Welcome to My Realm

Welcome to My Dark Erotic Realm

Queen of The Night the Erotic Fetish Puppeteer and Mindfucktress
Queen of The Night the Erotic Fetish Puppeteer and Mindfucktress

I am the Evil Enchantress – Queen of the Night, but you may call Me Queen Luna.  I reside in My erotic wicked web waiting to addict you further via your fetish and sinful desires and guide you via My seductive Russian accented Voice into a life of dark erotic Puppetry.

Your Lust is the Gateway to your downfall, My guidance and poison lips may just become your salvation from an unhappy, boring and dissatisfied life.  First you’ll fall in lust with Me, then you’ll grow to love Me and finally I’ll become your deepest darkest addiction which lead to ultimate puppet bliss.

The Mystery of Darkness…
The Fire Within…


Fall in love and become forever addicted to Queen Luna
Fall in love and become forever addicted to Queen Luna

Take a drive out to nowhere… Puppet…
Fall at My feet, press a kiss of worship to My toes… Puppy…
Put on your lip gloss and light up… Sissy…
Look deep into My eyes and listen to Me whisper…
Are you a good boy for your Goddess, darling?


Your journey starts with a wickedly sensual phonesex call to one of My listings…  Don’t be shy – your Black Widow awaits to guide you on your path to a dark erotic puppetry in My wicked web!  Call on one of My listings.

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I know you can’t wait to read the thoughts and desires of your new Queen My darling pet.  Make sure you read My Blog – link is located in the main menu bar on top

Evil Enchantress – Queen Luna

21 thoughts on “Welcome to My Realm”

  1. I cant resist anymore, i need to be destroyed by Goddess Evil. its my fault. i should never come here. now i am captured. Destroying myself feels good.

  2. she’s a psyche major. of course she knows how to play with your mind. she uses trigger words like my pet or my good boy to excite u. do u really want to live your life around her? don’t u want a real life with friends and money? she is not facially attractive if u really look at her. get involved with Christ and he will help u battle the forces of darkness

  3. Hi Louis, I think you should show your strength and give Her a call every now and then. Just do it in trust, that the Lord will help you.

    And when it would happen that She overcomes and is the stronger … well, I mean, what is wrong in submitting to the stronger part.

    By the way, I’m a catholic priest (for real). And yes I feel very much attracted to this Queen, when this definetely sounds very contradictory.

  4. I read an earlier comment that someone thought Evil enchantress was not very good looking. I beg to differ I feel very attracted to EVIL ENCHANTRESS when she draws you in you see her beauty. I love to kneel at her feet and kiss them and lick them. Once you are under her spell she is dazzlingly beautiful. You want to be with her all the time because of the wonderful sexual feelings she brings out in me. Yes, I can see why people give in to her and offer themselves to her as her slaves. I can see myself doing that if she wants me. Jim

    1. I too am a religious Franciscan Monk who worships and ADORES EVIL ENCHANTRESS. I will do whatever she commands me to do. I have been very lonely and EVIL ENCHANTRESS is all I want now in my life

  5. I have had 3 phone calls with Evil Enchantress in the last week. Can help but think abut her all the time. I have asked her to take me over and begged her to come to me in my dreams. Reading about me being her newest pet in her blog was so good. I am hers. I can only wait to be her puppet, her slave, her toy. Luna owns me. On my hands an knees i submit to her for all to see. Please use me, as you wish. I feel so good with her overseeing my existence, making me worth something as i serve her.

  6. My Queen! Thank you for allowing me to read your perfect words, now my thoughts. The more I think and speak to ny queen, the more her puppet I have become. Thank you my queen for allowing me to worship and serve you.

  7. i Worship my Queen daily, hourly and every eternal moment. My need to hear her voice is so strong it controls how i think and behave. i am open to her, no resistance. just to be in her presents is to much. She is stronger than me. i kneel and pray to her.

  8. i have visited Your website 20 times since coming across it on nightflirt and first viewing it.
    i am being drawn in to You more each time. I know it it is a matter of time until i give in and surrender totally. i know it will be the best day of my life. i want to live for You!

  9. Queen Luna is the ideal Mistress that I have been searching for a couple of years. I am hoping that she will consider training me and using me as one of her best Royal Faggots.

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