Have you been home-wrecked?

Have you been home-wrecked?

oh I know you recognize yourself, darling

Queen LunaHave you been home-wrecked??? If you have been asking yourself this question, then of course you have been home-wrecked!  It only makes sense if you begin to recognize yourself in My videos and recordings, yes, darling, the ones you so eagerly keep checking My goodies for daily.  And then, as you watch and listen, you feel as if I speak directly to you, or talk about… you guessed it, you!

Oh the signs are all there.  Sneaking away just so you can stroke away in the middle of the day, or night, to something I have ordered you to do.  Forgetting your responsibilities and instead concentrating on you becoming My good boy… and stroking more.  Neglecting your wife or girlfriend because you much rather spend more time listening to Me.  Have you been home-wrecked, My sweet?  Oh you bet you have been!

What can you do about it, you ask?  *Laughs at you*

Darling, there is nothing you can change now.  Not only have I addicted you to constant brainwashing that I subject you to, but I’ve become the most powerful and influential woman in your life.  Ask yourself this, My puppet: can you stop thinking of how you can please Me?  Silly boy, that’s all you ever think of now and the only way you function!  Just look at how good it feels to know you can constantly be at My feet and stroking mindlessly for Me!

Have you been home-wrecked then, puppet?  Mmm…  Why don’t you show Me. *EvilGrin*
Home-wrecked puppet Video

Home-wrecked faggot Video

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