Life in a fast lane

Life in a fast lane

How fast can I get there?

It’s been a while since I’ve updated My blog but I guess when you’re living life in a fast lane some things escape your attention.  And lately that is exactly what I have been doing: racing down the highway doing 140 in My determination to reach the desired destination sooner rather than soon.  Being of an impatient nature when it comes to certain things, I want to get there YESTERDAY and in My rush to accomplish that I tend to let other things pass by in a blur with Me barely noticing them.

But as much as one may live life in a fast lane, is that really all that’s been keeping Me from updating My blog?  And yes, I know you’ve been wondering why I haven’t done anything to change the website after I took all of My images down.  It has been literally months.

Where have your Queen gone?

Honestly, I have opened this page now and again, watching the cursor blink for what seemed like Eternity each time… and eventually moved on to other things.  It’s not like I haven’t been busy in this life in a fast lane of Mine.  Even though I haven’t been available as much for phone sessions, I have been quite busy with several of My puppets via special ptv sessions.  I’ve had My reasons for that as well besides living in a chaotic atmosphere that I create for Myself (how could I ever function if My life was boring and steady???)

Some of those reasons include My health, which I’m not going to get into this time other than mentioning that I had a very rude awakening.  Other reasons include the new paths that have opened up to Me in life since I came to this place and I have been exploring them… exploring Myself.  There has been a lot of introspection going on within Myself in the past several months, a bit of evolving and some of indecisiveness that happens when you’re faced with the unknown.  Oh which door do I choose?  Which one do I close forever and how will I fair if I do?

Quite a bit of those dilemmas have been involving My website since Niteflirt’s ever changing rules and some of the “well-meaning” flirts constantly policing their competition make it a bit more difficult to portray Myself as more than just a character.  Yes, My dears, I am REAL and have a REAL life and most of My followers don’t come here for a free wanking material but to get to know Me, to be a part of My life.  Who I am besides being the Evil Enchantress, the Queen of The Night and Sinfully Twisted is why many of them have been with Me for years.  It’s the reason they know W/we are a comparable match and has giving the fuel to many conversations and fantasies.  Having to censor Myself is akin to killing My creativity.

Of course there are other venues and I’m still undecided on which one of them I will take.  Meanwhile, the wheel is spinning and I live life in a fast lane chasing My dreams, realizing My goals and collecting the knowledge on vast subjects to ensure My journey is safe and fulfilling.

Until I figure things out, I’m leaving them as is and will try to occasionally, and a little more often than lately, to update My blog.  And of course, there are constantly new, wickedly exciting recordings, videos coming and images where the REAL ME shines through and makes the Evil Enchantress as irresistible as She is. *Wicked Grin*

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Life in a fast lane
Where has My life in the fast lane has taken Me and why I have been so absent from posting for months.
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