a video or two for being such a devoted love slave.  I simply love and enjoy hearing him beg to be deeper and deeper put under another wicked spell and keep him hopelessly in love with his Queen.  And he was such a good boy pampering Me with a mani/pedi.

Over the holidays I’ve had several other good boys and puppets that have made an effort to please Me, including Glenn, who was such a kinky boy for Me the moment his girlfriend left town.  And My smoking sissy slut has been putting an appearance more often again.  Jack was doing well enough in his position until yesterday where I swore he just disobeyed to be punished.  Hmmm that boy has become addicted to being a degraded pain slut and I think tormenting with taking that away from him will serve as a lesson.

These are only some of My puppets and slaves that some of you have been familiar here on My blog and there are still several more I won’t mention, but not because they haven’t deserved it.  Discretion as always My priority for those who express the wish to remain anonymous to the rest of the Realm.  As for the rest of you slaves, puppets, minions and such, there is always an opportunity to please your Queen.  It may be completing all of your assignments, fetching from My amazon wishlist, taking care of one of My bills, sending Me a tribute, pampering Me and continue to serve as an obedient and devoted slave.

Yes, I did it again!

Yes, I did it again!

Out with the old, in with the New!

Yup, you came on My website, hoping to get your everyday much needed glimpse of your Queen, read My musings as you hang on to every word I pen with abated breath, devour My shared thoughts, opinions and generous teachings… only to find out that I did it again: took it all away!!!

Oh don’t worry, puppets, I am not punishing you, although some of you do deserve that and not in the way you would enjoy it either; I am simply switching the hosting once again which has resulted in My Evil Realm disappearing suddenly from your screens and reappearing looking blank.  Since I did it again, I figured I’ll import some of the latest files so you can have at least something to read (ever the generous Queen) while I work on the fresh new look.

Of course, things couldn’t go smooth for Me with the transfer once again which is why there is going to be a fresh new look.  And some of you will be compensating for the headaches and trouble I’m going through just to make sure you don’t feel lost without My Wicked Realm to guide you in between O/our sessions.

Well there is your update, stay tuned, be patient, tribute often and try to remain a good boy for Me while I’m busy with this unpleasant task of fiddling with all this technological (insert your choice of curse word)… stuff.

Dashing through

Dashing through

The snow, the month, the year, the holidays… oh My…

Whichever one applies to you at the moment, pick one!  It’s the season to be dashing through whatever is on your list.  Which is exactly what I am doing right now with a quick post while I’m taking a breather from all of My dashing around.

Ha, I wish I could say that the holidays have snuck up on Me but I would be lying since not only have I been aware this whole time but I’ve actually been actively preparing for them.  Yet, since nobody has figured out yet how to fit extra 10 hours into a 24 hour day and how to clone yourself to get things done faster, here I am dashing through My list of things-to-do before the clock runs out.

This year I have the pleasure of family gathering at MY house for the holidays and while initially I was thrilled, now I’m wondering if I have completely lost My mind.  Even My adorable mutt has been wondering the same thing as she follows Me around the house and looks at Me weird when I stop in the middle of filming to grab the duster because I suddenly saw a spot from a whole new angle that needed dusting.  All the while I’m wearing lingerie and heels and the camera is rolling.  Haha, nope, you won’t be seeing that footage.

I have managed, though, to come up with several hypnotic videos and mindfucking recordings that will making you puppets pause in your own dashing through whatever you have on your own lists and take a much needed break from reality.  Yes, I know, I always think of My puppets and their well-being since you boys constantly forget to do it yourself and what could be better than simply shutting off your mind for Me and do what you’ve been trained to do: worship your Queen.  That past-time alone is rewarding in the fact that you get to please Me, something you live for, and in the way you get to de-stress, which will prolong your lifespan in turn and will enable you to continue pleasing your Queen for many more years.  No matter which way you look at it, taking the time to slip into that subspace you love so much is quite beneficial.

Which is why I’m dashing through here in between editing, decorating, recording, searching for any piece of lint out of place and etc etc to remind you to stop your own dashing and enjoy the state of blankness or the hypnotic pull while you worship your Queen.  And, if you haven’t yet, show your appreciation with a nice xmas gift from My Amazon wishlist.

Meanwhile I’m leaving you with a taste of sheer wickedness and a preview sample from one of My newest masterpieces that you will certainly need to add to your collection as soon as I send it out.

Dashing through to wish you Happy Holidays from Queen Luna!
Happy Holidays from Queen Luna!

Jiggle your buns and dance!

Jiggle your buns and dance!

Be happy!

I don’t often  put on funny videos address here on My blog specifically, but after seeing this one I thought I’d remind My puppets, and especially all sissies, to stop being as serious as they have been lately and take an example from someone happily dancing just because.   Just look at this guy (hmmm I wonder if he’s one of My callers…) and how happy he is dancing in shiny panties!  This could be you, you know, happily unwinding with a little bit of “jiggle your buns and dance” attitude. 😉


Doesn’t he make you envy him the ability to just be himself?

Whether you are a sissy or not, I have to say, there is nothing like but being yourself.  Even if you love to dance in a hot magenta shiny panties.

This is the time of the year when everyone forgets to have fun and runs around in chaos getting swamped and swallowed by the holiday rush and they miss out on the holiday spirit feeling, being too busy to do anything but get stressed more.  I say, stop what you’re doing and jiggle your buns and dance for few minutes!  Yes, sissies can put on their panties and dance to the wonderful feeling of being the feminized bimbos.  And puppets can skip the panties and stay in your boxers, or briefs, or boxer briefs (hopefully the festive ones since it’s holiday season!) and spend few moments being lost in the movement and joy of being who you are.  Celebrate with a dance (and get a little bit of cardio while you’re at it) and remember holidays are not just about presents, it’s about celebrating life and love.

So here is a command from your Queen to make sure you don’t forget to have some fun during this stressful time and I expect you to obey it, puppets!  Hehe and who cares how silly you look, just let yourself go, the same way you let go for Me, and enjoy yourself!