Good boys and puppets

Good boys and puppets

an update on Queen Luna’s Realm

While I’m re-configuring all of the pages on My website, I thought I’d give an update on My good boys and puppets as it has been quite a long time since I’ve done that.  I know some of you have worked hard to please Me and deserve those bragging rights to you being showcased here on My blog and for the rest… gives you something to aspire for as My prospective good boys if you are new to My wicked Realm, or have been, mildly put, slacking.

Over the past few months I have been spending a lot of individualized attention on several good boys and puppets.  Oh the wonderful new ways they were taught to perform on My enchanting web strings and the new depths of submission they have been allowed to discover under My constant guidance.  As I have mentioned in My previous posts, everyone’s purpose is quite different but the main goal to achieve is the same one for every puppet, slave and minion: to please his Queen Luna.  There is nothing like the praise from My lips that sends you floating on the 9th cloud of bliss.  Those three little words are enough make your day just from hearing Me utter them to you.  Myriad of sensations I have instilled in you to experience at the sound of those three words can range from an arousing storm to a peaceful blanket of contentment  and you would jump through any hoops to hear them.

And jumping through hoops is just what some of My good boys and puppets have been doing.  All for My pleasure, of course! Evil Grin.

As always, puppy has been quite the fetching boy for Me, ensuring I have some packages coming in every single week as well as taking care of more everyday details as a good butler, secretary and overall provider should.  He takes his responsibility very seriously and knows that no matter what My bills are or how big or small they are, he has to work hard to make sure his Queen doesn’t have to worry about them.   Puppy even managed to ensure I had a wonderful time relaxing at a local spa with a nice long, luxurious massage and a facial after the hectic holidays and visitors.

Sinner puppet has been a very naughty boy as well and “naughty” for him is the equivalent of being good with his desire to sin more, be wicked and devoting himself to his Evil Queen.  I love shopping for heels with this puppet!  It’s so exciting for both of U/us to know that every pair of deliciously wicked spiked heels is going to be used against him in a such a dark seduction that it only adds to the experience.  And despite over-indulging a bit last year, My sinner puppet is still happily enjoying his corruption, which can get a bit pricey.

If you’ve been wondering where have I been also in the past several weeks, well I have been quite busy with My smoke slave, the original and one of few who has been with Me almost from the start.  Mmm smoke slave has been quite a good boy for the past couple of months making up for the 2 years of him taking a break and living in denial about his addiction.  W/we have been having some quite amusing Skype sessions daily over a cup of coffee and several cigarettes to go with it.  Mmm and laughing over how he is unable to resist lighting up when he sees Me light My cigarette, indulging in some pretty naughty fantasies and having really intense conversations about everything under the Moon.  Smoke slave has been very good at entertaining and amusing Me where so many ungrateful puppets have failed to do so and were dismissed from My Realm in disgrace lately.

One of My faithful followers, Dave, has been also making a lot of progress in the addiction department over the course of several months.  Mmm how eager he is to be trapped in My web where he obediently follows through with every assignment I give him.  And I do so enjoy an obedient puppet!  This one is another one of My favorites to go shopping with and W/we even have now matching dresses and amazing vintage nightgowns (such a good boy for fetching Mine, darling!).  Dave has even been consulting with Me on beauty products/procedures and better poses when he takes photos to show off his sexy dresses.

Now off to My foot slave.  As very few puppets over the years have earned this privilege, My foot slave has been getting personalized photo sets and even a video or two for being such a devoted love slave.  I simply love and enjoy hearing him beg to be deeper and deeper put under another wicked spell and keep him hopelessly in love with his Queen.  And he was such a good boy pampering Me with a mani/pedi.

Over the holidays I’ve had several other good boys and puppets that have made an effort to please Me, including Glenn, who was such a kinky boy for Me the moment his girlfriend left town.  And My smoking sissy slut has been putting an appearance more often again.  Jack was doing well enough in his position until yesterday where I swore he just disobeyed to be punished.  Hmmm that boy has become addicted to being a degraded pain slut and I think tormenting with taking that away from him will serve as a lesson.

These are only some of My puppets and slaves that some of you have been familiar here on My blog and there are still several more I won’t mention, but not because they haven’t deserved it.  Discretion as always My priority for those who express the wish to remain anonymous to the rest of the Realm.  As for the rest of you slaves, puppets, minions and such, there is always an opportunity to please your Queen.  It may be completing all of your assignments, fetching from My amazon wishlist, taking care of one of My bills, sending Me a tribute, pampering Me and continue to serve as an obedient and devoted slave.

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  1. Hmmm, Horace was wrong when he said, “Nothing’s beautiful from every point of view.” My Queen says that she swears that i disobeyed just so i could be punished. From my point of view, it was more like She decided to find something to be upset about just so She could find some new way to torture and torment me. Either way my fate is always to be determined by HER !!!!

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