Jiggle your buns and dance!

Jiggle your buns and dance!

Be happy!

I don’t often  put on funny videos address here on My blog specifically, but after seeing this one I thought I’d remind My puppets, and especially all sissies, to stop being as serious as they have been lately and take an example from someone happily dancing just because.   Just look at this guy (hmmm I wonder if he’s one of My callers…) and how happy he is dancing in shiny panties!  This could be you, you know, happily unwinding with a little bit of “jiggle your buns and dance” attitude. 😉


Doesn’t he make you envy him the ability to just be himself?

Whether you are a sissy or not, I have to say, there is nothing like but being yourself.  Even if you love to dance in a hot magenta shiny panties.

This is the time of the year when everyone forgets to have fun and runs around in chaos getting swamped and swallowed by the holiday rush and they miss out on the holiday spirit feeling, being too busy to do anything but get stressed more.  I say, stop what you’re doing and jiggle your buns and dance for few minutes!  Yes, sissies can put on their panties and dance to the wonderful feeling of being the feminized bimbos.  And puppets can skip the panties and stay in your boxers, or briefs, or boxer briefs (hopefully the festive ones since it’s holiday season!) and spend few moments being lost in the movement and joy of being who you are.  Celebrate with a dance (and get a little bit of cardio while you’re at it) and remember holidays are not just about presents, it’s about celebrating life and love.

So here is a command from your Queen to make sure you don’t forget to have some fun during this stressful time and I expect you to obey it, puppets!  Hehe and who cares how silly you look, just let yourself go, the same way you let go for Me, and enjoy yourself!

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